Transfer Talk – GW2

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Welcome back to another addition of transfer talk where I look at the best performers this week and analyse whether they will keep it up, who’s price will go up, who is the real deal and who is not! UPDATED as at 6:12 p.m EST (Baines, Jenkinson, Duff, Rafael)

Well yet another eventful gameweek has finished and we start to settle down into the regular season. Let’s take a look at the Big movers and losers so far this week.


  • Torres (10.1) –  Well I hate to say it but I was wrong. Fernando showed me up with a breathtaking performance, proving to us all why we thought he would be a great pick before GW1. It took him a while but it seems he has certainly arrived now. Hazard seems to be bringing the best out of him and teeing him up for that goal was just what he needed, the class of the old Torres. While there were other occasions where he could have taken a shot but hesitated, his confidence is slowly growing. Consecutive goals and bonus point hauls is all pointing towards a Torres resurgence. Keep an eye out on the transfer window, expect his price to remain steady over the next gameweek as Chelsea have the upcoming blank. If Chelsea don’t sign another striker lock him in! Selection issues are biting hard so he is one striker you can pencil in each gameweek.
  • Hazard (9.8) – Well this young lad keeps going from strength to strength. Yet another classy performance handed owners another 13 point haul, bringing him to 1 goal and 6 assists in just 3 GW’s! Wow, he is close to becoming a captain lock. He is growing in confidence week by week and at 21 will only continue to improve. A must have for all managers, get on him NOW if you haven’t already his price will only continue to surge!
  • Tevez (9.4) – Similar to last week, same story. Relishing his chance to lead the Man City line with Aguero out he is a must and a definite captain option. Miles ahead of both Dzeko and Balotelli so game time should not be an issue, at least not for the next couple of months. Get him in!
  • Van Persie (13.1) – The story of the gameweek, opening his Manchester United account with a stunning half volley, 100000 managers have already jumped on board. With United’s easy fixtures and Rooney out for a possible 2 months he is set to lead the United line, and dominate he should. Great option if you can afford him, but don’t muck around. If you are happy with your 3 strikers don’t feel you must fit him in, a luxury trade if things aren’t going well and probably only possible if you are using your wildcard as you will need to restructure.  As I say safe option, but only if you can afford.
  • Fellaini (6.7) – I suspect a bit of a trap here, with over 100000 managers already trading him in this week after similar numbers last week. He has started well and picked up 18 points and 2 goals already. Don’t expect him to continue though, two headers are great but he will not be a consistent threat. Easy alternative with a far greater appeal is my next man.
  • Pienaar (6.5) – He showed us why we had watchlisted him all pre-season with a stunning strike to open Everton’s account. A constant threat and amongst almost all of Everton’s attacks. Not only a goal threat but a potential to assist too he outweighs Fellaini in my opinion. A 3 point bonus haul equals what Fellaini has done in both gameweeks so he may be more PPI friendly too, fantastic option and I recommend over Fellaini.
  • Rangel (5.0) – A great option here. Firstly I need to vent, been lining him up all week as I was planning the use of my wildcard. Leave it too late on a saturday arvo to finalise my trades, before rushing in Williams to my squad. I thought no worries, it’s a blunder but surely it won’t cost me. HOW FUCKING WRONG WAS I! Anyway Williams is still a good alternative but Rangel has attacking potential and with Swansea looking very solid and a soft run of fixtures to come he is a great option, expect a price rise soon so all aboard!
  • Michu (7.0) – What else can I say, an absolute gun. 5 out of 6 bonus points, 28 points in 2 games, already gone up 0.5. If you were dumb enough not too have him yet seriously reconsider playing this game, get him in!
  • Rafael (5.5) – Finally getting a gig at RB he took no time in asserting his presence to us fantasy managers. A first up goal called offside followed by a header from a Young cross he was outstanding. His attacking endeavours didn’t end there as he nearly added a second with a powerful drive. He could be gold for the next few weeks but with Jones soon to return I don’t feel he is a viable option just yet without job security.
  • Baines (7.0) – Lastly we have Baines, the Everton full back is still giving his managers great returns on their investment. Key to his success is his liking to the new EA Sports PPI index where he always features heavily, snatching 5 out of 6 bonus points so far. He leads the way for all defenders averaging over 30 PPI per week, if he keeps that up along with Everton’s form, fixtures and his attacking threat and you have a star. Great option.


