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Welcome back to another addition of transfer talk where I look at the best performers this week and analyse whether they will keep it up, who’s price will go up, who is the real deal and who is not!

This week is the first international break so no teams play next weekend. This gives us extra time to assess our transfers and is great if you have a wildcard to use. If not you must be careful with your  transfers but at the same time monitor price rises, it’s a hard game at times! We also must now include any new transfer recruits into considerations, to help you with this check out my article on all the deadline day transfers. Now let’s get into this weeks movers!


  • Van Persie (13.3) – No surprise this one. Last week I had taken the view that over 13m was too much to spend on one striker, then last Sunday RVP reminded us all why he was priced as such. What makes this transfer all the more enticing is the certainty that Vanners can bring to your team, a man you can give the captains armband and think no more. Coming off the back of a horror week for me with all my mid-price ans so called premos not paying off, with Tevez and Michu carrying my team once again. This highlighted the need to have certainty in your team and a solid base for points each week, so is Vanners a must have? I will analyse this trade in the knee-jerk section but I can certainly tell you he is a great SHORT term option.
  • Michu (7.2) – It just goes on and on, he seems so relaxed and uninterested on the pitch yet manages to pop up for a goal each and every week, I don’t know how he does it! If you don’t have him in by now give up, unbelievable bargain!
  • Tevez (9.7) – Same goes here, if you’ve missed the boat already I’m not sure where you’ve been in the last 2 weeks. Aguero should return for their next match but will form a brilliant partnership with Tevez so not to worry, with Balotelli out for possibly a month with an eye operation and Dzeko seemingly a bench player, Tevez continues to be a safe bet. However if you haven’t got him in yet it might be better to wait and see how he travels with Aguero in the side, he is priced at just 11.1 now so these two need to be considered.
  • Toure (8.1) – He just continues to defy me. Scoring week after week collecting bonus points along the way he is becoming hard to ignore. The incredible thing is I’ve seen all of City’s games and he’s the deepest of their mids and doesn’t threat for the most part, unlike guys like Nasri and Silva yet off a corner or the odd occasion he pushes forward he buries every chance he gets! Don’t jump off Nasri just yet, more on that in the knee-jerks but if you have him, pat yourself on the back… whether he will continue his incredible form only time will tell. Price rises will only grow in pace so make up your mind on him soon, I will be sticking with my previous judgements…
  • Jenkinson (4.7) – The most traded player in this week…. 50000 managers don’t read this site. He nearly cost Arsenal’s clean sheet on Sunday with some terrible errors and Sagna is set to return in the next month. Ride the price rise but that is all, I cannot emphasise this enough… Don’t trade him in this week whatever you do, and start planning an exit clause if you have him. Balls on the line statements but unfortunately Wenger does not select based on fantasy returns 🙁 Just go and ask an arsenal fan on his chances…
  • Cazorla (9.0) – Those who stuck with him congrats, he is a brilliant pick up for both Arsenal and your fantasy team. As he and the rest of Arsenal’s new recruits gel and grow in confidence so will his fantasy returns, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Price rises are imminent over the break so think carefully when or if your going to get him in sooner rather than later.
  • Fletcher (7.0) – Finally we have my old friend Steven Fletcher. A great poacher and will score up to 20 goals this year I feel, started his Sunderland campaign with a brace and 13 points. At 7.0 he provides a great replacement striker option if needed, especially for Ba.


  • Bale (9.4) – Oh god, what a disaster! I stood in disbelief when spurs sacked Redknapp, a proven manager who has carried them to the champions league for a guy who completely failed at the helm of Chelsea. It has not started off well for Spurs and this is hurting their great fantasy assets from last year. I’ve made the move and so should you, I can’t see them coming good suddenly overnight.
  • Adebayor (9.6) – Similar story here, why he started on the bench only AVB knows… nobody else knows what he is thinking sometimes… Dembele on the bench? Anyway I’m off board all spurs players after they hurt me recently and their fixtures will soon take a turn for the worse. If your willing to stick with them through numerous price falls then good luck but in my opinion there are far better options out there right now…
  • Silva (9.9) – As far as transfers out are concerned you would think Silva is playing terribly and is no longer a premium asset but this is further from the truth to be honest. if you’ve held him this long KEEP! If not watchlist him as he is nearing his best form. I watched him closely against QPR and he was almost back to his best, and if Tevez or Dzeko could have finished well, or himself for that matter he would have scored very well. Over 70 minutes playing time was a positive and his form was also, and when City get Aguero back and start to find their feet so will Silva, don’t write him off!
  • Ba (7.7) – 2 consecutive blanks for all those wagon jumpers deserves them right! Cisse or Ba are both unpickable at the moment, not only because they are impossible to split but Newcastle are not in top form. Better options at that price in my opinion, Graham, Fletcher and Lambert just to name a few. Price will remain stable for a short while but if his form continues to drop off he will fall in value, don’t forget he was playing in that dreaded left sided role when he scored that first goal, he is not a safe option yet.

