Hot and Cold – Gameweek 2

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Who has been fiery hot? and Icey cold this week in the EPL and FPL? Also who is leading the EPL after 2 games? Find out here

Just a quick re-cap on the ladder this week:
ImageChelsea: HOT: Eden Hazard is as hot as they come this year already having a total of 34 points in 3 games, HUGE! Also Torres is doing quite well scoring 11 last week with a great goal
COLDFor the second week in a row Mata is cold this week after getting 8 points from all 3 games, which just isn’t enough for a normally high scorer.

Swansea: HOT: Michu is also as hot as they come, scoring a humongous 28 points from 3 games , his also gone up 0.6 from 6.5 to now 7.1 if you can afford him get him in!
COLD: There is no-one cold at the swans this week, they are up and about and flying at the minute!

Everton: HOT: Pienaar is also up and about this week scoring 10 points with a nice goal and a great 3 bonus points! 
COLD: Osman is down this week only scoring 2 points for the minutes played bonus, really need more from him with a price of 6.5 

West Brom: HOT: Morrison scored a nice 9 points this week, and I’m kinda surprised only 0.7% have him in their team.. Great P.O.D there!
COLD: After scoring a big 10 points in the opening game week, a 2 this week would just not cut it for Ridgewell, sorry buddy!

Man City: HOT: Yaya Toure is playing a less defending role this year freeing him up around the CAM position where he scored 9 points this week, great returns for a 8.0 player! Also Tevez is on fire with 12 points this week, and is relishing with no Aguero there! 
COLD: Nasri had no impact on the game (FPL wise) and after 58 minutes Mancini saw enough and took off the Frenchman, his got to get better to back up his 12 in the first game week!

Fulham: HOT: Duff is hot this week after scoring a nice goal taking his gameweek 2 score to 7, great return for someone that is now 6.1
COLD: Dembele is cold this week, not only for playing horribly and only scoring 2 but for announcing today that he will be going to the spurs in the next few days!

Man UTD: HOT: Van Persie is finally playing dividends after scoring 9 points on the weekend who relished without Rooneyplaying!
COLD: Vidic is as cold as they come this week after scoring an impressive -1 points this week! (Idiot is in my team, and just joking he ever pulls a negative score again his straight out of my team and on the never again list)

Wigan: HOT: Al-Habsi is very hot this week, and awarded the goalkeeper position in the FPL dreamteam this week, scoring a nice 10 points!
COLD: No real cold players this week, after an impressive win against Southampton

Newcastle: HOT: No hot players this week for Newcastle after losing to Chelsea!
COLD: Pretty much the whole team!

West Ham: HOT: Same as Newcastle there are no real hot players this week for the hammers!
COLD: The whole team again!

Stoke City: HOT: Wilkinson did well this week against Arsenal scoring 8 points and picking up all three bonus points rewarded the 0.5% of managers that have him!
COLD: Crouch played horribly only scoring 2 points, he is cold as ice after scoring 4 in the first gameweek aswell!

Arsenal: HOT: Jenkinson scored very well again getting another 8 points this week, taking his season tally to 16! Arsenal have found a talent in Jenk, but I’m confident some other club will buy him from Arsenal, seeing thats all Arsenal does the past few seasons, produce great players then sell them!
COLD: Podolski just isn’t performing good enough and needs to lift his game with a disappointing 2 points this week!

Sunderland: HOT & COLD: Everyone played well for Sunderland this week! (Classic)

Tottenham: HOT: Assou-Ekotto has been playing well recently, scoring 11 points this week!
COLD: Bale you welsh bastard, only scored 2 points this week! And to make things worse he was my captain!

Liverpool: HOT: Skrtel would be fiery hot if he didnt gift Tevez their last goal to go 2-2, his goal on the other hand was a bullet!
COLD: Borini needs to step up soon, only scoring 2 points this week, which has made his price go down to 7.9!

Norwich: HOT: Pilkington scored pretty well with a nice 7 points, taking his season tally to 9.
COLD: Everyone played fairly well, but the only cold player would have to be Holt who has only scored 4 points from 2 games, triggering his price to fall a 0.1!

QPR: HOT: Zamora played very well in a 1-1 draw scoring 9 points with a nice goal!
COLD: Other than Zamora every is quite cold at the Rangers who aren’t playing too well this year!

Southampton: HOT: No-one is hot at Southampton this week after going down to the Latics this week!
COLD: The whole team! But you can’t blame a recently promoted club.

Aston Villa: HOT:  No hot players this week for Aston Villa who are getting progressively worse, and are a short bet to get relegated this year!
COLD: The whole team!

Anyone guys this is the HOT AND COLD this week, put a comment down there if you agree, or disagree, will be back next week.. also Liverpool, QPR and Norwich get better guys, and give a follow to @FPLAddicts on twitter for all your FPL needs and me @JimbobFiore for all my updates, ask me anything about FPL!

6 comments on “Hot and Cold – Gameweek 2

  1. adrian

    when Silva is back, Yaya Toure will go back to DEF mid and he’s only scored this year from like 3 shots

  2. mattcraigdt Post Author

    haha^ anyway love the article jimbob just reckon your a bit harsh on a few of the cold players still 😛 Dembele was fantastic for Fulham and should do well at Spurs, be careful of judging players based purely on their score 🙂 Also on Toure he hasn’t been playing CAM, he’s played the same role as last year and pushed forward once Nasri subbed. I said in the pre-season while Silva wasn’t playing he’d score well but as soon as he’s back be careful, I’d avoid.

    • Liam

      its all about the score, thats all fpl is. Some absolute great players I basically ignore all season because they don’t collect the fpl points. Most of the players in the premier league are top class footballs (downing? hehe) so are great players in their own right.

      Dembele is a player I have watched since he first came to the premier league, I was very excited then (was a very good player on fifa 09/10…) who had real world stats to back it up. I thought it would take him a season to get used to the premier league and was majorly disappointed when he went down with a leg injury in his 2nd or 3rd game after scoring in the opening couple (I think).

      I don’t watch a lot of Fulham these days and was very surprised to see him playing centre midfield, a wide player who has good foot skills but not a major scorer of goals. I never saw him coming inside but it has worked.

      I hope he can work really well through the middle of the park, he is tall, fast, has quick feet, an eye for goal and apparently good distribution!

      • mattcraigdt Post Author

        Yeah ok but I’m just saying you can’t judge a players performance on their score, look at Cazorla. However some players are more point friendly than others obviously 🙂

        • Liam

          Ah ok I thought it was hot and cold in terms of fantasy points I missed that part right at the start of the article, it is referring to both.

          Totally agree mattcraigdt Cazorla is certainly impressive to watch the tight control is amazing, he will take some time to get used to the english game (half a season?) much like david silva (who was not exactly setting the world on fire when he first went to city).

          Pretty much contradicting myself…

          Fantasy points are extremely difficult to predict as the best performers can often miss out on an assist or goal. Football is not a ‘one dominates all generally’ (we do get the odd freak or two) but they are priced accordingly (or found in spain). Thats why I enjoy this game it is very difficult I feel because neither statistics, form or ‘on the eye’ performances determine a real game (or gameweek) the beauty of the football leads to the unexpected.

          Anyway enough rambling

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