Round 1 – in round chat

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After what i’m sure has been a mental day full of tinkering and panicking the time is here.. only a few short hours til lock out. Are you done? Do you have any late minute goss we should know? Tell us now!!!

Any last minute questions doubts maybe?

Feel free to let us know of any news you have heard in the comments, and use the comments section throughout the round to gloat or winge about your round 1 plight!

Til Monday, and the end of round 1… good luck!

83 comments on “Round 1 – in round chat

  1. Michael

    What do u guys reckon on starting both Silva and Mata in GW1. I’ve been hearing that both are fatigued and won’t play or play limited game time…….?

  2. Mind Over Mata

    before the RVP transfer came into effect I put him and 3 other United players in my team. Loaded up my team later and I cheated the system. Changed it now but I wonder what would happen if I kept it

  3. attotheassassin

    This is my team for GW1:

    GK: Schwarzer, (Ruddy)
    DEF: Vermalen, Zabaleta, Hangeland (Clark) (Clyne)
    MID: Hazard (VC), Bale, Michu, Guthrie (Walters)
    FWD; Augero, Torres (C), Pog

    1 mil in the bank. Any comments?

  4. Adamant

    Friedel (Federici)

    Lescott, Shawcross, Hangeland (Clyne, Clark)

    Bale, Hazard, Yaya, Ramires (Guthrie)

    Torres, Tevez, Pog

    Got 2.5 in the bank….any ideas where to use it?

  5. Bazza

    Thank god that’s over! Lines are drawn, weeks of research complete, GW1 team submitted – let’s do this!

    Already regret every single player I picked 🙂 (Picked Cashley for his double GW, regret that the most!).

    Just hope the front line of Bent, Tevez and Torres (C) works – all three of them have burnt me in the past, and underperformed for their respective teams, risk…what’s that!!! 🙂

  6. Fitzy

    My deadline is in another 3 hours so help!

    Federici (Davis)
    Evra, Kompany, Jenkinson, (Wilkinson, Demel)
    Bale, Lampard, Silva, Guthrie, Noble
    Torres, Pogrebnyak (Lambert)


  7. adzman78

    good luck !!

    i panic traded at the last second… oh oh!!


    zabaleta – hangeland – jenkenson

    VDV-mata -Ramires -Cazorla

    torres (c) -bent-tevez.

    lets do this! (please jenkenson play this week)

  8. mad romeys

    My finally finished team:
    GK: federici (friedel)
    DEF: zabaleta, hangeland, vermaelen (clark, fabio)
    MID: guthrie, bale, hazard, michu (pienaar)
    FWD: torres (C), aguero, pogrebnyak

    I am quite happy with that, I think.
    Bring on FPL!!!

    • Bazza

      Only non-believers and non-risk takers! It’s a risky move, but with a double GW in GW1, you’d be foolish not to! I reckon most of my work league (who have no idea this site exists – and sorry, I’m not telling them!) wouldn’t. They would go Rooney, RvP, etc….

  9. Bayswater Toffee's gaffer

    Love to know what my final team is! Can’t get on to the website and I’d love to know what I got up to last night in my trades?!?!?! :/

  10. Bazza

    Santi Cazorla and Lukas Podolski start for Arsenal. Stoke include defender Robert Huth. Reading to start Pog

    • Bazza

      Think I will be watching the gooners tonight on Foxtel then with those two starting (then regretting I took Podolski out of my original team!)

  11. Bazza

    W00t, Riether starts – that’s a gamble that will pay off 🙂 Scott Sinclair on the bench? Even though he wants to leave? Better not affect Michu!

    • Bazza

      Probably not sure of his role at Spurs yet? Might play deeper? With Modric gone though, perhaps a three of Sig, VDV and Bale supporting Defoe? Not like Spurs have riches of forwards!

        • Bayswater Toffee's gaffer

          Had him for most of the past month but with uncertaintity about Modric, and then the Modric money, bit of a risk. Fantastic player though for sure!

    • Sammy

      well team confirmed:
      Krul – Ruddy
      Fabio, Walker, Baines, Shawcross, Clarke
      Gylfi, Mata, Bale, Michu, Hoilett
      Cisse, Bent, Pogrebs

  12. templetontherat

    Well done on the Michu call adzman, quality from him. Hangeland clean sheet only piece of good news for me so far. Bloody Arsenal doing sweet FA again!

  13. mad romeys

    7/36 (3/5 have played one game of their double gameweek) so technocally I have 11 left to play 🙂 i am happy with that. Especially…..MICHU!! Great wisdom adzman, cheers!!

  14. footyhead

    Factor X im keen too aye! Defoe looks a great option to me especially with West Brom, Norwich, Reading and QPR his next 4 games. Thoughts lads?

  15. Factor x

    I’m already pumped for GW2!!!!! completely different team! 😛

    people still content with carzola??? Iv’e got him in atm… would you play him against stoke or petric against man u???

  16. Dan

    Well Ive bitten the bullet and already kneejerked my first trade…Ramires to Michu…

    Happy to give Torres the Reading and Newcastle games to decide whether I keep..actually thought he looked ok tonight and was unlucky not to score and assist.

    Disappointed noone informed me about the frustration involved in this game…DT x 1,000,000 🙂

  17. factor x

    sorry guys… don’t have access to fpl…. can someone tell me what tevez, lescott and kompany got. thanks.

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