It’s official, I’m an idiot!!

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I’ll start by saying this is nothing but a sulk post…..I spent all off season helping people choose the best teams ever… Then I go and tweak mine at the last minute to sneak a few more points but TOTALLY screw it up!!

I was just sitting at work lamenting what might have been after Chelseas big win when noticed some papers on the side of my desk, its my pre-season research. I found the team I had penciled in….. I can’t access fpl from work so I was all about the pen and paper. Here is the team.


By my calculations this team would have scored 104 this week, but its doubtful I would have played Michu on the ground so maybe 80s to be safe.

What did i ACTUALLY score this week? 54…. Fifty effing Four. That’s right I swapped Hazard for Mata, Petric for Bent and Michu for that Kalliklllkin guy from Fulham.

Am I pissed? Yes.
Am I wildcarding? Yes.
Do I now have all these players back? YES.

By manning up and admitting my poxy score to the world I’m hoping I can move on….

So what regrets do you have already? Late tweaks? Duds? Retards? Let them all out now in the comments before round 2 begins….. It’s cleansing, trust me.

P.S the season is not over, its a marathon, not a sprint. I’ll be back!


38 comments on “It’s official, I’m an idiot!!

  1. tseagrim

    I crawled to 77…. Which sounds no TOO BAD.

    But ITS THE LAST TIME I EVER EVER EVER PLAY RAMIRES. After mucking around with my team on saturday I thought…. ooooh Ben Arfa is cheap at 7.5…. oh what’s that Alan Pardew? He won’t play? That’s fine I’ll just put Ramires in , he’s playing twice anyway in a team that’ll surely dominate!!


    Ramires has the sniffles, then plays like a girl with a tampon so far up her that it’s beyond rescuing…. 1 point. for two games. Meanwhile Ben Arfa plays AND SCORES.

    That’s why this game shits me. But hey, at least I can just trade him out. Oh wait. I have Aguero too…. looks like I’ve got -4 coming my way….


    • Hplate

      Ramires needs to take a leaf out of Hazard’s book and play the extra pass. He at least would’ve salvaged you an assist this morning.

  2. JFISH

    I scored 88 but changed the team around sat morning in order to get kompany and aguero instead of yaya and hangeland….

  3. Liam

    went mata over lampard not happy, otherwise not too disappointed with 63, was strongly floating the idea of ivanovic over ashley cole because his ownership was so low but you can’t really expect him to pop up with 2 goals.

  4. TeeTeeDT

    Dropped Ivanovic for Zab at the last minute with GW3 in mind (already had 4 Reading/Chelsea players). Nek minnit Ivanovic on 24 and Zab on 1, so missed out on cracking the ton this week…

    Benching Kun for a week or two and going Torres->Roo/RVP with this week’s FT.

    Nek week’s FT is Pog out and Hazard/Guthrie on the bench.

    • Factor x

      st graham, lt ade….. hes just got there so may not play full game? needs to re settle but he’ll defs be good! graham I have confidence will hit back! don’t rule out lambert either, scored a goal after being subbed on. tough few fixtures though so wait and see.

  5. Dominic

    89 for me. Very upset that I took off Hazard to put on BALE………. I will never put that clown on my team again….

    Oh and Silva pissed PNUT and Shawcross killed 5 points in the last minute of the game.

  6. Factor x

    tevez and michu have gone up two so we get them at their first rise…. if a player doesn’t rise again…. do they just stay at that original price? and what if they go up and then go back down? do we get them at that first rise?

  7. greenninja15

    84 a decent score i’m feeling.
    Went with the ‘safe’ pick of Mata over Hazard but happy with Michu.

    Torres Gaaaaawwwwn even though he scored, just feel he is a hack good and proper, going to Adebayor with Spurs juicy fixtures

  8. Factor x

    my team atm…

    gk:krul (davis)
    def:baines, ivanovic, williams, vermalean (clyne)
    mid:michu, dyer, hazard (ben arfa, carzola)
    fwd: ba, petric, tevez

    by tommorow night(will be out sat) I think I’ll be settled with verma>jenkinson and ba>adebayor….. trying to find any price rises I can… only one Iv’e missed is fellaini 🙁

    • Factor x

      keep an eye on his ownership %. isn’t going down too much so may be able to keep for another week? transfers is a real touch and go game……

    • mad romeys

      Cazorla tough one between the strikers, if you wait maybe a week or two for adebayor to adapt to the spurs play then i would get adebayor or you can get him now, but id prefer adebayor as i am not fully satisfied with ba yet…..

  9. Michael

    A lot of hit and misses this week….ended up on 60. Still regret going Hazard to Mata at the last minute. Have used my wildcard and this is the team now

    GK: Mignolet (Jaaskelainen)
    DEF: Walker, Cueller, McCartney (Hangeland, Clyne)
    MID: Hazard, Michu, Silva, Bale (vc) (Guthrie)
    FWD: Rooney (c), Tevez, Pogrebnyak

    I hope Mata doesn’t start to dominate after swapping him out for Hazard. Going really cheap down back but make up for it in the Mids and forward. Going McCartney ahead of Hangeland coz of their opposition.

    Have decided to go Rooney ahead of Bale for captain.

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