What have we learnt? – round 3

Its time again for a quick fire look at what we learnt from round 3.

Luiz Suarez (pictured) goes down faster than a $5 hooker. He gets many worthy penalties not called because of it.

Liverpool are going to write a book named ‘how not to do business’ chapter one consists of spending 30 million for a player, not playing him then loaning him off the next year…then realising they are short of players in the same position.

Fulham already miss Dembele.

Brendan Rodgers is a miracle worker… he is the only person in the world that can make King Kenny look a good manager.

West Brom are unbeaten in 8.

Man U loves a game winner during Fergie time, this time around it was a 1000th match present from the refs.

Man U have gone from an attacking force to a one man team in one transfer move.

AVB is on the brink of ruining a second club… hope Spurs have a former player that can come in and rescue things too!

Harry Redknapp is somewhere smiling

So is Kenny Dagliesh.

Tevez is back.

The international break is a hindrance to our FPL seasons.

Do not panic about the spate of injuries your players will have this week, they will magically disappear before next week’s round.

Wigan are as unpredictable as a woman.

Stewart Downing is actually OK on the right cutting inside, not pickable… But alright.

Giroud is a flop.

RVP‘s Dinked penalty deserved to be saved, as all dinked penalties do.

Raheem Sterling has 2 kids to 2 different mothers…. He is 17. Nuff said.

Predicting a winner so far this year has been nearly impossible!

Southampton are a great side to watch, sure they ship goals but they are attractive going forward. When their fixture list softens they will be good to get on!

St Marys is a slippery pitch.

West Ham are home hero’s and away pussies!

So are Fulham!

Sunderland have traded well late, Fletcher and Johnson will be on bandwagons very soon.

There may be a 4.0 bargain looming in the left back spot at Swansea thanks to Taylors broken ankle… watch that space.

AVB is trying to implement a quick fire passing game but his best players are suited to a dribbling game. When he forced Chelsea players into unsuited game styles you saw what happened.

Stoke are boring.

Stoke are also mental…. Michael Owen? Really?

Liverpool are grasping at straws…. 38yr old Del Piero? really?

QPR are still going down.

Jose Mourinho was wearing a double denim ensemble in the crowd, not cool.

Steven Gerrard is giving the ball away more than he ever has, Rodgers short passing game isn’t suiting his sledgehammer style.

If games went for 85 mins Tottenham would have 2 wins already.

Finally its time for another “what are they saying?” caption competition….

what are they saying?

Harry: How rubbish is he? he has taken the side i built from top 4 to win less!

Jose: He is not the special one.. he took the side i built from contenders to 5th…

poor old AVB……can he turn it around???

So anyway that’s about all of what I have learnt this week… what have you learnt?

It’s the international break this week, i.e. the boring weekend. We can take this time to draw breath and look at the start of the season as a whole, who has been good? Who has been a flop? Who still deserves to be in your side?

We will try and post a couple of articles over the next few days and there will be a full wrap of the international games played, paying attention to fantasy relevant players. (who decided they were not injured) Then next week we will be back to normal again!

Enjoy the stress rest.


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38 comments on “What have we learnt? – round 3

  1. Liam says:

    Haha love the wigan call

  2. The Plagiarist says:

    Brilliant! Don’t know where to start praising that article so will simply say well done.

    And Giroud has Gooners everywhere very, very worried. Maybe against the Saints at home? Please?

  3. factor x says:

    Iv’e learnt to transfer agressively!!!!!!!
    I like trying to get a really high value team. already worth 103.7 mil 🙂

  4. 7ator says:

    So much hate on poor old Liverpool on this site. Kicking them when they’re down! With a new manager and a new playing style, it will take time to get used to.

    We will come good.

  5. kingcolesy says:

    Round 3 is a long time for only having one trade

  6. Patrick says:

    I don’t think Giroud is a flop just yet. It took Henry and Bergkamp numerous games before they started firing. People laughed at Henry saying he’d be no good, 13 years later he is the best striker (also up there for best ever PL player) the Premier League has ever seen. Give Giroud a few more games and he will start to gel in.

    • mad romeys says:

      Ha best striker the EPL has ever seen.
      Mate you are absolutely shitting yourself and everyone around you. The EPL has seen far more better strikers then henry, no way he is the best striker in EPL history

      • mattcraigdt says:

        True, we need to give Giroud more time but he is NOT Henry and Bergkamp I can tell you. Also they were playing alright just not scoring, Giroud was complete crap. The goals don’t change between leagues… Still reckon he will be decent but no better 🙂

      • Mclovin says:

        far better? Wow what an exaggeration!
        Henry is easily top 2, but I reckon he is the best, especially because he was part of a invincible team. He not only scored goals, but scored them with such style and is a club legend.
        Please tell me well then you think is the best.

