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Who has been fiery hot? and Icey cold this week in the EPL and FPL? Also who is leading the EPL after 1 game? Find out here

Just a quick re-cap on the ladder this week being as follows, with team name at the start, Games Played in the middle and points on the end:
Fulham – 1 – 3
Swansea – 1 – 3
West Brom – 1 – 3
Chelsea – 1 – 3
Man City – 1 – 3
Newcastle – 1 – 3
Everton – 1 – 3
West Ham – 1 – 3
Reading – 1 – 1
Stoke – 1 – 1
Arsenal – 1 – 1
Sunderland – 1 – 1
Southampton – 1 – 0
Tottenham – 1 – 0
Aston Villa – 1 – 0
Man United – 1 – 0
Wigan – 1 – 0
Liverpool – 1 – 0
Norwich – 1 – 0
QPR – 1 – 0

Fulham: HOT: Petric (6.0) had a massive game against Norwich totalling 16 points, and in line for a price rise soon, Duff (6.0) had a big 13 points against Norwich with a nice goal and assist. and Schwarzer (5.0) had a pretty good game making 2 saves (1 shy of an extra point) he also had a clean sheet, and played all 90 minutes.
COLD: Dembele (6.0) had a quiet(ish) only getting 3 points against a poor Norwich team, only managing the clean sheet and playing time bonuses, and Diarra (5.0) who also got 3 points for the clean sheet and playing bonuses which isn’t bad, but when your team wins 5-0 you’ve got to get involved.

Swansea: HOT: Michu (6.6) is white hot right now, scoring a huge 18 points getting 2 goals, an assist and the 2 bonus points, great effort by Michu, the next on the hot list is Dyer (5.5) who had a big 16 points who also scored 2 goals and got the 3 bonus points.
COLD: Graham (6.0) who didn’t do very well in a team that scores 5, he only tallied 2 points which just isn’t enough when the likes of Dyer who are cheaper and scoring bigger.

West Brom: HOT: Odemwingie (7.0) who was on my radar from the start, he scoring one goal and got the 3 bonus points to get a nice 9 points, in a good win over Liverpool (haha).
COLD: No real cold players but the only player who didn’t impact the FPL world was Reid (5.0), who only got the clean sheet and 60 minute + points, need a bit of imporvment from him for all the 0.1% that have him!

Chelsea: HOT: Big boy Hazard (9.5) had a great game with 2 assists, 1 bonus point and the clean sheet, for a nice 10 points for all that showed faith in him. Ivanovic (6.5) played very well with a huge 15 points scoring a goal, getting 3 bonus points and a clean sheet! Great effort!
COLD: Mata (9.5) didn’t play to well with only 3 points, could do better by his standard.

Man City: HOT: Nasri (8.5) played very well with 12 points, he could’ve easily had 13 but got a yellow card! 
COLD: Only cold player for Man City would be Aguero (11.5) who injured his bloody knee for all the players that have him, only amassing 1 point. 

Newcastle: HOT: Ben Arfa (7.5) I gave this guy a massive plug at the start of the year to tell you all to get him in and he provided with a nice 10 points.
COLD: Cabaye (7.0) who is under a little injury cloud played quite crap to be honest, scoring only 2 points for playing over 60 minutes.

Everton: HOT: Baines (7.0) was in everything for Everton taking all of their free kicks, he was very unlucky to not convert a free kick and have atleast one assist, whuch couldve sky rocketed his score to 18, but we have to settle for 9, definetly get on this bloke, his gonna play a prominent role for Everton this year, Fellaini (6.5) was pretty good against Man UTD, scoring 10 points.
COLD: Jelavic (8.5) was very quiet and cold in their first game of the season, hopeuflly he picks up the pace.

West Ham: HOT: Nolan (6.0) was red hot, scoring 10 points off a goal and 2 bonus points, and relatively cheap if he can keep up this pace.
COLD: Cole (5.5) was very cold this weekend scoring only two points, very disappointing.