Finally the knee-jerks that I have spotted this week, so far these trades have paid off for the bandwagon jumpers but don’t worry, if you stay strong I’m sure your options will pay off in time, its only been 3 weeks!


  • Nasri (8.6) – people are already writing him off and jumping on board Toures wagon. It’s certainly not a bad move but it is premature for sure. Nasri played out pretty much the full 90 and looked dangerous going forward. City are yet to find full form and neither has Nasri but with first team starts looking fairly well assured he will remain in my starting 11. The day he starts from the bench is the day I will reconsider Toure…
  • Toure (8.1) – Another bandwagon gaining steam, he just keeps producing. Yes he is a good option if one of your midfielders is flopping but don’t consider him a must have just yet, he isn’t looking dangerous for long periods so I will be stearing clear for now.
  • Jenkinson (4.7) – Highest traded in defender and 5th most traded in out of everyone, what is happening with the world. I am here to give mostly beginners advice and help them, and I can help you out here. Whatever you do don’t trade him in. Sagna looks like returning to training after the international break and the second he is fit Jenkinson is out, don’t waste 4 points getting him in especially with Arsenal’s upcoming run. If you have him enjoy the price rises while they last! We’ll see whose laughing come GW6…….
  • Routledge (5.0) – Every week we are always going to get a mid-pricer who pops up for a goal or two and is the most traded player in for the week, it’s part of FPL. However this guy has producing such good results I had to take a look myself and unfortunately there is one hitch, job security. With Hernandez signed from Valencia he will surely get starts so either Dyer or Routledge will suffer and I feel it is Routledge. None of these guys can be considered safe selections and I suggest you guys steer well clear.
  • McCauley (5.0) – Next we have McCauley from West Brom. Haven’t seen enough of him to make a final decision but from what I have experienced in previous seasons these guys never end well, expect him to produce nothing like what he has so far with a goal and assist in his last 2. Don’t trigger him in yet, West Brom have only kept one clean sheet and he will certainly not produce weekly attacking returns, a pass for me…
  • Van Persie (13.3) – Finally we have RVP, the talk of the gameweek. What I’ve been seeing is people costing them selves 3 or 4 trades just to bring him in, so here’s my view on it. If you are clever enough to have held your wildcard and can bring him into your team without too much sacrifice then go for it! However I still do not consider him a must have as we are clueless as to how he will link up and play with Rooney, and if they will be rotated. Rooney should return by the end of september giving RVP 2 more gameweeks upfront alone. I feel he is a short term option and one that if you can complete without costing yourself points is a great move, but for me he is NOT yet a must have. Once Rooney’s back and he continues to dominate then I will agree. For now I am sticking by Torres, and praying.

Well that’s it for this week, a huge wrap up as always. Hold off on some trades but complete others if you have too, until next week good luck trading! I hope all that bummed out this week can bounce back in the next!



57 comments on “Transfer Talk – GW3

  1. tseagrim Post Author

    Niiiiice Matty. Completely agree about Van Persie, I think the only way to get him into your team is if you use your WC and can shuffle your complete strategy around. I’ve already gone Bale down to Cazorla and avoided any price drops/rises. Cazorla plays Southampton, then Man City (who havent kept a clean sheet) and Chelsea (who looks equally uncomfortable in defence)… I’ve locked him in and am considering captaining him v Southampton.

