In round chat – Round 2.

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With the clock kicking down to kick-off its time to get your last minute decisions made. Who to captain? Who to bench? Got any predictions or questions? Get them out here.  Chat in here over the weekend to gloat or sulk about your players in real time. Good luck!

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  1. Bayswater Toffee's gaffer

    Apart from that only coin flip I have is Haangeland, Clyne or Clark and as I can find a 3 sided coin I’ve gone Clark.

      • Carlo

        I know they will most likely say michu but im looking for consistency and points here, who would you choose ?

        • Bayswater Toffee's gaffer

          Michu is relatively unknown unless you’ve watched La Liga last season and took notice of him… One game doesn’t make a Fantasy legend but…….. He’s still a slightly better option.

  2. Glory

    Who is the best choice captain in you opinion? out of:
    Assou-Ekotto, A Cole, Cahill, Lampard or Podolski?

  3. Chris

    Used my wc, would you be happy with this team?
    Vorm (Jaas)
    Vermalean, Baines, Hangeland, (Jenkinson, Fabio)
    Michu, Dyer, Bale, Hazard, Pienaar
    Tevez, Adebayor (Petric)
    went vorm over friedel
    baines over ivanovic

      • Bayswater Toffee's gaffer

        If you’ve already done it then consider Hangeland out for Jenkinson if playing. I got him out coz he’s playing Man United and may ship a few goals. Baines goes alright, possibly one of the most attacking fullback in the comp? Takes frees too.

  4. footyhead

    used my wc, team stands as:

    Vorm (Cerny)
    Baines Walker Shawcross (Demel, Clyne)
    Silva Bale Nasri Pienaar (Guthrie)
    Adebayor Tevez Graham


  5. Factor x

    pumped!!!! my team ended up like this….
    def:hazard, ben arfa, michu, nasri (dyer)
    fwd:adebayor(c), petric, tevez
    what do we think! 😀

  6. Fitzy

    Choose one person to bench, Jenkinson, Noble, Guthrie. Thanks in advance!

    Reasons would be appreciated as I’m a newbie to EPL and FPL and dont know to much!

  7. dale

    ive gone with >> howard, DEF> taylor, williams both from swansea think they will keep a clean sheet, have moved hangeland to bench, man u will score a few i think, MIDS >> kagawa, y.toure, hazard, fellaini. FORWARDS >> tevez ( cap ) adebeyor, lambert.

  8. adzman78 Post Author

    Friedel (Begovic)

    Zabaleta -Rangel -Cueller (Hangeland/Demel)

    Nasri – Bale – Hazard – Michu (kallckiclic)

    Rooney(c) – Tevez – Graham.


    • Bayswater Toffee's gaffer

      Hahahaha lol

      I’m thinkin West Ham are far to angry to deal with Swansea. Money on a red card 🙂

  9. Hplate

    Swansea are happy to play some pretty suspect passes around the back! Must be edge of your seat stuff for Swansea fans

  10. Bayswater Toffee's gaffer

    Love to know why Sir Alex didn’t go for Taylor when he realised he had no chance getting Baines. Watched him in the Olympic and he’s quality.

  11. Michael

    Noo!! Had Mignolet, Cueller and Pogrebnyak in the cancelled game

    Fucken Jaaskelainen now comes in and it looks like he’s going to concede 4-5 goals

  12. Michael

    Fucken Rooney on the bench as my captain and it looks like Valencia in the mids and I fucken got rid of him

  13. mattcraigdt Post Author

    Last minute blunder forget I wanted Rangel all week get in Williams, then I get in McClean and Cuellar for some easy points against Reading… how FUCKING wrong was I! jesus… lol

  14. mad romeys

    Considering roiney very much, been very lively, he is still on frre kicks, RVP takes the corners which leaves him in the box, and his been very lively today.
    What are you thoughts??

  15. Dan

    Going a bit better this week…34 with Cole, Zabaleta, Torres and Tevez to come. Pissed I changed captain from Graham to Bale at the last minute tho..

    Transfer this week either NZog to Kagawa or possibly Torres to RVP

    • Hplate

      I’m not 100% but I think they play rescheduled games later on in the season, like at least a few weeks away.

  16. Liam

    Got stung at 12:01pm by price changes (they change at 12pm) cost me 0.2 so pretty much the chance of getting hazard on a single free transfer next week…pissed off to say the least.

  17. Michael

    Should I be trading out Rooney today instead of later in the week to avoid a price drop?

    If so who should I get? No point in Torres as he misses next week. Can’t afford RVP and not sure about Abedayor. Or should I just go cheap and get Petric or Graham

  18. ddpv2002

    Loving doing kneejerk trades lol..last weeks Ramires to Michu, before any if Michu’s price rises, worked out well. This week already done N’Zogbia to Kagawa, unfortunately copped a 0.1 price drop to NZogbia by hesitating for a day.

    With Rooney gone for 4 one of RVP of Kagawa looks a must have IMO.

  19. mad romeys

    My hopes of gettung in rooney jave gone down the drain obviously:(
    Who to get for torres now??
    Should i get RVP???

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