  • Lescott (6.5) – Disaster for all those with Lescott, as he sat out the game as City switched to a 3-5-2 formation. This removes his job security and he now becomes almost unpickable. With Richards still injured Zabaleta seems a safe and cheaper replacement. Get off quick before his price goes down.
  • Bale (9.5) – Two consecutive blanks have some managers worried, but not me. His price may cop a hit but stay strong, there are more easy fixtures to come and with Adebayor slowly working into it I expect him too come good soon, he will explode soon. Stay strong!
  • Silva (10.0) – More disaster for some managers with Silva being sat out, clearly still tired from international duties over the break. Give him time to recover, possibly trade for now as I see a price drop coming soon. Don’t totally write him off, he should be fresh for next weekend against QPR so expect a start and big returns! Make a decision here, if you chose him to start with I would persevere, unless you think there are better budget options i.e Nasri. Job security of City players is becoming even less certain, not good signs.
  • Lampard (9.0) – After a fantastic first two gameweeks Lampard owners would have been cursing their luck as he missed out on what would have been his 3rd goal of the season from the spot. His job security was always in doubt so get off him quick smart, price drops are coming soon. Not a good long term option.
  • Rooney (12.0) – Definitely the big loser of the weekend here. Seemingly United’s number one option many had thought a home game against Fulham was a great chance for him to score a bag and gave him the captain armband. We had expected RVP to start with him, but not for him! Injury aside he had lost already purely on job security. Fergie’s reluctance to not play them together will have worried a lot of managers, not only frustrating them with a solitary 1 point, or 2 if you captained him. No one saw it coming and it has huge side affects, when they are both fit and firing neither off them can be considered a safe starter, and when your paying over 12.0 this is unacceptable. Luckily for RVP owners, and for some Rooney owners the decision has been made a lot easier with Wayne’s nasty injury. Expected too miss at least a month, possible 2 opens up the door for Vanners to shine. RVP is a decent short-term option, but in the long run I feel neither are viable. Get off-board Rooney ASAP as a price drop is imminent.
  • Sunderland and Reading players – Why, how can we possibly have expected that. Middle of their summer and a match is called off for rain! Sure come the British winter certain games are always going to be called off but not yet. Plenty of managers, my self included were hurt by this and suffered the consequences losing head to head matches and rankings because of it. Just the luck off the draw really, a double gameweek will follow suit but maybe not soon enough, especially for Reading owners. Price drops are close for them so make up your minds quick…

Finally I will look at some of the possible knee-jerks some managers will make this week, which ones are viable and which ones are a mistake.


  • Nasri (8.5) – I had him from day one and he produced. Typically the sheep followed and jumped on board last week, only getting his 1 against Liverpool and are already considering selling him! Remember why you brought him in, if you have to trade then do so but stick it out otherwise.
  • Kagawa (8.5) – Most people’s target for Nasri after scoring his first on the weekend. I agree he looked good and will be a good option, but I’m not sure he is a must have just yet. Good move if you can do it but don’t expect him to produce brilliant returns every week, I wouldn’t be surprised if Nasri outscored him this week, it’s a long season. Great option like I say though, congrats if you picked him.
  • Torres (10.1) – I like many had written poor Fernando off last week only to see him dominate Newcastle on his way to 11 points. Yes he showed signs of breaking his drought and increased confidence but we can’t lock him in just yet. Well done if you kept him and watchlist if you don’t have him but definitely don’t feel he is a MUST just yet.
  • Adebayor (9.6)-  After just 20 minutes of his first game people are already considering trading, especially for Torres! Wow. Keep for the next few gameweeks if you brought him in, watch and see if you haven’t. I reckon he will still produce similar results to last year but only time will tell.
  • Bale (9.5) – People are already trading out last years top scorer after 2 gameweeks. What’s wrong with you people! Keep, keep, keep. He will start to produce sooner or later and when he does he will punish you dearly if you traded him. Brilliant player and will go big soon enough.
  • Jenkinson (4.6) – Watch out, yes he has seemingly started the season well scoring 8 points in both outings with 2 bonus points each game. But don’t forget Arsenal have played out 2 lacklustre 0-0 draws and with Koscielny and Sagna nearing returns his time is almost up. He hasn’t even played that well, just EA’s system seems to favour him. Arsenal will start to open games up once there squad gels so don’t expect such juicy defensive returns either.Don’t jump on board… please 🙂
  • Duff (6.1) – Another typical bandwagon after a good first two gameweeks. A decent player and will produce solid returns but prepare for barren runs, he will not score every week… or anything near that. Perhaps the exit of Dempsey has favoured him, only time will tell. For now however I am very wary.
  • Van Persie (13.1) – Finally the former arsenal man makes the headlines again. With Rooneys injury people are suddenly considering him a must have. He isn’t yet. I won’t be jumping on board and I’m not sure he will justify his price tag in the long term. Good short-term option but nothing more… yet.

