Round 3 – Lockout chat

Its fast approaching kickoff again, got your team ready? If you have a stinker now you have 2 whole weeks to wait for redemption.. better get it right! Do all your in round chatting in here.

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52 comments on “Round 3 – Lockout chat

  1. tseagrim says:

    Used my Wildcard. Bloody hell I hope it pays off.

  2. Factor x says:

    ha ha! goal in the first 50 secs!!

  3. Factor x says:

    west ham killing!!

  4. Factor x says:

    just so I’m not annoying anyone… is it a good idea that Iv’e kept 2 ft and planning to use more if needed? I’m thinking to go hard or go home by transferring petric>graham if petric does bad and graham does well. nasri/ben arfa/dyer>johnson/pieenar and jenkinson>????? do people think this could be a good strategy with the two week break?

  5. Bayswater Toffee's gaffer says:

    Carroll look s like he’s enjoying himself eh!?!

  6. mattcraigdt says:

    No adebayor… why did I sell Torres

  7. MattyZee says:

    Bent didn’t play, and therefore couldn’t score in that rout… Freaking glad I jumped off him.

  8. Dan says:

    wow not great so far..Hangeland 1..Beausejour off injured…Demel (6 pts on my bench) off injured, Vorm no CS…

    Crazy to WC tonight?

  9. Michael says:

    Had enough of my Tottenham players in Walker and Bale….can’t score or get a clean sheet even though they’ve had easy fixtures

  10. lachie says:

    TEVEZ <333

  11. Factor x says:



  12. bennydt says:

    Argh, going with Bale as captain for the last 2 weeks due to his ‘easy’ fixtures rather than the safe move in Tevez has cost me a spot in the top 7000! Oh well, that’s FPL.

  13. Liam says:

    feel justified with my earlier opinions about fulhams terrible permanent away form, west ham killed them.

    Not captaining tevez is going to hurt mainly due to that late goal, I can’t see rvp getting 12-15 points…

  14. Factor x says:

    what do people think about fletcher?… will he keep that form up?

  15. Factor x says:

    I hope torres loses money so I can go ade>torres….

  16. Factor x says:

    all over lambert if he has a good game tonight!!!

  17. bustafleX says:

    Di Santo, Dembele, Tevez & Michu all scoring me goals. Dissapointing with Rangel 1, Pienaar 2 & Demel on the bench.
    Captain RVP + Kagawa + DDG + Simpson + Jenkinson to come… Solid start to the week!

  18. mad romeys says:

    Worth getting jaaskelainen in for federici??

  19. footyhead says:

    had tevez as capt (so 24) then after michu’s 7 my next best was 2. finished on 44 since i dont have any players left. terrible week

    • mad romeys says:

      In the same boat, had tevez who was captain (12×2) and then michu, i am on 44 points but i have vermaelen to play, hope he can at least salvage something in whats been a terrible week (PLZZ!!!)

  20. footyhead says:


  21. tseagrim says:

    this has been a horrible week.

  22. matttortz says:

    guthrie out for routledge hes been p;aying excelent! not a huge goal scorer but he seems like a decent enough option for my bench! now who to trade bale for…. hmm

    • tseagrim says:

      routledge surely can’t keep his spot for much longer with Ki and Hernandez knocking the door down

      • Hplate says:

        It’ll be interesting to see how they divvy up the time, that’s for sure. A case of ‘horses for courses’ perhaps? Routledge had a bloody good game against Sunderland but Hernandez will surely be starting sooner rather than later? Hernandez and Routledge could be rotated, same with Ki, Britton & De Guz.

        Also anybody else notice how completely nonchalant Michu appears to be, especially on D? He is almost Berbatov-like!

  23. Dan says:

    Up to 41 for the week with BPs, Coloccini and Kagawa to come. Tevez as captain close to 3/4s of my score. Injuries to Zabaleta, Beausejour and Demel plus the break coming up, I’ve decided to use my WC…

    Al Habsi Ruddy
    Hughes Rangel Jenkinson McAuley Demel
    Hazard Toure Michu Maloney Guthrie
    Van Persie Torres Tevez

    0.8m left….not real sure on the tactics here…just jump on anyone that looks likely to rise in the next two weeks then settle the team just before the GW4 starts?? Any thoughts/advice more than welcomed 🙂

  24. kingcolesy says:

    I always freak out when I see a player on 1, and i click his info and he only played 1minute, only to find out the games just started and under away. I’ve done this I think 4times now. Im on 37points..

  25. Michael says:

    Finally some luck…..the week I bring in Santi Cazorla he dominates!!

  26. El_Nano says:

    Captained Ade for the 2nd week in a row. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Time for a change.

  27. factor x says:

    BEN ARFA!!!!!!!!! 😀

  28. Sammy says:

    Wow, what a terrible, terrible week. Just activated my wildcard and said good by to all but 2 players

  29. Michael says:

    Anyone reckon Berbatov is worth a look at 6.9. Not sure about how much game time he will get with Petric

    • Sammy says:

      Yep, worth a look. Shouldn’t have any problem displacing Mladen or possibly playing along side him. Besides Martin Jol loves Berba.

  30. Louie K says:

    Wildcard paid off with RVP, Tevez and Ben Arfa all coming into my side. On a different matter, what’s the trigger point for a players price drop. Eg. Bale has dropped by 0.1 – how many people have to dump him before he goes down?

  31. Factor x says:

    woah… lots of transfers already! :O
    shouldn’t of transferred in pieenar…
    offloading petric>lambert and adebayor>podolski/torres.. which one should I get?
    also thinkig mignolet>foster as I really like west brom atm thanks for the help 🙂

    • Frenchy says:

      Ade still has some great fixtures in the next two weeks. i would hold a little longer. I like the lambert trade but be cautious as they come up against the super tight gunners

  32. bomber_tom says:

    Omg devastated, who to get in for Van der Vaart?

    Can afford anyone under 9.0.

  33. Factor x says:

    you’ll want to play me this week… -8 points and counting! 🙂

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