Deadline Day Wrap!

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Well what an absolutely insane day of transfer activity!!! I have hardly been able to keep up with the action, there are so many questions being posed as to who will play where, who is a good option and who is not, who will be affected by newly transferred players so my job is to try and answer as much as I can! Anything I don’t cover can be asked in the comments below, but for now let’s get into it!

I will recap each clubs transfer moves over the past week and assess who will have an impact, plus who will be positively/negatively affected by these transfers. I will analyse each player under their new clubs heading. Let’g go!


  • Arsenal – No deadline day additions for the gunners, which will be sure to disappoint a few after losing Song. To me this seems like stupidity, hows your holding midfield now Arsenal? Bendtner was the only loss, going on loan to Juventus will an eye on a possible permanent deal later on. Surprisingly Chamakh has stayed, not sure why maybe no one wanted him…
  • Aston Villa – Villa have made 3 late additions to their squad. Benteke is maybe the only relevant addition but at 21 he is still an acquisition for the future, as are Bowery and Westwood so don’t expect too much to change here, all will remain pretty similar.
  • Chelsea – Only exits for the blues on friday, with Essien and Benayoun both going on loan. Just freeing up their wage budget really, not much will change from the first few gameweeks.
  • Everton – The toffees were very quiet yesterday, nothing much changing. Expect much of the same. Mirallas was a great addition last week, and after scoring 20 goals in 25 games last season he started with a bang in their cup game. Great option here looking forward.
  • Fulham – Are here we go, it was mayhem at Craven cottage! Let’s start with Berbatov. He is a great aquisition for Fulham, however at 31 he does not have much left in him. This suggests to me he will get some decent game time over the next few years, but will be subject to resting. Rodallega looks a dud signing now with Petric also firing, however it does mean they have plenty of depth which could affect Berba’s game time. He will start a lot of games and could be a great fantasy option but there will still be questions over his game time. I also have some doubts on Petric’s game time, although he will be fine tonight. Be cautious with Fulham’s strikers with 3 options upfront. There have also been some nasty losses for them in midfield, that of Dempsey and Dembele. Dempsey has missed all of this season but Dembele will be a huge loss. They have also brought in Richardson from Sunderland, which leaves me thinking Kacanikilics game time is going to suffer, Guthrie provides a good option as he moves hopefully into a centre attacking mid role. It will be a test for Fulham and how they will break teams down now, with Sidwell possibly going to have to control the middle of the park. They have replaced midfielders with strikers and only time will tell whether this pays off, could be a sit and wait game for now.
  • Liverpool – A couple of exits yesterday from the Merseyside outfit, with Adam heading to Stoke permanently and Carroll going to the Hammers on loan. Both were not really getting first team game time and will not be missed, although I still feel Carroll had more to offer. Assaidi joined mid-week and is an electric winger, who could replace Downing and help to support Stirling, who is only 17 years of age. The 24 year old should see some decent game time and will provide a fantasy option for sure, but we can’t gamble on him just yet.
  • Manchester City – Wow, finally the blues came back to life on the transfer market. Firstly the exits, Savic is on his bike to Italy, no problems here. Johnson has finally got his move away from Manchester, heading to Sunderland to reboot his career. De Jong has left to AC Milan, which frees up Rodwell to play a defensive midfield role. HOWEVER be warned it may mean Toure moving to a deeper midfield role, that was what I thought until the addition of this next player. Garcia has made a shock move to the blues, for around 16 million pounds. He is a defensive midfielder who can also play CB. He will replace De Jong and give a helping hand to Rodwell. He is not fantasy relevant in my opinion but it should make sure Toure plays a more attacking role, although when Silva returns he will move deeper. God i’m contradicting myself I just have no idea! There’s so many options Toure may be your best bet. The most likely scenario is that Rodwell benches and is replaced by Garcia so all will remain fairly similar. Santa Cruz was another to leave but as he was not playing first team football anyway there is no worry. Sinclair has finally got his… dream move? I don’t know about this one, the left sided winger would have greatly furthered his chances of making the big time if he stayed at Swansea, I reckon he has moved too early. They haven’t brought him in for nothing so expect him to play, maybe just not as much as guys like Nasri and Milner. Whether it will be Nasri or Milner to make way who knows, game time is even less assured now. I’ll tip Nasri to remain a decent option and be a consistent starter with Milner making way. However I can be sure of one thing, sell Sinclair ASAP. Finally City completed their business by signing Maicon from Inter. A great of the past and a strange signing in my books. At the age of 31 he is past his prime but can obviously still play and I expect Zabaleta to suffer 🙁 When Richards comes back these two will be fighting for starts and neither can be considered safe options, as can Zabaleta. All this does is creates doubt for fantasy managers and gives City unnecessary depth. Maicon is probably going to play an attacking role in any 3-5-2 formation so he is a great option if he starts, maybe this is why City brought him in. Avoid their backline at all costs for now, Clichy may be the safest budget option but with the 3-5-2 posing problems we can’t be sure. Kompany is your best bet and at 7.5 I’m not sold. Fuck you Mancini.
  • Manchester United – Thank god they’ve kept quite, otherwise I would go on forever! Berbatov has made his exit but was irrelevant anyway, expect things to remain the same.
