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Welcome to what I believe is the most important article of the week, in it I will be researching who has fired in the previous gameweek, who looks the goods to continue on their roll and who should be avoided. I will also analyse whose prices will rise and fall respectively. Let’s get into it!

Well the follow-up to every GW1 is always big, one player (Michu) scores big and everyone is onboard! I find that a lot will just end up picking a squad of the highest scoring players from GW1 and expect them to back it up in the next gameweek, unfortunately it is not as easy as that. Sure if a player such as Michu fires after being on our watchlists then don’t be afraid to jump on board, but think twice in jumping on a player you have never seen solely based on one gameweek, one weeks hero is another weeks villain! Personally I have activated my wildcard so I will base a section of this article to that situation, otherwise if you are holding on to your precious wc then tread carefully, don’t go wasting trade points unnecessarily.

Price rises is one of the hardest things to deal with when new to the game of FPL. Quite simply the most transferred in players from each week will rise in price, so if you are looking at a player don’t hesitate for too long as it may become too late. having said that don’t go irrationally jumping on board each weeks top scorer. Let’s have a look into the reaction from GW1:


  • Michu (6.6) – Obviously the main talking point of GW1 registering a massive 18 points in his first EPL outing! What makes him even more attractive is that he was on our watchlists already, so this performance just confirms his talent. He is the first player to rise in price and with many more rises to come from him, jump onboard ASAP he is still worth every dollar, point whatever you want to call it (anyone with better suggestions leave them in the comments below).Ā  Having already been transferred in by 80000+ teams he is sure to rise again soon.
  • Dyer (5.5) – Another Swansea favourite who also got on the scoresheet twice, registering maximum bonus points and 16 points. Impressive for a 5.5, but bear in mind he will not do anything near what he produced this week on a week to week basis. These are the types of players I am weary of just blindly jumping on board, although with very kind fixtures Swansea has got plenty of reason to attract investment. However I feel having two swansea mids might be overkill, this is just my opinion but I believe you need at least one defensive asset and I still expect graham to bounce back (more on this later) but if I was to make a judgement call, I would say Michu over Dyer. However if you have balls go for it, just as 40000+ managers have. Just don’t expect 16 points each week!
  • Hazard (9.5) – If you missed out on Eden this week bad luck, don’t know how you could have though! He now represents a really great premium mid option for the rest of the season ad could do wonders. However if you don’t yet have him I would hold back, he will miss GW3 anyway so his price will remain relatively stable. Don’t just jump on for the sake a pretty team, see how he fares over the next 2 games then make a judgement call prior to GW4. Over 30000 managers have brought him in but I urge all that don’t have him to steer clear for now. If you do have him though brilliant, stick with him!
  • Ben Arfa (7.5) – The surprise package of GW1, as we all expected him to miss! Instead Pardew screws us all and he ends up with 10 points next to his name. Frustrating, I know but this is one trade I can maybe agree with. Don’t feel like he is a must have for GW2 as Newcastle play away to Chelsea but with Chelsea and reading players missing GW3 and Newcastle hosting Aston Villa he might be ripe for the picking. Selected by a further 25000 managers so far this week hold off for now, his price shouldn’t rise to dramatically. Also expect him to miss a few weeks this season as Pardew wants to keep him fit. Line ball this one, if managers continue to jump on and you really like him I guess you might just need to go for it!
  • Tevez (9.0) – After Aguero‘s injury this one is simple, if you don’t have him get him IMMIDIATELY! Will be City’s number 1 while Aguero is out and for 9.0 you can’t go wrong, will rise in price sharply so don’t miss out on the Argentine, get him nowwwww.
  • Petric (6.0) – One who’s been on my watchlist all pre-season but I didn’t have the guts to pick! Great choice but be wary of his next few fixtures, perhaps hold off for now. Having said that withy over 30000 transfers in already he is set for a steep jump in price so if you are keen on him for the whole season go for it, just don’t expect immidiate follow ups to this weeeks 16 point effort.
  • Ba (7.5) – Another mid pricer staking his claim for selection. With only 25000 transfers in so far and a lot of doubt still surrounding him I don’t recommend you all jump on board just yet, hold back for a few weeks to see how Cisse and him combine. Watchlist for sure though.
  • Ivanovic (6.5) – Ah Branislav, why DIDN’T I pick you šŸ™ 15 points with another game to come is awesome, and with his combined attacking threats and chances of clean sheets he is a great option for your defence. Transferred in by almost 30000 so far his price will soon rise so make a quick decision! Don’t forget he will miss GW3 so be wise… perhaps hold off if you don’t already have him. Otherwise enjoy the price rise!

