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I’m finding picking a captain this week a difficult task. We don’t have any double gamers to make it easier so we have to pick on face value but every player has an element of doubt about them. Usually we like to pick fail safe pricey players as captains but there seems to be many mid-price options presenting themselves. Does anyone have the balls? Let’s take a look at what we have this week.

Swansea at home to West Ham looks like it may have a few goals to Swansea in it; I like Graham here do get amongst it. West ham will park the bus so they will need to play through him a lot. Michu would be the sneaky pick but he couldn’t do it again… Could he? You would imagine that Villa will turn up to play at home but Everton will be tough to break down, I’m not bailing on Bent just yet but would take massive balls to pick him this week.

Manchester at home to Fulham looks a big point game, Fulham don’t usually travel well so our captain could be a Man U boy, Rooney is the obvious, still on free kicks and such but we are still unsure about the dynamic with RVP, it’s certainly a risk. Ferguson did say they wasted RVP on the weekend and would go through him more so he is the other obvious option with a risk attached. Chelsea takes on Newcastle at the Bridge, not a lot going on here really unless you want to back Hazard to continue his fairy tale beginning. He does now however face a life of being tackled crudely it seems, although Lampard may be must have soon, somebody has to knock in all the penalties Hazard earns!

Spurs would hope for a big point game at white hart lane, Bale and VDV are definitely captain options here, with Adebeyor the late bolter with risk attached, will he even start? He said in a tweet “are you ready spurs? Here I come and I want goals!!” Monitor.  Arsenal hate playing Stoke, Cazorla was in everything last week and looks a promising captain in the future but not against Stoke. Which leaves us with City. If they can sneak the win at Anfield one of their attackers could be a go to captain, Tevez? Nasri? Silva? It’s a tough call in an away game.

So which way do we go? We don’t want a risky captain that may get benched, or may just be a bandwagon bolter, do we? Here is the list!

 1-         Bale

2-         Rooney

3-         VDV

4-         Tevez

5-         Graham

For mine I think Bale is the standout here with least risk. He is playing at home in a game that should have them scoring goals, and the possible addition of Adebeyor will help him even further! Defoe can’t hold the ball up like Ade can to feed him more points. Rooney is a strong option at home where there will be goals to Man U but I worry about the lingering RVP doubt. VDV should also be good in the same game as Bale but there is the slight worry about him coming back to fitness and starting on the bench. Tevez will be the main man at City for a while and has been a proven captain in the past, stiff fixture at Anfield mind. The mid price hunch is Graham, I think he will be in the game v West Ham up to his neck, It obviously takes guts but when it comes off it’s a glorious thing!

Who will be your round 2 Captain?

41 comments on “Captain – Round 2

  1. Factor x

    may be willing to risk michu if I don’t have bale by the end of this week… sorry guys… still a bit puzzled with player prices…. they go up at any time but when do WE get the rise to transfer them out at a higher price????

    • hypojezza

      We only ever get half of the value that they rise by. So if you jumped on Michu at 5.5 you would need to wait until he is 5.7 before you get any profit (you would sell him for 5.6, not that I recommend selling him anytime soon). If you hold him for a few weeks and he hits 6.5, you would be able to sell him for 6.0 (i.e. he has risen by 1.0 so you get your purchase price + half his increase = 5.5 + 0.5 = 6.0).

  2. noob

    first time playing FPL. Awesome website, has been very helpful. Hangeland against man U on field or Clyne v Wigan on field in defence?

  3. mad romeys

    I dont know who my C is gonna be on cos i might bring rooney or RVP in this week…..should I??? if not then i am going tevez/bale!!!?!

  4. Hplate

    I’m holding off bringing in Spurs for the time being, let alone giving one of them the C. The AVB factor has got me spooked, plus I’m waiting for the transfer window to close because no doubt AVB has players he still wants to bring in.

    Will be watching their next few games closely to see how Bale, Walker, Ade and VdV look.

  5. mattcraigdt Post Author

    Yup i’m going for it, only one to vote VDV 🙂 Will defs start IMO and will score heavily… Bale still the safe option though. Not how I roll!

  6. mad romeys

    I am stuck and have no idea what to do. Please help, anything will be appreciated!!!!
    I am thinking of getting rid of torres, but i dont know who for. I have 2.4m in the bank and i was thinking rooney or adebayor (already got tevez) or should i go a mid pricer in petric or graham or ba??? thoughts???

  7. Michael

    This has got nothing to do with captains but how on earth did Hazard and Mata not get any bonus points?

    They had a consistent impact on the game. Instead Cahill and Ivanovic got 3 and 2 respectively only because they did 1 thing and where definitely not the best 2 players in the match

  8. Liam

    Good call, it is tough the whole rvp at man u throws Rooney out of whack…

    Leaning towards vdv but thinking michu or tevez

  9. colesy

    I actually picked Bale for captain before this article. However, my team looks like it is need of decent captain options, seems I’ll be juggling between Tevez, Hazard, Bale and Adebeyour. Not overly confident.

  10. footyhead

    is it safe to lock in Adebayor in your forwards (not as captain) and nasri in the mids?? or would rooney and dyer be a better combination

  11. Fitzy

    I’m going with Lampard personally, considering Tevez though… thoughts and reasons? Help appreciated!

  12. Glory

    Who is the best choice captain in you opinion? out of:
    Assou-Ekotto, A Cole, Cahill, Lampard or Podolski?

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