Reading: HOT: Le Fondre (5.0) was very good, with 6 points scoring Reading’s only goal.
COLD: No-one is quite cold this week because they have the double gameweek, so most of their scores should double.

Stoke: HOT: Kightly (5.5) was very good with 11 points scoring one goal and the 3 bonus points, he looked very good to his price and if he keeps this pace up, he will go bananas!
COLD: In a fairly uneventful game against Reading Walters (6.5) didn’t do to well, scoring only 2 points, which isn’t good enough.

Arsenal: HOT: Jenkinson (4.5) scored VERY well for a player that is 4.5 scoring 8 points, keeping the clean sheet and the two bonus points, played very well! 
COLD: Podolski (8.5) scored quite poor with only two points, a lot better is needed.

Sunderland: HOT: Cuellar (4.5) played quite well, keeping the clean sheet scoriing 6 points, very solid game.
COLD: Sessegnon (8.0) played poor only accumulating 3 points, mostly for playing over 60 minutes.

Southampton: HOT: Davis (4.5) played very well, considering Southampton conceded 3 goals, he still tallied 7 points, and definetly looks like Southampton’s no.1 keeper, great value here. 
COLD: Ward-Prowse (4.5) had no real effect on this game, only scoring 2 points, much better is needed. 

Tottenham: HOT: Defoe (7.5) scored quite well with 6 points, and scoring once, he definetly looks like no.1 striker or forward for the spurs and looks great value.
COLD: Almost everyone on the spurs list is quite cold at the moment, lets hope they bounce back.

Aston Villa: HOT & COLD: No-body for the villains are really hot or cold with the highest player on their team scoring 2 and lowest 1.

Man UTD: HOT & COLD: Man UTD are in the exact same boat as Villa, with their highest scorer being De Gea (6.0) scoring 3 points, very bad week for United.

Wigan: HOT & COLD: Another team in the same boat with no-one scoring over 2, definetly need to improve.

Liverpool: HOT: Reina (6.0) scored the best for Liverpool scoring 6 points, mostly due to saving a penalty, he did quite well, just needs his defence to stand up! 
COLD: Agger (6.5) is probably the most ICE COLD player right now in FPL, socring -3 and being suspended until 2 september, it looks like he should just leave to Man City.

Norwich: HOT: Absoloutely no-one this week.
COLD: Everyone.

QPR: HOT: Absoloutely no-one this week.
COLD: Everyone.

Anyone guys this is the HOT AND COLD this week, put a comment down there if you agree, or disagree, will be back next week.. also Liverpool, QPR and Norwich get better guys, and give a follow to @FPLAddicts on twitter for all your FPL needs and me @JimbobFiore for all my updates, ask me anything about FPL!

14 comments on “Hot and Cold

  1. mattcraigdt Post Author

    Disagree with a few of your cold players 😛

    Graham was still amongst it, just Swansea’s counter attacking style on the weekend didn’t suit him.

    Silva was pretty cold 🙂

    You were a bit harsh on a few of the mid pricers also 😛 they cant smash it every week, totally agree with your hot players though great read!

  2. AttoTheAssassin

    Good work JimBob! Just a statement…FPL is so much more confusing that DT hands down! From what I understand is that the earlier you trade, the better because of possible price rises/drops. Yes?

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Yes, but make sure you really want him as you can’t go back, it’s like trading on a monday with no reverse trades! Sometimes worth the risk though…

      • mozzy

        thinking about popping my wildcard this week
        is 3-5-2 a good formation? my 5 mids could all possible be guns mid pricers being pienaar and michu?

        will ramires play this week?

  3. kingcolesy

    I used my wc and have took on 2 prices rises(tevez and michu).

    Little advice, am I right on having Ba in my team til just before GW2, as I want Graham instead. The idea is to get some free Ba price rises before GW2?

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