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When playing FPL, the fixtures play a massive part in team selection. Why else have so many of us avoided QPR and Southampton players? Easy. They had dreadful fixtures which saw them pitted against the likes of Man City, Chelsea, Tottenham and Man United in the first few game weeks. So who has the easy runs for the next month? Who will get the chance to play Norwich, Reading, QPR and Southampton? 

Let’s take a look at the WINNERS of the next month of fixtures.




The first team that comes to mind is Tottenham. Over the next four weeks, they play Norwich (H), Reading (A), QPR (H) and Man Utd (A). With the exception of the last game, this is a dream run. It’ll finally give Bale and Van der Vaart the easy draws we’ve been wanting, as well as helping Adebayor slip seamlessly back into the Spurs’ lineup. Considering Norwich are perenially terrible defenders, this week alone provides huge potential at White Hart Lane. Let’s wait and see if Adz convinces us to pick Bale again…


Everton, in the form they’re in, also look very tasty over their next weeks.West Brom (A), Newcastle (H) and Swansea(A) in the next two weeks don’t look particularly promising (although they could be much worse), but it’s the Southampton (H) and Wigan (A) following that get me licking my lips. Jelavic/Pienaar/Fellaini will surely get amongst it, and probably even snag a few between them in the first three games. Don’t hesitate if you’re bringing in a Toffee this week!


Swansea have started the season in scintillating form, taking their passing game to a new dimension. The main difference I see between their play under Laudrup and that under Rogers, is that under Laudrup they don’t hassle the opposition as much. Rogers had them playing a style where they would bust their gut 100% to try and get the ball back, which sometimes got them caught out of position. Under Laudrup however, they have maintained their passing style whilst recognising when to sit back and defend. Their fixtures are nothing special, but they don’t play any top 6 sides in this time. They play Sunderland (H), Villa (A), Everton (H) and Stoke (A), and I think they will go into all of those games, bar Everton perhaps, as favourites. Personally I’m bringing in Graham this week, and if you haven’t already got Michu you’re either foolish or deceptively intelligent. The Swans have been keeping clean sheets too, so get around the defensive unit in Rangel, Vorm, Chico and Williams.


Fulham are getting me excited too. They start off with West Ham (A), West Brom (H), before facing Wigan (A) and Man City (H). Ignoring the last fixture, the first three look particularly tasty. Feel free to jump aboard the Cottager’s defensive unit in Schwarzer, Riether, Hangeland and Riise. The midfield looks a bit bare given the transfer of Dembele to Tottenham, but maybe Duff can continue his solid start and be a potential smokey? At 6.1 he is good value. I’m hoping the departure of Dembele doesn’t affect Petric, as most of his chances came from him. It’ll probably mean more to do for Ruiz though, but keep an eye out.





QPR have been rubbish the first two weeks against mid tabled opposition, so I hate to think what Man City (A), Chelsea (H) and Tottenham (A) will do to them in a 3 week terror run. Avoid. Avoid. Avoid.


Norwich are woeful, and their fixtures don’t afford them a break. Tottenham (A), West Ham (H), Newcastle (A) and Liverpool (H) offer them not much of a break (apart from the hammers) so if you have Ruddy between the sticks, I’d suggest getting him out pronto!


Stoke also have a torrid run, where they play Wigan (A), Man City (H), Chelsea (A) and Swansea (H). They will snatch a point or three against Wigan, but I’m not hopeful on the rest. Most teams have Shawcross or Begovic… if you do, make sure you bench them or trade them if you are planning on relying on a clean sheet! Walters might also have to go.


Arsenal rounds out our list of losers. Liverpool (A), Southampton (H), Man City (A) and Chelsea (H) looks tough on paper (except Southampton), so if you were considering bringing in Jenkinson even though his price has risen… I’d consider not. After these four weeks of tricker fixtures Sagna will be ready and ol’ mate Jenko will be bench material again…Don’t say you haven’t been warned! Cazorla is also surprisingly popular, but if you were tossing up between say him and Nasri, I’d be locking in Samir.



So there you have it. In conclusion, don’t hesitate in trading people from the Winners category, and don’t hesitate in trading out people from the Losers. The hard work has been done for you… so pick your team wisely!

Cheers guys






22 comments on “Fixture Forecast

  1. Factor x

    would anyone trade petric>graham to save money for both are virtually the same effect (graham could be even better!) but its a bit luxurious….

    • Liam

      I would look at more pressing matters in the rest of your team. Labeling it luxurious almost answers your question.

      Both have favorable fixtures, both are in attacking teams.

      Petric is not 100% fit has not run out a full game yet, dembele has left and who will replace him in the engine?

      Graham is nailed on week in week out, personally I would lean towards graham who has proven pl experience but I would look to have michu and a defender over graham at the moment better value as the mid range midfielders are notrioisly difficult to pick.