Wow, what a list! GW1 is always the hardest to judge as we try to separate the bandwagons from the real performers. Expect most of these guys to rise in price soon so don’t hesitate too long if one catches your fancy, now for the list of soon to be price losers, of which I don’t like to choose too many as we can’t rule anyone out based on 1 week, but more on that in a second!


  • Aguero (11.5) – A very unfortunate injury to City’s star player Kun, he seems ready for a stint on the sidelines. keep an eye out for news on his scans with a full recap in my news wrap later this week, but for now he sees like one to trade. His price is about to drop significantly as 8% of owners are already off him, you should be too! Tevez is the obvious swap, you shouldn’t have two City strikers anyway!
  • Song (6.4) – Just a note to remind you all he is no longer in the EPL so definitely trade! Edit: (He has now been removed from the game). MichuĀ is a great mid-price option, for others check some of our pre-season articles.
  • Torres (10.0) – Transfers out for El Nino are happening rapidly so make your mind up quick! His price is set to drop so either hold for the season or trade quick! I am trading, although if you can maybe wait for his midweek performance. Either way is price will fall so beware, make an early decision.
  • Allen (5.5) – Another who I feel has not been given a good enough chance to shine, stick by him if you picked him in the first place, although expect his price to drop soon. Don’t knee jerk just yet in my opinion, he was looking alright.
  • Ramires (7.0) – Finally the bone of my contention and a lot of others, Mr ‘Sick’ as cost a lot of us big time and due to this he will drop in price over the next week. Doubled upon his missed GW3 he should bottom out after GW3 so he may be right for the picking then, if he can stay healthy! Jump off for now though, unless you are totally convinced he will smash it there are better options out there.

Well there you have it, all the movers and losers for this week. price rises are starting to take effect which leads me to my final couple of points. If you have bitten the bullet and activated your wildcard then heed these words, get all the movers in! It will take 2 or more price rises to change their values in your team but try for gold anyway, if they go up in value it’s just a bonus. Even if you are not going to go with them for GW2, if they go up twice before next saturday’s lockout then it’s all good! If you haven’t used your wildcard then be much more cautious.

Finally I want to let you in on a little secret. Adz is the biggest knee-jerker you will ever see, so don’t always follow his short term advice! Yes some players will let you down one week but the great beauty of this game is they can bounce straight back the next! same with the heroes, they can become villains in a matter of 90 minutes (Or in Cisse’s case less). I will make a list of some knee-jerks which should be avoided and some which may be the right call.


