The RVP Dilemma

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All pre-season RVP has been the elephant in the room. We have been carefully building our squads, using every
last cent but all the while there was the big 13.0 elephant sitting there waiting to awaken.

I’m sure we were all hoping he would transfer out of the prem to save us all the hassle but now it looks as if he is off to United, its game on it seems. But what does it mean for our fantasy teams?

Let’s start with a bit of the back story. RVP wants to win trophies; he isn’t getting them at Arsenal so last year he refused to talk contracts until season end. 3 days after the final game he went to Wengers house and they had a disagreement over the direction the club should take. (Don’t you just it when players can dictate the direction a club takes?) Namely transfer activity and ambition. No further contract discussions were mentioned and RVP went off to the Euros.
Over the pre-season Wenger strengthened his squad with the likes of Podolski, Giroud and Cazorla in anticipation of RVP’s departure while the man himself stayed home from the pre-season tour of Asia. Ironically it has been reported than RVP was actually excited by the new arrivals and willing to stay on at the club either with or without a new contract but Wenger pulled him aside before the last friendly against Colonge and told him he would be sold and that he was no longer in their plans. RVP came on for a 15 minute cameo to a chorus of boos.
So now with Man U agreeing terms what does it actually mean for Arsenal’s Fantasy prospects and more importantly Man U’s and his own? Let’s start with Arsenal;
Obviously this means Giroud will be locked into to a central striking position, with Podolksi when fit flanking him. The latter took a penalty on the weekend so could be on pen duties although Arteta was missing that day. The other new signing Cazorla looks set to profit as well, he was on set pieces and corners and looks tempting tucked in behind the striker. Now that Fantasy hog RVP has left the gunners it would seem there are more points left to go around, and with Wengers attacking style we can be sure there will be attacking points to be had. Safe players may just watch for a week to see who is who and what is what, but ballsy managers may jump on one early, will you take one?
Over at Old Trafford things do look trickier. They do now have the making of a lethal front line but how does it affect our points? RVP scored 269 points last term and Rooney 230, you would have to argue that RVP scored so many because he was a one man band at times, it seems almost impossible that he could garner a similar amount of points with Rooney in the same side. The big issues are who will be on pens? Set pieces? After all has been said and done the only viable result is that both players share the points and have their totals diminished, to maybe 180 each? It’s a devastating result really, not to mention the fact that we would never know which one to captain any week either! I think when all comes out in the wash Rooney will drop into an advanced midfield role which has usually killed his output, he may rack up a few more assists but might be ruined as a must have.
We have not even touched on what the knock on affects would be to Kawaga, Nani, Young, Valencia and co. For mine Kawaga would play deeper in a non-preferred role, Young may struggle for game time while I have a hunch Valencias assists may go through the roof! But it’s not all bad, there is the possibility that RVP and Rooney just assist each other all the time, it is possible that they both profit from this and both score over 200. It’s the great unknown, that’s why FPL is so much fun!
Best of luck dealing with the RVP curveball, happy tinkering!, one day left!!


23 comments on “The RVP Dilemma

  1. JB

    Carzola is in my squad. Will play pretty much every game in the middle as our creative attacking midfielder. RVP can eat a d**k.

  2. Dan

    Changes my plans and team (which I thought was finally settled) …probably ship Rooney out for a cheap option (Graham perhaps), strengthen the defence a bit and keep the change for weeks 2/3 when things are hopefully a bit more clear at United/Arsenal and jump on whoever looking the goods.

  3. Liam

    Rooney out, Kagawa out put my team into a spin, not to mention I am an Arsenal fan.

    Rooney will be rotated, dropped deep etc. etc. his capacity as a one stop set and forgot is gone (until van persie ends up in a bucket of horse placenta) then I will jump on board, by which time Rooney will have dropped in value.

  4. harley

    Guys new to FPL would love feedback
    Federici (Green)
    Terry, Kompany, Chico (Clyne, Mccartney)
    VDV, Hazard, Michu, Yaya Toure (guthrie)
    Pogrenybak, Torres, Aguero (c)

    • Bayswater Toffee's gaffer

      I got Terry as well (the snide racist) and could be a good buy for the first week and maybe even beyond. He’s got a HEAP to prove this season. Yaya a risk but apart from that aiight.

  5. mattcraigdt Post Author

    I reckon this deal favours Arsenal… a 29 year old injury-prone striker who I believe has pretty much past his prime for 20 odd million pounds! Don’t reckon he’ll get through the season fit and will drop in market value, not to mention new guys like Podolski, Giroud and Cazorla will get a better run at it! Arsenal>United from this one in my opinion…

  6. Zeus

    So does that mean that Kagawa will no longer be a fantasy prospect?
    If not, who would be a great replacement, either from arsenal or anywhere else?

    • Frenchy

      As mentioned above, Kagawa won’t likely keep his spot in the hole. But my tip is for nani to go assist crazy. If early on, nani and valencia hold their spots on the wings, i would jump on one

  7. Go the Gunners

    Hey guys,
    Will Santi Cazorlo from Arsenal get a solid run each week because on the Projected XI’s it didn’t have him in the team. I was going to get either him or Walcott, but I would prefer Cazorlo.

        • Bryan

          Unless Song moves on, which seems possible, it will probably be Song-Arteta-Cazorla (barring injuries). If Song goes, then his spot will go to Diaby or a new CM.

          I’ve got Diaby in my team for GW1. For 6.5 he’s a steal, and I expect him to play given all the injury doubts. After GW1, however, he’s much more of a gamble with significant rotation and injury risk.

  8. 3rdmonky

    Great article! Cheers guys.

    Cazorla could be pretty good. Surprised how quickly Silva adapted & seems like we hope Cazorla will adapt just as quickly. (I assume the ‘z’ is pronounced as a ‘th’, being from Spain? Looks like another one for the English commentators to get wrong :D)

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