Well that’s it for this week, a huge wrap up as always. Hold off on some trades but complete others if you have too, until next week good luck trading! I hope all that bummed out this week can bounce back in the next!



52 comments on “Transfer Talk – GW2

  1. muz1050

    Guthrie to Yaya or Kagawa or someone cheaper? Me thinks Yaya has impressed the manager and may get ‘freed up’ more. Keeping Torres and Hazard so I need to replace Guthrie and protect my 17333 overall rank.
    (750 in Oz)

  2. dale

    whats your thoughts on any changes i should be looking at with my team, im currently ranked 20,503, my team is > howard ( davis ) taylor / williams / baines, ( hangeland + ridgwell ) kagawa / y.toure / hazard / fellaini / ( guthrie ) lambert / adebeyor / tevez.

  3. MattyZach

    I’m super close to jumping off Bent. I have 0.8 in the bank, giving me $9.3 total, but no one is really screaming “pick me”. Any ideas?
    Might hold the transfer this week and then double the week after, so I can jump on the Torres train.

    • Hplate

      Same predicament. Decided to ditch Bent for Graham. Villa look shite at the moment and Swansea are playing beautifully so more than happy to bring in the Swansea striker and pocket the extra 2mil.

      • grinpowderdiah Post Author

        Graham is a great option IMO. I didn’t see a lot of the game but he wasn’t involved much for the most of that – yet he still managed to get in and score (yes I may be looking at that as a glass half full). Anyway, I think he will come into it more over the next few weeks and deliver some steady scoring ability.. certainly one of the better ‘mid price’ options.

        • Hplate

          Graham fluffed some seriously good chances on the weekend and could of had 2, maybe even 3 goals. The week before he seemed to get pushed wide and was left crossing the ball rather than receiving the crosses. Anyway their system seems so fluent that he’s bound to get a few opportunities to score each week.

          • mattcraigdt Post Author

            At home he will always be more prominent as Swansea have to break teams down, away they play a counter-attacking style so he gets less opportunities 🙂

        • Dave

          I watched that game and he also missed a sitter as well. Could easily have been 2 goals and an assist if dyer didn’t shoot wide. Hes looking the goods definately.

        • MattyZach

          Hmmm. Shame I already have 3 Swansea players in Vorm, Michu and Williams.

          Looks like I’ll just be sitting on Bent for a week and copping the price drop that has already come with him. Grrr!

  4. grinpowderdiah Post Author

    I am one of those needing to rid Lescott. Would love to be able to afford Vermaelen but i’m $0.2 shy of it. Not sure if I want to jump on Rangel though – sure he looked great this week but you can’t expect that too often.. also can’t expect Swansea to keep getting clean sheets either!

    Doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of options presenting themselves though, especially not this GW!

  5. Michael

    What are people’s thoughts on Santi Cazorla? Surely once Arsenal start scoring he will be involved.