  • Bent (8.5) – Yes Aston Villa had a horror first up match but don’t fret just yet, they have some more delicious fixtures to come so you can’t write their assets that looked so good in the pre-season just yet. Bent is a great example, one week he will cost you, the next he will win a game for you. It’s that simple, give him time! All that selected him, keep him! All that were going to get him in, still do so! One bad week of FPL does not call for rash decisions.
  • Torres (10.0) – As much as I hate to say it Torres was once again unlucky to not be on the score sheet. If you truly feel he will have a breakout season then don’t rule him out after ONE game! However if you’re like me and only had him for the double get off him quick smart before he drops in price. Comes down to personal opinion.
  • Ramires (7.0) – Similar to Torres don’t rule him out after one week, he may bounce back this Wednesday, if not the next week. If you were eyeing him up all pre-season don’t change your mind after one illness, he hasn’t even done anything bad yet!
  • Liverpool – It seems after Liverpool’s dismal display on the weekend everyone if jumping off them, personally I never trusted them. However if you feel they could truly bounce back this season then don’t let one poor performance put you off, Suarez and Allen owners must stay patient, they still have great potential!
  • Ridgewell (5.0) – Similar to Ward last year, don’t expect an assist and a clean sheet every week, expect them very rarely if at all! Don’t even go there…
  • Graham (6.0) A classic knee-jerk trade waiting to happen! Yes Graham did not get involved in Swansea’s rout but I’m sure he will fire up next week and take over the reigns. Please do not trade based on his one blank and if you were trading him in on his form, Swansea’s fixtures, Swansea’s scoring form or his ability to score none have changed! Still a fantastic option and will be great.
  • Dyer (5.5) – Another classic knee-jerk trade. look at his stats last year, not at all inspiring. Yes he produced the goods this week and if he continues to do so then maybe we can’t ignore him but for now, don’t blindly jump on board. Adz, stay away!

Well that’s it for this week, a huge wrap up as there is always so much going on as far as price rises and knee-jerks are concerned after GW1. Hold off on some trades but complete others if you have too, until next week good luck trading! I hope all that bummed out this week can bounce back in the next!

p.s There’s been talk asking for a Q&A article, looking at who to put on your field over someone else etc. Just to answer any queries you have, just leave some suggestions in the comments below or tweet me @MattCraigDT and I will try to clear them up.



64 comments on “Transfer Talk – GW1

  1. Dave

    I personally think that Dzeko is worth getting on more than Tevez. He is a constant goal threat and proven scorer when given minutes. Priced at 7.5 he could be an absolute steal until Aguero is fit again. Already knee jerked Michu in for Villa as well. Went with Graham and nzogbia over Bent and michu.

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      As I say don’t just jump of Graham based on one game, he will probs smash it next week! Nothing wrong with Bent though, Dzeko isn’t guaranteed game time still…. Mancini can play 1 upfront and Balotelli is almost back.

      • adzman78 Post Author

        i really rate graham this week… all the 5 goals last week were all on the counter when qpr were chasing a win… graham was bypassed, it will be diff this week, westham will park the bus and they will need to play through graham more…

      • Davo

        Definately not jumping off Graham. I watched the game and he looked to fill the holes wide when the wingers came into the middle but was still involved in lots.

  2. Liam

    Price rises go with about 35,000-40,000 transfers in (roughly), It all depends on the % of what the player is owned, lower % rise with less transfers.

    They also have limitations regarding injury doubts (hence why aguero has not gone down with 78,000 out) a holding period of a couple of days

    Its pretty complicated on purpose so people can’t figure it out, stumbled across a website that has it roughly figured out.

    What my point was is that Torres won’t go down with 14,000 transfers out, it needs to more then double for him to drop so everybody hold until at least the game against reading if not after the newcastle game.

    • Liam

      Also in the case of Michu with double price rises they have to obtain signifciantly more to go up another .1, Dzeko went up .3 last season with about 170,000 transfers in, so Michu would have to hit at least 100,000 to go up again I reckon

  3. adzman78 Post Author

    the number of 40k dosent mean anything really…

    it depends how many people owns the player in the first place. Because not many ppl owned michu it took less transfers in for him to rise.. and will again. Whereas if its a player who has 400,000 ownership, like a bale or something, it will take a whole lot more transfers for a rise or fall..

    atm michu is 80% towards a secopnd rise by my screen.. but its still a bit dodgy this early, still tweakin the sums.

    i reckon he rises atleast once more this week

    • Liam

      yeah that seems close to it 80% to the next rise, I wonder how much transfer activity there will be later in the week

  4. matttortz

    ive used my wildcard and this is how my team looks at the moment..
    vidic, hangeland, jenkinson(mcCartney, clyne)
    bale, michu, hazard, santi cazorla(cleverly)
    bent, graham, tevez
    with 2.0 in the bank. Any ideas?