  • Newcastle – All quite here aswell, things will remain the same. With R.Taylor ruled out for 3 months lock in Santon to start at LB with Simpson at RB.
  • Norwich City – All quite here also, irrelevant anyway.
  • Queens Park Rangers – Oh god, what’s going on. I think they are playing manager mode, signing every big name they can afford (mostly over-aged) and chucking them all on a pitch. It’s embarrassing at times. A total of 10 players both in and out, the biggest in obviously that of Cesar. He will come straight into their line-up after the international break so say goodbye to Green. His price will be a key but QPR don’t fill me with confidence, avoid him I reckon. Granero is another big name to move to QPR, and this guy could be gold. Taarabt looked early on as a great budget mid option but seems to be doubtful for game time, step up Granero. He is a midfielder, predominatly attacking and coming from Real Madrid he will bring class to QPR’s scrambled team. Keep an eye for his price, expect him to make an impact after the international break. Barton and Bothroyd have exited but both are irrelevant. Of all QPR’s signings Hoillet and Granero top it for me, if you want to pick from this bag of mixed lollies I wish you good luck, I will not be.
  • Reading – Nothing new to report here, same as usual. expect Guthrie to possibly make an impact as a CAM if he gets the chance, which he very well could.
  • Southampton – Ramirez is the big news here, with the Uruguayan winger making his way to Southampton. Expect him to move immediately into the line up, Rodriguez may make way. One to watchlist for sure.
  • Stoke – Charlie Adam is the big signing for the Potters, and may bring some class to their midfield. he was seen as lazy for Liverpool and it seemed the leap from Blackpool to Liverpool was too great. He will be the vocal point of Stoke’s mid so he may find his touch back, hopefully for us he will because at just 6.8 he fits right into our budget mids. If he can have a similar impact that he did at Blackpool then he will be a great pick, another to watchlist. Expect Whitehead to make way.
  • Sunderland –  A lot was going on at the black cats with 4 moves happening in recent times. Fletcher made his move last week and started on thursday but failed to make an impact. Expect him to shine this season and provide a great option at just 7.0. More recently Johnson has signed from Manchester City, and this has me frothing. His ability to not only cross and assist as he proved with 2 assists on Thursday but he can cut in on his left and power goals too. He will be fantastic and at just 6.8 I recommend him to anyone. Larsson looks as though he will move to a more central midfield position so a straight swap of these two looks ideal. McClean may also benefit from these signings and Sunderland have a more attacking edge to their play, he was on the end of 2 Johnson crosses on Thursdsay. Richardson was their only exit and will free up McClean on the left even more, good signs for Sunderland’s budget mids and fantasy managers. I expect more goals from them to follow after these transfers.
  • Swansea – A few moves from Swansea have surprised me, but mostly for the good. It seems their attractive style of football is interesting many big names, a positive sign for the Welsh outfit. The addition of Hernandez is fantastic, he should replace Sinclair and provide a great P.O.D for those without Michu. I wouldn’t recommend him over Michu just yet and with so many other Swansea options watchlist for now, however I feel he will provide a great attacking threat. Graham should benefit but I expect Routledge to suffer, get off board if you brought him in for some reason. Ki is another great signing for them, I feel they are just going from strength to strength. He will replace Joe Allen in a more defensive role. He has stated how he admires Swansea’s fight to get the ball back and this may be his job, at 6.0 avoid him for now. Dyer may come under threat from Routledge if Laudrup wants to rotate his wingers but should be fine for now.
  • Tottenham – Big movers on deadline day as spurs look to bounce back into the top 4 and the UCL. However I’m not convinced, this is why. Van Der Vaart. Why did they even get AVB over Redknapp first of all, but not only that why try to replace Van Der Vaart before he had even left, it leaves a huge gap in class for my liking. Just look at their additions, Dempsey will be great but does not replace the Dutchman in my opinion. He will be one to watch but I’m not willing to get him in just yet. Dembele is anther decent signing but nothing spectacular, it gives them depth for sure but their starting 11 does not improve all that much. They’ve gone and bought Fulham, a middle tier club… only time will tell but as we’ve seen from Liverpool’s signings players can sometimes struggle to make the move to a top club, hopefully for Spurs Dempsey and Dembele can do this. I am sitting on the fence as far as their new mids go, watchlist for me, however I do think Sigurdsson is now unpickable and Bale provides the only safe option in midfield. While I don’t agree with their midfield transfers I do agree with Lloris, he is a huge coup for the London outfit! Price will be interesting but expect him to come in after the international break. Sorry to say but for Friedel owners, he must go. Lloris may be a straight swap depending on price, I’m holding out hopes for this to be the case. Spurs will be interesting, however expect Bale and Adebayor to come alight when things start to click.
  • West Brom – Nothing much to report here either, Popov will come in to LB to provide competition for Ridgewell, who will actually end up starting is anyone’s guess. However Ridgewell is now no longer a safe option, and neither is Popov. Avoid both for now.
  • West Ham – Obviously the big signing here was Carroll on loan. He will come straight into their line-up I feel at the expense of Cole. He will have an impact for sure but priced at 8.4 he is too expensive for my liking, avoid for now. If he can reproduce the days of him at Newcastle we may have to reconsider.
  • Wigan – Finally, I reach the last club. Wigan have stated that Moses is “irreplaceable” and have done nothing to replace him. Beausejour is one to keep on your watchlist, he could very easily start to make an impact without Moses and reaching full fitness once again.

