Round 1 – what have we learnt?

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What have we learnt will be a regular post this season, it will be a quick fire round up of some of the things we learnt from the round. Some of them relevant, some of them stupid, some of them funny, all of them true! So round one is (nearly) done, what have we learnt?

Tony Pulis (pictured) still cant afford a proper shirt and tie, and still loves a baseball cap. It appears he still harbours hopes of being winner of an Andy Maher look-a-like contest.

Santi Cazorla pulls the strings at Arsenal like compatriot Fabregas did… but shoots on site unlike his compatriot. When the fixtures lighten he will be gold!

Norwich are going down.

QPR may be in the championship with them.

Adel Taarabt shoots on site.

David Silva takes a limp wristed, flower sniffing, skivvy wearing penatly. He should never be allowed near the spot again after that effort. Tevez please.

Fernando Torres will never be a success at Chelsea beacuse they simply cannot play his style of game, the shadow of Drogba still lurks there in that game style. Cavani please.

Eden Hazard will be the most scythed down, crudley tacked man in the premier league by years end…its the english way of dealing with quick stars! He can either take it like a man and work through it, or fold up and go back to the continent like Rayes, Ronaldo and Robben before him. I’ll back him to beat it!

Brendan Rogers will soon know the real meaning of pressure, if he serves that shit up infront of the Kop he will be in a world of hurt.

Suarez gets himself into some of the best scoring positions in the league… but will end up beaing the biggest source of fantasy frustration there is, he misses so many its not funny! Maybe he should go back to using his hands!

Adam Federici did not play AFL at school as a youngster, dropping chest marks like that is in the realm of the absurd!

A right winger and central midfielder cannot pose as a full back and centre back and go on to keep a clean sheet.

Sir Alex Ferguson is incapable of giving any praise to an opponent, even after defeat. His was always the better side.

Arsene Wenger did not see the incident.

RVP was superfluous in that game style Man U played, he needs to be worked into that squad over a few weeks.

Fellaini still has a mean afro but its no match for Bosingwa’s single eyebrow.

Alan Pardew cannot be trusted from this moment on, disreguard any team news he gives us.

Hatem Ben Arfa is a hungry hungry player.

Ande Villas Boas still needs to prove he can manage in this league.

10 minutes is a long time in football, Aguero has gone from scoring the title winning goal to going down with a knee injury in under 10 minutes of football.

Stoke have not changed and will continue to hoist the ball to 10ft tall beanpole Crouch at every opportunity.

Michu is a gun.

Petric is a machine gun.

These two will be the most bandwagoned players this week.

This is what i have learnt this week, how about you, learnt anything from round one? Get it down in the comments!

Keep your eyes peeled for the captains poll tomorrow afternoon!


60 comments on “Round 1 – what have we learnt?

  1. factor x

    Iv’e learnt that if I’m going to use my wc not to worry about cash and dgw and just pick who I thinks gonna do well in that first week…..

  2. Bayswater Toffee's gaffer

    Trust you’re judgement. I’m sure you’re in the same boat Adz where you had a much better team juuuuust prior to lock out and then some stupid voice in your head told you to make some rather silly trades.

  3. The Plagiarist

    I’ve learned I need Michu and Petric. In three weeks I’ll learn not to jump on bandwagons. Nice write up by the way.

  4. The Plagiarist

    Oh yeah, also learned to listen to Adz’ betting tips. Wrote in his preview on this site,and was spruiking all week, that Everton were the bet of the round!

  5. TeeTeeDT

    Just starting to understand how price changes work in FPL.

    To go Aguero->Tevez, is it worth taking the 0.1 hit now that Tevez’ price has increased? Or look at ManU/Villa FWD cover to replace Kun?

  6. Adamant

    First year of FPL – Thinking of using my WC but not completely sure who to bring in…

    Friedel (Federici)
    Lescott, Hangeland, Shawcross (Clyne, Clark)
    Bale, Hazard, Yaya, Ramires (Guthrie)
    Torres, Tevez, Pog
    *2.5 in the bank

    At the moment Im thinking:
    Torres > Petric
    Ramires > Michu
    Guthrie > Ben Arfa
    Clyne > Ivanovic
    *With 1.9 still in the bank.

    Would love some thoughts on any other trades!

    • mad romeys

      I recon your team looks good, so dont use the WC just yet!! Do those trades except maybe rethink the guthrie to ben arfa trade, you could maybe use it to upgrade shawcross to vermaelen/terry??!! Hope this helps!!

        • mad romeys

          Yeaa i know, but its not worth using your WC for only 3-4 trades. I would take the points loss instead of using the WC fir only 3-4 trades.
          But it is still your choice, do what you thinks right!!

  7. Factor x

    ok…. so we get these players… and if their prices rise we keep them for another week hoping they rise again? obviously michus already risen twice so we now get him at 6.6 mil, correct?

  8. Factor x

    is yaya toure gonna rise? 31.5% ownership! thinking of getting him anyway with aguero out and having a good first week. looks to have set himself an attacking role.

    • Bayswater Toffee's gaffer

      Kagawa looked bloody good, but a bit nervous. Once he learns he’s as good as, if not better, than the other Manc U mids he’ll score plenty. Just not now. What about Fellaini? πŸ™‚

  9. mad romeys

    Should i downgrade tevez now or wait for the game to finish tomorrow morning??
    And when I do downgrade him, who should i get??
    Help appreciated guys, cheers!!! πŸ™‚

  10. Chris

    Thoughts on team:
    Friedel (Jaas)
    Vermalean, Baines, Fabio, (Jenkinson, Hangeland)
    Dyer, Bale, Hazard, Pienaar, Michu
    Tevez, Adebayor (Petric)
    0 mil left. Any suggestions on what I should do with my team? Adebayor? Good pick or not. I thought he would be decent as the Spurs have an easy run.

  11. Factor x

    crap….. pog and guthrie scored! were they good or do you think it was just a free flowing game? all my players I wrote off before tonight scored well including torres so I need to acess…. hazard another 3 assists so I think I’m gonna have to keep him! same as ivanovic!

  12. Factor x

    I obviously don’t want dyer in my team LT…… but if he doesn’t rise again this week should I hold and keep pog and upgrade to graham once dyers gone?

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