    • Dave

      Do you think Cleverly will start? When RVP match fit and Utd get some defenders back I can see valencia lm Carrick Kagawa nani/young rm Rooney cf rvp St. And that’s leaving out giggs Scholes Anderson Fletcher. Too much rotation I think.

  5. matttortz

    yeah well any better options then him? sir alex ferguson loves him and is happy that hes back to full fitness and said that we really missed him last year, thats why i picked him

    • Davo

      Given you have 8.0 to play with there are loads of options. I think Ben Arfa (7.5) will be a really good buy this season, he was playing high up the field behind Cisse and now appears to be ahead of Ba on pens. Mcclean at 6.5 also a good buy. He’s constantly getting bonus points with 18 last year and already 3 this year. If you want to go cheaper have a look at Gibson(5.0) from Everton or Kacaniklic(4.5) from Fulham. Hope this helps.

  6. tseagrim

    I’m going aguero > graham I think. Can’t see Tevez getting a full ninety minutes, I think if he hasn’t scored by 60 in he’ll be dragged for Balotelli/Dzeko/Johnson

    • Davo

      Mancini seams to really rate Tevez. When he was back last year for last 8 games I think he started all of them from memory. Plus he doesn’t need 90mins to do damage. Also with Silva’s terrible penalty attempt hopefully he will take them when Balotelli isnt on the field.

      • Liam

        tevez is the man, don’t forget he has golden boots in the bag, before he went walk about he had something like 50 goals in 60 games for city (checked it out 43 in 66), at 0.65 goals per game, at 9.0 absolute bargain.

  7. bennydt

    Went Torres > Tevez a couple of hours ago, looked at his price an hour later and he had jumped up in price – score! Was always going to trade him after GW1, as I didn’t want to go into GW3 with 3 Chelsea/Reading players, and plan on keeping both Pog and Hazard. Pretty happy with my 59 so far, with 3 players including 1 as captain still to go.

  8. Factor x

    wait…. if were using the wc you want us to pick all the movers but don’t want to overload on swansea players??????? also wouldn’t it benefit us to not pick chelsea as they miss gw3. cheers matty šŸ™‚

  9. Factor x

    sorry… is davis gk from southampton one wev’e missed???? saved 5 against man city and a penalty scoring 7!!!! wigan this week and with schwarzer playing man u may be a good pick????

  10. Factor x

    thanks matt…. you are my mentor in fpl……..
    team looks like this now:
    gk:krul, (schwarzer)
    def:vermalean, ivanovic, williams (s.taylor, hangeland)
    mid:michu, bale, pieenar, hazard (ben arfa)
    fwd:graham, petric, tevez
    reason I’m asking so many Q’s is as I didn’t prepare for wc… just took it as it came.. and I’m useless :p planning on upgrading iva to baines when price rises and downgrade vermalean>kolicieny when fit. I picked krul cause nwc are tight at the back. no big guns cause none are doing well…. so depth will be the go early on. One thing I will be prepared to do is sacrifice points with transfers. better off having a better team trying then being safe. Also with hazard would you get rid of him with his miss coming up? I was thinking acces how well he goes wed and if he carves again will be too hard to refuse.

    • Hplate

      Not too sure why you’d get rid of him so early after you’ve decided to have him in your team post-WC? For GW3 when he’s not scoring just use Ben Arfa and your 3 man fwd line.

      Having Hazard vs Ben Arfa will be interesting for GW2!

  11. Factor x

    alright then…. should I sacrifice a gk for a base price and get defoe
    keep it as it is… (with graham)

  12. Dan

    Nice read.

    Have done Ramires to Michu (managed to get in before the price rise too), leaving me 4m in the bank now, hoping a United attacker shows some signs next week so I can jumpon.

    Only got Ramires for the DGW so that really backfired, but despite a really poor score so far, I am pretty happy with the squad. Tevez looking a great pick at the moment IMO.

