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So another round down… most of you wildcarded, some brave souls held on. Big names missed out on scores this week, with RooneyBale, Silva and Adebayor screwing a lot of teams over!

Swansea and West Ham kicked us off, where GrahamMichu and Rangel found the back of the net. Rangel slotted a cool 14 points for those starting him in their back line, while Michu carved 10 and Graham 8. West Ham looked fairly flat and tried to be as defensive as they could, starting Demel on the right side of the midfield. It didn’t work though, and as was highlighted, their physical game style crumbled around Swansea‘s tika-taka passing game.


Everton and Aston Villa looked to be a good game, with plenty of unique options in action. FellainiPienaar and Baines didn’t disappoint, linking up fantastically. Jelavic also found his groove again, slotting home an emphatic strike. If you were someone who was anticipating Villa to be semi-competitive this year, you- like me, would be bitterly disappointed. N’Zogbia and Bent crawled to 2 again, showed that no Villa player looks to be a good buy at this stage, even with their easy draw. I for one am dropping them both this week.


The main talking points of the week came from Man Utd v Fulham. On the starting sheet, RVP was preferred to Rooney, causing a blow to many people who had captained the latter. Duff shocked the Red Devils when he swept home a Ruiz cross, to get the scoring underway in the 3rd minute, for his second goal in as many games. From there, United scored thrice, through RVP‘s thunderous finish and Kagawa and Rafael’s opportunistic goals. Rafael looked particularly dangerous. Vidic and De Gea had a horror mix up which resulted in an own goal, which would have been painful to watch for their owners. The main talking point however came from Rooney’s leg gash, where he is expected to miss 4 weeks. All aboard the RVP express! 


Norwich and QPR also played. Apparently it was a draw or something. Meh. For those who had Ruddy between the sticks you would have been stoked with his penalty save, but fuming at the consequential goal from the rebound. Cissè looked dangerous, as did Hoilett, but these two teams really don’t provide much fantasy value (especially with QPR’s next three weeks. Talk about a shocking run.)


Southampton played Wigan in another ‘meh’ game, where Wigan ended up trumping them 2-0. Di Santo and Kone scored, and given that they are both vying for the same position expect plenty of rotation in the coming weeks. Southampton opted to start with Lambert this time, but it wasn’t enough to avoid a 0-goal outing.


Tottenham hosted West Brom in a game that really should have provided AVB with his first three points at the spur’s helm. Unfortunately for him, although they went ahead through a lucky Assou-Ekotto deflection, Tottenham had a horror show in the last minute of the game and failed to clear the ball three times. Morrison obliged, and equalised. Serious questions must now be posed, as with Balevan der Vaart and Sigurdsson in their midfield, they are not short of creativity, and should really be winning more games. Expect Adebayor to start next week.


Chelsea extended their lead at the top of the table with an assured performance v Newcastle. The Blues defence actually looked sturdy, while Hazard and Torres turned it on again. If you have Mata, get rid of him. No game this weekend and playing with no confidence on an empty tank (He’s been playing competitive football straight for about 12 months now. He needs a rest.) I’m holding Hazard and Torres this weekend, and I think you all should to, with a fixture against QPR in GW4 to look forward to. For Newcastle, Ba looked more dangerous than Cisse, while Tiote again missed out surrounding transfer speculation linking him to Arsenal.


Stoke City held Arsenal to another 0-0 draw. For Gunners fans it’s hardly the start to the season they were looking for, but with 2 clean sheets registered they are going in the right direction. A defence that was peppered continually last year has been solid so far, and with attacking players such as Cazorla and Podolski coming into their team expect them to gel eventually and start putting results on paper. They had 70% possession after all- the chances will come. Stoke continued to be solid, with Kightly surprising me and looking the most dangerous.


Liverpool and Man City faced off in the last game of the round… and what a belter it was. Skrtel got things underway with a booming header. Why Kolarov was left marking him is beyond me, but anyway… Man City replied through Toure, who is looking very very dangerous. Suarez finally put his foot through one and bended in a beautiful free kick, before Skrtel undid his earlier good work with a shocking backpass even a Port Adelaide player could have made falling to the feet of Tevez. For City fans, they should be upset with their manager. Changing formation to a 3-5-2 after winning the league playing a 4-4-2/4-2-3-1 is an odd choice, and one can only assume it was made to perform better at European level. Regardless, Nasri was woeful, Balotelli anonymous, K.Toure awful and De Jong fouling everybody as usual. Tevez again showed why you should really have him in your side, while for Liverpool Suarez created huge chances and Borini looked lively. Imagine if Suarez could finish…. he would be a world-class striker.


Anyway, how did you go? Personally I got 69 points (dinner for two), which I’m happy with given that only one defender registered a clean sheet and my captain Bale scored two points.


Score: 69
Lord: Hazard, Torres, Tevez, Ruddy
Loser: Bale
Overall Rank: 140,380
Chop: Bent/Nzogbia
Vent: Bale captain killed me. If i stuck with Hazard I’d be about 20 points better off.


Cheers guys!!








32 comments on “GameWeek 2 Review

  1. adrian

    Score: 76
    Lord: 3. Tevez(C), 2. Hazard 1. Torres
    Loser: 3. Clark, 2. Cisse 1. Zabaleta
    Overall Rank: 1,019
    Chop: Nasri/Cisse/Lampard/Clark
    Comment: Using Wildcard and bringing in Jenkinson, Assou-Ekotto and Bale
    Question: Nasri, Yaya Toure, Kagawa or Ben Arfa?

