Round 2 – what have we learnt?

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Its time once again for a quick fire round of ‘what have we learnt? some of its stupid, some of its funny, all of its true! So, round 2… what have you taught us?

Sam Allardyce (pictured) has no manners; he chews his gum with a mouth wider than Jaimee Rodgers from Tab sports bet.

Michael Laudrop was using an xbox controller at one stage to control his Swansea outfit… Making like 30 passes in a row. Need to change to a harder setting.

Michu is in the right place at the right time.

Swansea love to keep the ball on the ground, they can play some risky passes out of defence but its so much better than Stokes hoof it long style..

Chico looks like a samurai.

It might be wise to take on some West Ham defenders; they are racking up loads of assists.. Just a pity it’s for the opposition.

Sam Allardyce slunks back in a chair like a junkie.

Games of football are not played on paper, but even if they were Villa would still lose.

The last person to burst onto the scene with more impact than Eden Hazard was born in a manger on Christmas day.

Eden Hazard now has 7 more assists and one more goal than Downing in season for Liverpool.

20 million pound buy Stewart Downing has just been superseded by a 17 year old kid at Liverpool.

Torres still isn’t back… but weight of chances may still end up in him scoring a lot of goals.

Sir Alex Ferguson is a prick for ruining my captain.

Last time Wayne Rooney saw a gash as wide as that, he was paying for the privilege.

There have been a lot of keeper howlers this season, is the new ball worse than Jabulani?

Sunderland need a new sprinkler timer.

Everton have dispelled any lingering doubt of poor starts to seasons.

Nikola Jelavic is clinical.

Felliani is Tim Cahill with an afro, he puts himself about in the air.

Norwich are still going down.

QPR are still following them.

Roberto Martinez is a quality football manager, knocking Liverpool back only enhances his reputation.

West Brom are a well organised team, I suspect Roy Hodgsons grounding still looms large.

AVB may need to go back to the Portuguese league to find form.

Arsene Wenger can’t wait for winter so he can wear his doona straight from bed to the game as a jacket.

Arsenal are now tight at the back but can’t score a goal, I think they have been getting tips on ironic from Alanis Morrisette.

Skrtel needs some more vowels in his last name, Maybe Adel Taarabt can lend him a few.

Matrin Skrtel needs to stop making back passes.

Luis Suarez can’t score from open play but man he can take a free kick!

Carlos Tevez lifts his shirt after each goal he scores to reveal a written message…. Lucky he didn’t score the week he wore the ‘Mancini is a prick and I hate living in Manchester’ one.

Finally here is a picture that I would love for you guys to give me a description of what’s happening:

Personally I think it’s the X factor try outs, Rodgers is doing David Brent’s dance from ‘the office’ to the tune of Mancini singing as a tenor. How bout you, any theories?

So This my friends is what I have learnt about round 2… how about you? Learnt anything?


28 comments on “Round 2 – what have we learnt?

  1. toasted1961

    If I use my WC do I have to make all transfers in one go? Or can I adjust players later during the week if I change my mind or if a player is injured or does not play?

  2. Shaun Curnow

    Anyone else notice the price rises have changed dramatically in FPL? Seem to go up much quicker this year.

    Also I love how 163,960 people have bought in Hazard even though he has no game this week!! Seriously what are all of them smoking!!

    • hypojezza

      Here’s my hypothesis. The double game week first round and less games in round 3 has meant that LOTS more people have been using their wildcards early on than in previous years. This greatly increases the amount of transfers occurring early on and therefore means the prices will change much quicker.

      • hypojezza

        If this explanation is true then the price changes should really slow down as of next week, and we should see them pick up again in January when everyone gets their second wildcard.

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Hazard is coming into many SMART teams because if you wait another round he could be even more expensive! Easy to bench for just one game 🙂

  3. Fitzy

    What do you guys think on DIaby from Arsenal, I do Virtual Sports but tell me your advice anyway please, even in FPL terms and I will translate it. Haha. So do you think Diaby will keep playing? Need a cheap person to help me get RVP in.

  4. The Plagiarist

    That my friend is a cracking article!

    And Diaby is a no Fitzy, unless you’re thinking very short term! No job security once others come back, moves like a rheumatic rhinoceros and generally passes the ball to someone in a different coloured shirt.

  5. bustafleX

    I’m tossing up between Adebayor or Kagawa.
    Will Adebayor play the full 90 this week? or will it take a few more weeks for him to kick in?

  6. Fitzy

    . Ward-Prowse (STH), Diaby (ARS), Sterling(LIV), which of them has the best Job Security? Don’t need them in for the whole year but the longer the better. So which one?

  7. Dan

    Get article..very funny!

    Not sure about the Sam Allardyce and Jaimee Rogers comparison tho…..ruining the TAB ads for me a bit 🙂

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