Who to play this week? – Gameweek 3

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What dilemmas are you facing this week of who to play? Well lets get going!

Alright onto the first tweet sent in by our very own @adzman78:

Both great options here, with Demel (4.0) being the cheaper of two here with Cuellar (4.5). Demel scored only one point last week, but it is better than Cuellar’s zero! Demel has higher job security at the minute, playing all 180 minutes in the past two weeks! The only thing is that Demel plays for a newly promoted club, and clean sheets are hard to come by, my verdict would be Demel purely on job security, and having an easier draw over the next weeks with Fulham (H), Norwich (A), and then Sunderland (H), compared to Cuellar’s Swansea (A), Liverpool (H) and West Ham (A)!


Hey mate, the thing I would say here is to trade VdV this week for Ben Arfa oranother player of that ‘premium’ calibre, VdV has been pretty disappointing this year scoring only 4 points off 2 games! also, Chelsea have the bye due to the double gameweek they had earlier, so don’t forget to take out Hazard or move to a formation without 5 mids!


After clearing this up after he did mean even though they shouldn’t win* what I would do here is to play McCartney and Clyne they both have very good job security with McCartney playing 160 minutes, and Clyne playing all 180 minutes. You’d think Southampton would lose to Man UTD even though they are playing at their own homeground, but they gave Man City a run for their money at the Etihad pushing them all the way to make the scoreline 3-2, they’ll be good but still won’t win but will at least get the 60 minute points bonus, and maybe a cheeky assist? McCartney plays Fulham at home aswell, which should be a cracker of a match and I reckon the Hammers might get up! So in short hold Torres and Hazard, and play McCartney and Clyne!

Anyway thanks to everyone who tweeted to get their questions answered! Also how did everyone go this week what did you score? What are you ranked? Also who is your beast of the week? Get commenting!
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Cheers guys, Good luck for this week!

36 comments on “Who to play this week? – Gameweek 3

  1. factor x

    not too many Q’s considering I only have one….. mignolet or juskalainean? oh…. and jenkinson or demel? 😛

  2. toasted1961

    Hi Jimbob. I have Torres, Hazard and Guthrie sitting on the bench meaning I have to play Clyne against MUN. I am sensing that you would play Clyne instead of trading Guthrie to Morrison or Nolan for a 4 point hit. What do you reckon?

  3. Dan

    With Torres and Cole benched for me this week I have to choose one of Demel (home vs Fulham) or Beausejour (home vs Stoke). Been thinking Demel all week, but the way Fulham is playing they look likely to score IMO. Also read that Alcaraz was suspended midweek, meeting Beausejour is a fair chance of starting. Gotta be some goals in the game for Wigan this week, surely??

  4. bomber_tom

    Has anyone else been unhappy with Van der Vaart and Santi Cazorla so far?
    Was expecting alot more… :/

  5. Liam

    Berrrrbbattoovvvvv! get excited 6.9 absolute steal the golden boots of a couple of seasons ago are back and ready to give us relatively cheap fantasy options.

    Petric goes down for value here I expect Berbs to get starts (no idea what his fitness is like) but I feel he will make it into my team at some point this season.

    • Bayswater Toffee's gaffer

      Haha great minds think alike… I might give him a few games though. He’s played bugger all for the best part of 4 years.

      Why the fack would you pick Fulham over Fiorentina?!?!?

      • Liam

        Yeah definitely going to give him a few games to get up to speed, only going to pick in if he is a 90 min starter, still exciting news

        • Hplate

          I have my doubts about Berb. I’m not sure he will be the same force he was a few seasons ago. The EPL has changed somewhat and he’s not exactly on the youngest of legs…
          Having said this I’m negatively biased against Man.U so hopefully I’m wrong and he becomes a fantasy force again.

  6. Dan

    The way Im going take my advice with a grain of salt….. but I’d go Williams first (2 cleansheets, at home, against a team yet to score) and a coin toss for the other two, perhaps Ridgewell over Demel as I reckon Fulham are good things for at least a goal.

  7. Dan

    hard to say without seeing the whole team but Hazard looking like a must have so far IMO

    not sure how heplful I can be…..Im just a hack in my first year of the game 🙂

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