Who to play this week?

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This is a new article about the dilemmaa you might find when selecting who will play, and who will be riding your bench for that week!

So this new article will be me replying to tweets about who to play in this article, all you have to do is tweet me at @JimbobFiore some examples would be to play McCartney, or Clyne? So get tweeting and the article that answers all your questions will be up by thursday afternoon (Melbourne Australia time), also this article can only benefit everyone if I get selection dilemmas through twitter!

Also how did everyone go this week what did you score? What are you ranked? Also who is your beast of the week? Get commenting!


24 comments on “Who to play this week?

  1. bustafleX

    I’ve had a shocking start to the year, with only 108 points and ranked in the 600k it’s gunna take a lot of work to catch up…
    On the bright side i have a team valued at 101.6 so not all is going wrong.

  2. hypojezza

    Not too much to think about this week r.e. who to play as I imagine many of us will have at least a couple of chelsea players planted on the bench.

    Any updates on why Lescott and Riise sat out on the weekend? I had decent cover in defence, but wasn’t so lucky with my keepers with Mignolet not counting due to the cancelled game and not having a playing back-up keeper. Still, I scored 89 for the week (now 176 total) even with that 0 from my keeper, so can’t complain.

  3. Bayswater Toffee's gaffer

    The only positive to come out of this week (apart from Everton) was I didn’t have Rooney as captain.

  4. darkness_boss11

    78 points for the week with about 140 in total , ranked 155k . Hazard and Torres were good this week and picked up some nice points from Tevez, on the other hand Silva is hurting me but i will persist with him. Gonna be hard to compensate for the chelsea lads this week !

  5. Hplate

    Got an eye fixed firmly on a Lukaku trade. He’s looked absolutely beastly when he’s been brought on and West Brom have to be thinking about starting him in the near future.

  6. toasted1961

    I have Hazard and Torres who I want to keep. Also Guthrie is not playing and Clark collected a read card. I am looking for a 4.5 defender or 4.5 to 5.0 mid to replace either Clark or Guthrie.


  7. Sam_D

    Hi all, need tips to improve the team, I have 2.3 mil

    Ruddy (Cerny)
    Clyne, Zabeleta, Fabio
    Santi Cazorla, VdV, Pienaar, Nasri
    Adebayor, Torres, Bent

    Clark, Barnett, Noble

    Spewing over the my decision to choose Adebayor over Tevez last week
    This site reminds soo much of DT Talk haha
    Thoughts? Cheers

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