THANKGOD! That was huge, I hope you all enjoyed it and it was really helpful. If there is anything you still have unanswered or are unsure about ask away in the comments below, however READ THE ARTICLE FIRST!!!  Cheers guys, good luck for gameweek 3!



24 comments on “Deadline Day Wrap!

  1. Hero

    Amazing article. Take my hat off to you boys. Only a matter of time before the English start using this place for research haha. Great work lads

  2. Factor x

    nice matt 😀
    btw do you know how to spell *quiet? its not quite…. ha ha… don’t worry we knew whag you were saying…. soccer is pretty hectic when it comes t transfers at this stage!

  3. Bayswater Toffee's gaffer

    Fantastic round up Matty. All of this makes it even harder for us, the depth of squads is bigger than it has ever been I reckon… Can’t wait to use my wildcard after the internationals! Kid in a candy store haha!

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Cheers mate, I’m starting to regret using my wildcard… however I haven’t been affected too badly so maybe I can scrape through. Haven’t really seen any other Hazard like transfers that we must have.

      • Bayswater Toffee's gaffer

        No worries, I know how much work is involed in something like this…

        Some of these new players will be gold. Just don’t know which ones yet… Roll the dice and see how we go. Ramirez and Mirallas will be aiight (spell check that factor)

          • Bayswater Toffee's gaffer

            Fair dues. When I looked at the Everton team on FPL I though, “pretty sure we don’t have that many strikers” haha. Still will get his fair share of points. Johnson BIG shout. Maybe those with Park need to jump ship now Granero is in…

  4. Hero

    Really??? If your not asking repetitive questions you’re going to pick on the grammar??? Seriously grow up dude

  5. Hplate

    Anybody else extremely impressed with Swansea’s business? Everything they do at the moment seems to turn to gold. Okay that might be a bit premature but their off-season signings have been explosively good and if Ki and Hernandez fit right in they’re going to give the PL big boys a run for their money.

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