    For those that want RVP there is a very delicious way to get him using just two trades. A Bale > Sterling followed by a Ba/Adebayor to RVP should see enough funds get done, whilst jumping off the spurs bandwagon that is plummeting fast. Whether sterling can a) maintain his starts and b) put a finished product together I’m not so sure, but as a 4.5 bench fodder you could do so so much worse.

    Nice write up mate.

  2. Louie K

    Pulled the trigger on Bale. Had to go. Jumped on Michu bandwagon, albeit a little late. Swansea have a good run between GW4-GW8 and he should return some decent numbers.

  3. Liam

    love that I could trade RVP in with a 4 point hit last week, people are really struggling to raise the money (I must of had in the back of my mind I was going to either get rooney or rvp not sure why I had 3.5 million floating around though)

  4. teeteedt

    Great round up Matty!

    On a side point, if playing a rotation strategy down back, a WBA defender like McAuley or Ridgewell (for home games) might be worth some thought.

    Gibbs is another who looks fairly solid in the Gunners defence – not sure about his job security though?

  5. Dan

    Thoughts on Nolan? Have in my WC team for price rises but considering whether to keep or not, probably not at this stage, but with Carroll up front is tempting…

  6. go the gunners

    G’day lads,

    Used my WC this week any thoughts or tips appreciated

    Mignolet, (Federici)
    Hangeland, Vermaelen, Rangel, (Clark), (McCartney)
    Ben Arfa, Michu, Hazard, Cazorla, (Pienaar)
    Fletcher, Tevez, Podolski

    0.9 mill remaining

  7. Chris

    bale > cazorla?
    also have adebayor but I don’t like him so who should I get? I have 0.4 assuming the cazorla trade goes ahead and tevez and petric the other two.

  8. Michael

    Is it worth not doing transfers until next week just in case there are some injuries during the internationals……or doing them now to avoid price drops or rises?

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Hmmm it’s a tough call and depends how risky you wanna play it, waiting is always best and ONLY trade if the player you are getting in will certainly rise or the player you are trading out will certainly drop… if you can cost yourself the 0.1 waiting is better

  9. Hplate

    Man AVB has to be the most hated person in fantasy PL. They guy has the ability to single-handedly kill the real life + fantasy prospects of entire teams. Wish he was at Man.U…

  10. Sammy

    Why not get Jenkinson in? Whose going to displace him? As long as Sagna is out for, he will be their first teamer.

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Did you read my article??? Sagna will be back by the end of next month, Jenkinson has 2 3 games MAX left in him why get him in? Their not even easy fixtures after this GW… Unless Sagna has a setback don’t get him in 🙂

  11. Stiffy Sexton

    used my wc and got in rvp and a few tottenham players, ie, bale and adebeyor. what do i do? wait through a couple of easy fixtures and see if they perform or trade both this week and cop a minus? who should i trade bale and adebeyor for?

  12. Laz

    Guys i need your opinion on this situation i currently have vorm and federici as my gks and i really want to trade out federici for julio cesar or hugo lloris which one should i pick as i have an extra 3.3 plus federici’s 4.5

    Please Reply

  13. Shaun Curnow

    These price rises are insane this year, if you miss the boat by even a day it costs you big time. Looking at it a price rise is every 50,000 transfers, whereas last year from memory the 2nd price rise was at 150,000 or something like that.

  14. Adamant

    Anyone got any ideas on what changes I should make to this team? already used WC..

    Krul (Davis)
    Baines, Ivanovic, Hangeland (Williams, Clark)
    Hazard, Michu, Yaya, Bale (Guthrie)
    Tevez, Petric, Ba

    1.1m in the bank.


    • Laz

      well tottenham is doing bad at the moment so i recommend you to trade out bale and get about 10.1 and get someone cheaper like: Pablo Hernandez from swansea city who is 6.5, Morgan Schneiderlin from southampton who is 4.5, alex kacaniklic for 4.6 from fulham, Abou diaby from arsenal for 6.5, moussa dembele who is 6.1 or maroune fellaini from everton.

      • mattcraigdt Post Author

        disagree with all of them 😛 Start Williams, sell Hangeland for Demel (leaves you 2.0). Don’t trust Petric now prefer Graham. Also reckon sell Ba for Adebayor or jelavic, otherwise you could upgrade Guthrie to Nolan/Pienaar 🙂

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