  6. Factor x

    whats kind of funny is that michu only has a .2 % over dyer…. speaking of dyer matt he’s still on the way up as well, youv’e also missed baines, jenkinson, rafael and duff

    nice read 🙂

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Jesus sorry I can’t fit EVERY player in… :/ Dyer not a big mover this week, Jenkinson can go straight to the knee-jerks coz I reckon he’s crap, Duff can join him 🙂 Baines is a good call tho

      • Factor x

        yeah I know you can’t do everyone 😛
        you could always just list other movers down at the bottom with no info if theres too many… I already have jenko from last week so he’ll be gone when he stops. hoping he goes up another 0.1 mil at least before then though 🙂

    • Hplate

      If you think Jenkinson is worth transferring in you’re asking for punishment. Don’t chase last weeks points.

        • Hplate

          Nice. Only 12% ownership on Baines is a bit surprising considering how good a start he and Everton have had. Everybody jumping on the Ivanovic train I suppose

          • Factor x

            price is also a factor as well as he plays for everton and not man u or city 😛
            but he has been steadily rising since last week and am very happy for him to be in my team!

          • Hplate

            How does the fact that he plays for Everton and not Manchester blue or red affect his price? It’s almost irrelevant.

          • mattcraigdt Post Author

            Yeah, points is why 🙂 Just a note lads the team formally known as Djibril’s Dirty Dong is now called Graham’s Gooch Hairs. That is all.

          • grinpowderdiah Post Author

            Haha, that is brilliant Matt. Glad many others see through Jenkinson.. could be the next Clay Smith/Adam Kennedy from this years AFL DreamTeam!

            Baines is a ripper, bit more than what you would probably want to pay for a defender I suppose but he’s worth it. When Everton plays well Baines is normally playing a big part in it.. I’m very surprised that he wasn’t poached by United (in particular) during this off-season to be honest.

          • Factor x

            I think though in general the to manchester teams are more popular in players picked…. think about it. when you watch normal sport news the only thing you’ll get is on these two. Yes were smarter to pick from other teams but the casual fpl player may not… why do you think kompany and lescott are owned by so many people?

          • Factor x

            he took one week to go up once it should only take another with the same score logically… if he doesn’t go up by then he’ll need to play again and get a clean sheet. its a risk but he’ll be transfereed to a 5.0 mil def… don’t fret! hoping he does do well this week cause he’ll be on the field. demel’s my only other reserve on the bench 😮

  7. Factor x

    also out of interest counting money in the bank what’s everyone’s team worth? personally mines 102.6 mil 🙂

  8. mad romeys

    If i make 2 trades this week does that mean i get a 4 point penalty and no free transfers next week???

  9. attotheassassin

    Great article Matt! Just thinking of doing this trade:
    Guthrie –> Pienaar.
    Any other things I could do that relates to CHE/RDG players? Otherwise I get a donut.
    My CHE/RDG players are: Hazard, Torres, POG and Guthrie.

  10. Sam_D

    Hi all, need tips to improve the team, I have 2.3 mil

    Ruddy (Cerny)
    Clyne, Zabeleta, Fabio
    Santi Cazorla, VdV, Pienaar, Nasri
    Adebayor, Torres, Bent

    Clark, Barnett, Noble

    Spewing over the my decision to choose Adebayor over Tevez last week
    This site reminds soo much of DT Talk haha
    Thoughts? Cheers

      • Sam_D

        Yeah, the defence is kinda dodgy, should I go VdV >> Kagawa or Ben Arfa then Clark >> Baines? Im also worried about Bent should I trade him out for Tevez?

  11. Fitzy

    Thought’s on Diaby from Arsenal, whats his job security like?

    Trading Pogrebenyak and Guthrie out for Van Persie and Diaby, this is in Virtual Sports by the way but still give me advice please 🙂

  12. Jack

    I’m not sure what to do, I want to bring Hazard in but can only trade Sinclair or Silva to get him. Who should I choose, should I just play my wildcard now?

    My Team:

    Krul – Federci
    Zabaleta, A.Cole, Hangeland, Barnett, Clark,

    • Jack

      sorry, its:

      Krul – Federci
      Zabaleta, A.Cole, Hangeland, Barnett, Clark
      Silva, Michu, Pienaar, Sinclair. Walters
      Torres, Teves. Pogrebuyuk

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