  2. Dan

    Score: 71
    Lord: Torres, Tevez, Pienaar, Michu
    Loser: Captain Bale 🙁
    Overall: 346668 (terrible first week but held my WC)
    Chop: already done NZogbia to Kagawa, Villa look just awful.
    Vent: losing H2H by one friggin point lol

  3. mattcraigdt Post Author

    Great read Seags, although I have just one problem. A few of your descriptions on the man city game…. Nasri was far from woeful, he was probably their best midfielder up until that point and almost had an assist for Tevez. Toure did not look dangerous at all, he just popped up for another fluke from a rebound, I still have massive doubts about him. Finally their formation worked pretty well I thought, they didn’t concede a goal from open play, just two set-pieces… Nothing wrong with the 3-5-2 IMO. But apart from that game good 😛

    • tseagrim Post Author

      Toure looked good when freed up. Nasri wasn’t at his best, at times he was far more inclined to pass to Tevez and Balotelli straight away rather than run at the defenders and create. The through ball to Tevez was his highlight. the 3-5-2 has to go. Man City’s defenders in the three are two slow and will get shown up by quick wingers as a 17 year old Raheem Stirling in his first full debut showed. If Suarez could finish, liverpool would have won 4-2.

        • grinpowderdiah Post Author

          Nasri was serviceable but they weren’t going to win the game through him – wasn’t attacking the game at all. Him coming off and Rodwell playing back released Toure, who I think provided a lot of drive in the last 30 minutes, always seemed to be in the play around the box. Their formation was terrible, there was never enough guys covering the likes of Suarez/Borini/Sterling.. they had many good opportunities and failed to capitalise… at least put it on target (mostly Suarez)! To be honest I think the substitutions saved the game for City, Rodwell saved them several times at the back IMO (even though he gave away that free kick, I think it was harsh) and Toure was constantly getting involved when City was deep in attack. Good result for City really when you consider amount of ineffectual players they had and the amount of chances the reds created partly as a result of that!

          • grinpowderdiah

            That may have been their listed formation but they certainly didn’t look like they were playing with 4 dedicated defenders. Totally agree about Yaya Toure being ineffectual before the substitutions.. I was sitting there watching rueing the fact he was in my team at that point! Great player and all of course, but his versatility (from a fantasy coaches perspective anyway) is not good for his scoring potential at times!

  4. Factor x

    Score: 62
    Lord: tevez, michu, hazard, baines
    Loser: ade(c)…., mignolet, nasri, ben arfa
    Overall Rank: 133k
    Chop: –
    Vent:saving the transfers a week…. just a couple of questions…. when will readvsun be played? will jenkinson play when sagna and kolcieny come back? will my losers come good? ouch! 😛

  5. kingcolesy

    Score: 53
    Lord: Tevez, Michu, Hazard
    Loser: Captain Bale
    Overall: 252,726
    Chop: Ivanovic to Jenkinson for the $.
    Vent: Ade, Bale and Lescott missing

  6. Bazza

    Score: 81
    Lord: Tevez (C), Michu, Hazard, Pienaar, Torres
    Loser: Szczesny, Reading cancelled (Federici on the bench)
    Overall: 30,108
    Chop: Cole to Jenkinson and Bent to anybody who can score!.
    Vent: VDV & Bent are letting my side down! RvP is too expensive, I have 3 Chelsea and 2 Reading players to cover this week….

      • grinpowderdiah Post Author

        Hmm, personally i’d go option 1 knowing a) Rooney is out for a month so RVP will definitely start and b) Torres isn’t playing this week.

        Nasri more reliable than Ben Arfa but realistically Ben Arfa could be anything. Risk vs. Reward pick that one.

        Rafael looked good but you can’t count on that every week, but Assou-Ekotto might not get many clean sheets under AVB!

  7. grinpowderdiah

    Score: 83
    Lord(s): Tevez (C), Hazard, Michu
    Loser(s): Bale, Krul, Ben Arfa, Lescott (Hangeland!)
    Overall: 55,538
    Chop: Lescott.. can’t pay 6.5 and be worried about benching in defense.
    Vent: Only Lescott really! Can’t complain much at all, maybe prematurely dumping Torres!
    Question: Ideas to replace Lescott? Would love to go Vermaelen but i’m $0.2 short..

  8. Skoop

    Score: 92
    Lord: Hazard, Michu, Pienaar, Toure, Tevez (C), Al Hasbi
    Loser: Rooney, Petric, Clichy
    Overall Rank: 20,142
    Chop: Rooney, Cole/Clichy
    Vent: Only that Rooney cost me a few points but a great excuse to bring in RVP

  9. footyhead

    didnt catch the man city liverpool game, how did my lads silva and nasri look? did they even look like scoring or assisting and worth trading or still in the play??

  10. Stiffy Sexton

    Score: 76
    Lord: Hazard, Pienaar, Torres, Tevez (C), Vermaelen
    Loser: Pogs, Guthrie, Federeci as backup goalie for Szcerney
    Overally Rank:
    Chop: Whole team except for Vermaelen, Tevez, Hazard, Reading players and getting in RVP, Kagawa, Michu, Dyer, McCartney, Baines, Assou-Ekotto, Demel and Jaaskeleinen
    Vent: I have take a huge risk getting in these WESTHAM supporters but should be able to try it for a week or two after activating the wc and fitting into a rest of the team thats expensive to say the least

  11. Michael

    Just a random question but I was wondering how the prices work

    I see that Michu’s value is now 7.0 but yet his value in my team is 6.7 on the transfers page….shouldn’t we benefit from the price rise by 0.5 as we got him when he was 6.5?

      • mattcraigdt Post Author

        It would be too easy otherwise!!! By the end you could easily play a full pitch of premiums but that would be wayyy to easy 🙂 picking mid pricers and judging price rises make it more fun IMO

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