      Long answer short:

      Keep petric short term (see the next week at least)
      Get on mid price midfield bandwagons early
      Look at bigger problems in your team then splitting two 6.0-6.5 forwards

  2. Factor x

    also dyer>pieenar, but dyer may go up again…. if I did both these it could be worth the -4 points?

  3. Hero

    Factor x. Please stop making this site like DT talk with your childish indecisive post. This is by far the best FPL site I’ve seen keep up the amazing work lads and hopefully ppl like Factor X stay away…

    • Factor x

      the reason I’m doing this is because I have completely no epl knowledge and am a real learner….. I’m taking stabs in the dark here and only have one chance to get it right mate…. the main problem with dt talk is people like you having a go at people trying to ask proffesional help from questions mate…… this place is here to get help… not to be asked to leave because you want help….. btw your not ‘the hero’ from dt talk are you? cause he’s made some very valuable posts over there…… not.

      • tseagrim

        absolutely nothing wrong with asking questions mate, if you ever want a more direct way of talking to us don’t hesitate to use twitter! @tseagrim, @adzman78 @mattcraigDT @jimbobfiore. Try to limit us to a question a day though, it can be hard to keep up with everyone’s responses as this site is purely for a bit of fun and isn’t our job (we don’t get paid for it), so unfortunately day to day chores come first! Love the interaction though, we can always rely on you for a few comments.

  4. Hero

    Nope an all new hero. I understand your lack of knowledge but how about sitting back taking all the information in then make an educated decision??? Rather than jump straight in for help. Judging by the fact you made the only 3 posts in an hour with Bo response I take it that other ppl are sick off you too.

    • Factor x

      ok… sorry for accusing you of being ‘that’ hero….. but as I said I have very little knowledge of epl so hard to think for myself….. I feel that may be an okay trade but not sure on if I should get rid of dyer and if pieenar would be worth it….. also this site is quiet at this time soooo I think this is the main factor why noody’s commented til now…

  5. Liam

    Fulham have one of the worst away records in the premier league something like 2 wins in 50 games at one stage, the last time they won 2 in a row on the road was when they avoided relegation ( many years ago).

    For that reason I am nervous about investing in them, Petric might sneak the odd away goal was looking at hangerland but away clean sheets are very tough even in ‘favorable’ games.

  6. The Plagiarist

    Onya Liam. Wish I’d read that before I got in Kacaniklic for Guthrie!

    Off topic I know but currently watching Real V Barca in the SuperCup. We wouldn’t mind having a few of these guys as options in our teams!

    • Liam

      I guess it won’t help to tell you guthrie was playing in the role behind the striker in the league cup and the manager loved it either haha. Nah kacaniklic is a good move, a 4.5 is worthy of investment in fulham making a change to their away form, it is one of jol’s main goals this season.

      Yeah I just saw messi’s free kick (on delay on sbs) was top draw, its a crazy game between these two.

  7. factor x

    soz guys 🙁
    I’ll try to keep it down….. Iv’e decided to leave 2 ft (and maybe a couple of paid ones) for the 2 week delay as it will leave me one more week to analyse and will have 2 weeks for price rises 🙂
    thanks for the help and sorry for making this site as ‘bad as dt talk’…….

  8. hypojezza

    I’ve actually set up my whole team around playing the fixtures this year. I’ve spread my money out across all of my players (including bench) and will be benching some decent players on weeks when they have tough games. Last year I just had a bunch of 4.0 or 4.5 nuffies on my bench but I’m enjoying the flexibility of moving players around based on weekly fixtures. Good move? Seems to be working well so far.

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Great idea, however be careful attacking assets especially can score anytime. Defenders on the other hand are much easier to read so its a great idea to have flexibility in defence!

  9. Bayswater Toffee's gaffer

    Tuned into the Wigan League Cup game and Ryo Miachi (spell :S) looked ok. Now that Moses is gone could be a good option. And surely the Blues will find a way to squeeze Mirallas into the team. Two goals and two assists last night, granted it was against Orient but still…. Heyyyyyy…

    • tseagrim Post Author

      With Moses gone surely Miyaichi will get some game time. Mirallas is class, Olympiakos will struggle without him. Is it just me or are Everton the biggest winners from this transfer window!? For a team that’s supposed to be in the red they’ve been making a lot of astute signings.

      • Bayswater Toffee's gaffer

        Next years tv deal is worth an extra 10/15m per team (I’m told), that’s why you see some of the lower teams are breaking the budget for players (Soton = Ramirez, WHM = Carroll)… That offsets the Blues bank repayments each year and the need to sell a player every year. Rodwell leaving for 15m means we can use all that money for signings. Plus Timmy and Yobo’s wages off the bill helps. I have basically no basic knowledge of economics however!

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