The Final Reveal – Season ahead

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Well finally I reach my last pre-season article. Tomorrow I will bring you the news wrap then we are under way! After revealing my starting team for GW1 I am already planning who I will bring in come Lockout. Here is a preview!

P.s Subject to multiple changes

After much deliberation I am finally getting an idea of what my team may look like come GW2. The problem isn’t so much the players, but which tactics I will use. When I say this I mean in which line will I spend big? Budget or expensive defense? 2 premo forwards or 3 mid pricers? Let’s get straight into it:




Obviously starting with my keepers, I have gone with Fridel as my number one choice. With spurs fantastic early run of fixtures I think he is a bargain option at 5.5. Yes I know Spurs are on the hunt for a keeper and this may change but they seem to be having no luck so far which keeps me happy! There are plenty of other options at 5.5 including Vorm or Krul so it does not really concern me at this stage. Begovic is my back-up as Stoke have a great run of fixtures as spurs start to play some tougher opposition, which could make a perfect roll over. He and Sorenson can be switched if necessary but I’m confident that Begovic will nail down the number one spot (In the EPL at least).





Now onto my defence, which as you will notice looks a lot different to many others. I have gone relatively cheap at the back, using the funds elsewhere in attack and midfield. Lescott is my best bet for a clean sheet, hopefully locking down a spot in Mancini’s 11. I’m confident he can. Rangel is one a lot have ignored as Williams is the obvious choice. However with Rangel back fit and firing with Swansea’s great run of fixtures the potential for clean sheets and assists from a 5.0 defender is too much for me to resist. Hangeland gets my final starting spot in my weekly defence playing a key role in Fulham’s back 4 and with him always being a threat off set-pieces watch out for him, he will be a steal! Clark takes my first bench spot and I feel he could be a very good replacement if one of my back 3 has a tough fixture, if only Villa can lock up their defence. Hopefully Lambert will not only bring a new attacking style but make sure Villa can stay tight at the back. Even so Clark has shown his attacking capabilities with 2 goals (3, but one was disallowed) this pre-season so clean sheets are just a bonus! Bargain at 4.5. Finally McCartney takes my D5 spot, hopefully filling the bench all season. He will make decent cover starting in the heart of West ham’s back 4 each week, a great option at 4.0.





Now to my more potent areas. Already you will see I have gone for a deep midfield, allowing for plenty of rotation and coverage for tough fixtures or injuries. There were just so many mid pricers I am risking it all! Starting with my premiums Van Der Vaart… yep I said it, crazy I know. As Calvin says burn me once shame on you, burn me twice shame on me (I think)! Anyway Van Der Vaart has burnt me before but looking at Spurs options I reckon he could become a great POD. With the Adebayor deal looking shot and Defoe spurs only striker I am leaving Bale alone for now, having said that watch me bring him in come GW 2 or 3. Van Der Vaart has the greatest potential of all spurs 3 big mids, and I reckon if he stays fit he will continue to do so. Penalty duties for the taking if fit and a great role in behind their striker, perhaps even playing alone upfront if Adebayor can’t be replaced. Save me the 0.5 and can still score big, I’ll take that risk! Pleaseee stay fit 🙁 Silva is one I have to think less about, thank god. At 10.0 he is a lock and load, select and forget type player. Should deliver a return most weeks and with him fit and firing come GW2 I have no doubt he will be simply fantastic again next year! Now I come to the mid-pricers, the most important selections in our teams. Pienaar is a certain starter after what he has produced towards the end of last season and during pre-season again this year. Great option. Michu is one I had to think about a little more, but if Sinclair heads off to City he will be there main attacking option in midfield, playing a supporting role behind Graham. With Swansea’s early run of fixtures don’t hesitate, jump onboard! Finally my last selection is Walters. I could have gone a budget option but the extra depth and cover a 5th midfielder gives me is great, while it also allows me to switch to 3-5-2 whenever necessary. He will be on penalty duties once again this season and should produce similar, healthy returns this year. Great budget option!





Lastly we get to my forwards. The most important line in the game I feel, they can boast the power to propel you to the top, while they can also bomb out and leave you eating your words in last place! Bent is my first selection, I’ve taken him out of my squad and I just can’t stand it… I would never forgive myself ! I just feel he will thrive under Lambert’s attacking regime, with Gabby Agbonlahor injured for the first month on top of Villa’s great fixtures he will be there, great pick. Rooney is a select and forget like no other, the true fantasy pig! However if Van Persie eventually goes to United then it’s back to the drawing board. EDIT: Vanners looks on his way to United so Rooney will just become Aguero.. Finally my last spot in my squad goes to Swansea’s Graham. Not on my watchlist initially but with Swansea’s great recent attacking returns on top of Graham’s form he seems too good to ignore! If you add-on Swansea’s early fixtures then it just gets better, BOOM!

My team:









Well that’s it. Don’t worry, it will almost certainly change in-between now and lockout but it should stay very similar. By spending is heavily weighted through the midfield and strikers, I am also heavily reliant on my mid-pricers smashing it! Reckon this team will take me straight to the top 🙂

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17 comments on “The Final Reveal – Season ahead

  1. tseagrim

    Also mate, have you taken into consideration the sell-on fees they whack on players? remember players always sell for less and cost more when you trade!

  2. greenninja15

    Nice team….have a similar setup as far as teams are concerned but different players. Spurs, Swansea & Chelsea players must be plentiful in the first few weeks.

    Does anyone know where we can get ‘boxscores’ like the FPL site provided before they upgraded the site last year?

    I like to know who has played minutes and where and this was the best stats sheet in opinion.

    Like the new site just miss this feature


  3. TP

    Does anyone have Valencia?? It seems weird to me than noboby is picking him? Have i missed and injury or something??

    • Dan

      Been lining up at RB in the preseason with all Uniteds def injuries….guessing that’s scared a fair few off..

  4. JB

    I think people are pinning far too much hope on Swansea having a good run this season. Year after year, sides come into the Premier League and every so often a small club punches above its weight finishes high mid table. And every single time, they drop right back to the field in their second season, back around the relegation zone. Just off the top of my head, Ipswich, Reading, Blackpool all clubs that have suffered that fate in the past decade.

    Just keep it in mind.

      • JB

        Condensed the Blackpool situation but the principle is the same. Stoke is a fair comparison I guess, but Brittania Stadium is probably the biggest home crowd advantage in the EPL, and the Potters have invested a fair bit over the years. Even so, it was a slow build for them and they’ve dodged a few relegation bullets along the way.

        Look I’m not necessarily saying Swansea will get relegated this year, I just think it’s unrealistic to expect them to repeat what they achieved last year, with Rodgers (as well as Allen) gone to Liverpool, and a not a whole lot of investment over the summer. Especially when you look at the potential improvement of teams that finished below them such as Villa, QPR, Sunderland, and even West Ham and Reading, who’ve all spent up (relatively) big over the summer.

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