Bonus Points – GW2

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The bonus points for Saturday’s fixtures are out already! Let’s take a look, did your players make it? Updated for the gameweek, analysis at the bottom.

Swansea Swansea 3 – 0 West Ham West Ham

Rangel (3)
Michu (2)
Graham (2)

Aston Villa Aston Villa 1 – 3 Everton Everton

Pienaar (3)
Baines (2)
Fellaini (1)

Man Utd Man Utd 3 – 2 Fulham Fulham

Van Persie (3)
Rafael (2)
Evra (1)

Norwich Norwich 1 – 1 QPR QPR

Zamora (3)
Pilkington (2)
Snodgrass (1)

Southampton Southampton 0 – 2 Wigan Wigan

Figueroa (3)
Al-Habsi (2)
Maloney (1)

Tottenham Tottenham 1 – 1 West Brom West Brom

Assou-Ekotto (3)
Morrison (2)
McAuley (1)

Chelsea Chelsea 2 – 0 Newcastle Newcastle

Torres (3)
Hazard (2)
Bertrand (1)

Stoke City Stoke City 0 – 0 Arsenal Arsenal

Wilkinson (3)
Vermaelen (2)
Jenkinson (2)
Kightly (2)

Liverpool Liverpool 2 – 2 Man City Man City

Tevez (3)
Yaya Toure (2)
Skrtel (2)


Time to analyse the EA sports PPI for this week. Unfortunately FPL won’t show EACH players PPI from EACH week, however there is an overall tally. I will analyse some of the surprises as far as bonus points go, if you have any other queries just ask me in the comments below. I will do this by looking at their PPI from this week. Then I will take a look at the overall tally and try to analyse who are the most bonus point friendly players out there and those who are not.

As far as any shocks go I couldn’t find any this week, but I can tell already that in 0-0 draws, the points will go to defenders, not attackers. It is also obvious thanks to Toure, who had a relatively poor game got 2 bp’s for his single effort against Liverpool that the scorers will feature heavily in the points, more so than players who get the assist.

However there are already a few players breaking away from the pack when you look at total PPI is concerned. Although he has played 3 games, Ivanovic leads the way with 85 thanks to his attacking and defending displays. Another defender who screams bonus points is Baines. He has 61 from 2 games already and has collected 5 of a possible 6 points. He will be even better this season if Everton keep it up. Incredibly Michu is leading the midfielders PPI’s after just 2 games thanks to his outstanding start to the season. 2 things catch my eye about this. Number one he is VERY bonus point friendly which makes him an even stronger fantasy asset. Secondly he is beating arguably the best midfielder so far all campaign, Hazard and he has played 3 games! Unfortunately it would seem Hazard is not bonus point friendly, collecting 3 of a possible 9 yet has played 3 man of the match performances (although Torres was great on Saturday as well). I gather from this and looking at the midfielders PPI’s that central midfielders are more bonus point friendly than wingers, possibly due to their passes completed and involvement in each play. Dyer, Duff, Toure, and Pienaar are also polling very well so far. Finally the forwards, being lead unsurprisingly by Torres on 71. They clearly led the way as far as bonus pint returns went last season yet so far Michu and Hazard lead all forwards! We might get a better idea of this pattern later in the season. Tevez has the best PPI per game of the forwards registering an average of 28 so far, collecting 3 yesterday. Interestingly he has scored 28 in both games, yet got 0 bonus points the other day, it also looks like a game of luck!

Well that just about wraps it up for this week! Look out for my trade talk article coming at you tomorrow morning, a massive edition. Cheers.



19 comments on “Bonus Points – GW2

  1. toasted1961

    Torres got bonus points. I had planned on trading him out.
    1. options less than 10.0 I have Jelavic and Graham on my radar.
    2. RVP plua another trade and a 4 point hit.
    3. Keep Torres.
    If RVP goes up by tomorrow I have to make up my mind quickly.????

  2. Rayo

    Pretty content on keeping Torres and Hazard now (I was going to WC) so to keep 11 on the pitch I need to trade out Guthrie or Pog – Do I go Pog to Petric/Ba or Guthrie to Michu?
    Or even something else I haven’t considered?

    • Hplate

      Jenkinson again in the bonus. He was virtually invisible! Stats wise he may have done alright but how he is considered to have been worth more to the game that Cazorla or even Arteta is unbelievable.

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