    Hanging on to Torres till GW3 at least, and unless he’s completely hopeless in the next 2 games Ill prolly keep long term. Personally think he has actually looked pretty good. Took his chance very well in the CS and was terribly unlucky not to score and assist against Wigan.

    Also been wondering on the best place to get injury news? Club sites?

      • Dan

        Yeah ive looked at a few already, just wondering whether there’s any in particular u guys have used in the past that have proved reliable. Will look forward to the Friday wrap

  13. Michael

    Have used my wildcard and this is how the team looks

    GK: Mignolet (Ruddy)
    DEF: Jenkinson, Hangeland, Lescott (McCartney, Clyne)
    MID: Kagawa, Michu, Silva, Mata (Guthrie)
    FWD: Rooney, Tevez, Petric

    I still reckon Silva and Mata will come good after disappointing games. Gotten rid of my other Chelsea guys and brought in Rooney and Kagawa. Kagawa looked threatening while I still reckon Rooney will have a 20+ goal season

  14. grinpowderdiah

    First time poster, long time reader (well long enough!).. you know, all that jazz. Anyway, great article this along with the many others on the site!

    Activated my Wildcard, struggling on 34 at the moment after deciding against Michu and having guys like Aguero. Torres captain as well, hope he smashes it last game – the only good decision i’ve made so far seems to be to get Hazard!

    Anyway, team looks like this now (*part of my original team):
    GK: Krul* (Begovic*)
    DEF: Baines, Shawcross*, Lescott* (Hangeland*, McCartney*)
    MID: Ben Arfa, Michu, Yaya Toure, Hazard*, Bale*
    FWD: Tevez, Graham (Petric – yep, benching vs. a MU seeking vengeance)

    Was heavily looking at going for Riise & Defoe/Ba instead of Baines & Graham.. but just think the latter will be better long term.

    Guys out of my team include Clyne (for added DEF depth), Walters (changed my mind here), Valencia (RB, seriously?), Guthrie (not looking to be a big scorer), Torres (because), Aguero (injury), Pogrebnyak (seems to be much less threatening in a weaker team). I think my team is significantly improved as a result (not just based on scoring in GW1 either, but just in depth etc as well)!

    Any thoughts would be appreciated!

  15. Chris

    Hey guys, I used my wc this week and so I made some trades this week. This is how my team looks now:
    Friedel (Ruddy)
    Baines, Vermalean, Shawcross, Hangeland, Fabio
    Hazard, Bale, Michu, Dyer, Walters
    Tevez, Graham, Pogrebnyak
    Is Friedel a worth it? Should I pick Graham? Btw, I haven’t jumped on all the players who scored well this week. I had Michu and Dyer this week already. Please help me, this is my first year doing this and I would really appreciate any sort of feedback on how to fix my team. Cheers

  16. Adamant

    First year of FPL – Thinking of using my WC but not completely sure who to bring in…

    Friedel (Federici)
    Lescott, Hangeland, Shawcross (Clyne, Clark)
    Bale, Hazard, Yaya, Ramires (Guthrie)
    Torres, Tevez, Pog
    *2.5 in the bank

    At the moment Im thinking:
    Torres > Petric
    Ramires > Michu
    Guthrie > Ben Arfa
    Clyne > Ivanovic
    *With 1.9 still in the bank.

    Would love some thoughts on any other trades!

  17. Zeus

    Quick Question,
    If you use your wildcard now (before the last game) do you still get points for Torres, if say you trade him out? Or if you make Hazard captain, will he be captain if you made torres captain at the start? Or regardless of your wildcard, wiill the team you picked at the start of the GW be the same until the next one?

    • Factor x

      your team is locked in from last week already….
      you can make transfers as soon as lockout finishes and won’t make any diff to your team in that week!

  18. Bayswater Toffee's gaffer

    Rumour Heitinga to Spurs, probably early next week. Already bargain basement at 5.5. Will defo consider given he will start at Spurs every week.

  19. Mark Payne

    If you use your wildcard, do you pay the new price on players you already have, or do they simply stay in the squad? Cheers.

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