        • adzman78 says:

          how far back we going? Shearer, Cole, Cantona, Zola, Van Nistelroy, Drogba, RVP, Rooney, ….. and my Favorite of all time is Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink….!! its a good list we are compiling.. tell me why Henry is better than each of these,, if the answer is good, he wins! 😉

          • bennydt says:

            You guys can’t be serious… Henry is easily top 3, and in my mind probably the best striker the premier league has ever seen! He’s third in most EPL goals (175) behind Any Cole (187) and Alan Shearer (260), but with a much better strike rate (0.68 goals per game as opposed to 0.45 and 0.51 for Cole and Shearer respectively). He also won the Golden Boot a record 4 times, and arguably single handedly dragged Arsenal to two league titles. Show me any of the above with a record greater than that!

            There are arguments that others might possibly be a ‘better striker’, but not many good ones. One things for sure, the EPL has not ‘seen far more better strikers than Henry’. Blasphemy!

              • Bayswater Toffee's gaffer says:

                Saying he’s top 2, 3 or 5 is very disrespectful for those that came before him. Shearer was one of the best, ever. That’s not up for discussion IMHO. Second is a very close call between Zola and Cantona. Then there’s a heap after that that could be argued. Cole (60 goals?), Les Ferdinand, BERGKAMP FFS, Anelka when he was at Arsenal, Nistelrooy, Torres when he was at the shite, Fowler, Owen, Yorke, Teddy, Klinsmann, Ian Wright, Drogba, Ronaldo even, your Terry Henry and now Tevez, Aguero, etc… Plus there’s many more who had 1 or 2 massive seasons like Stan Collymore, Juninho, Di Canio, Viduka!!!!,

                Love to see Shearer play in this era though!

                Opinions from a long time watcher. BTG

                • bennydt says:

                  I completely disagree that arguing that a ‘newer’ player is better than an older player is disrespectful. I believe it’s just as, or more, disrespecful to completely disregard the newer players, especially when they’re exploits are backed up by statistics, for no good reason other than the fact that others came before them. Based not only on the statistics, but his obvious genius and also longevity (neither Cantona or Zola broke the 100 goal barrier in the EPL), in my opinion you can’t argue that Henry almost certainly sits alongside Shearer as the 2 best strikers the Premier League has ever seen.

                  I also can’t believe you included Viduka in that list! More blasphemy!

                  • Bayswater Toffee's gaffer says:

                    Haha I included Viduka in the 1 or 2 season category! He was pretty bloody good when he turned up… Those 3 times a season.

                    There’s too many factors to consider in this “argument”. The main one being that its easy being a striker in a great team and Arsenal had one of the best ever. Actually watching the other strikers and seeing how they go about being a striker/footballer needs to be considered. Stats mean shit. That’s an AFL thing. Someone like Klinsmann was one of the best in the world at the time he moved to Tottenham, but he wasn’t there long enough to collate your stats (or prove longevity) to provide an argument you’ll relate too. Shame coz Zola and Cantona were some of the best to ever play the game but that must have been lost on you because they didn’t score enough goals.

                    • bennydt says:

                      Henry was one of the best to ever play the game, and scored goals. Doesn’t mean Zola and Cantona weren’t any good, they just didn’t prove it for 8 years like Henry did.

                    • Liam says:

                      Viduka vs Liverpool not Leeds vs Liverpool love watching those highlights

    • Patrick says:

      Haven’t checked the site in a couple of days, and come back to this massive debate, love it.

      When I made the comparison to the start of Giroud’s EPL career and that of Henry and Bergkamp, I in no way was trying to say he would ever reach the calibre of those two. Rather, that a few poor starting games doesn’t mean your going to flop. His movement is good, he just needs confidence and some finishing work.

      As for Henry, he was such an amazingly complete player. His turn of pace, pure speed and phenomenal finishing ability made him a nightmare for opposition defence. But he was also strong on the ball, capable of excellent hold-up play. He was two types of striker in the one package. He could take brilliant free kicks, his vision outside the box was superb. He has a large selection of wonderful long range goals, the number of them suggesting they are no fluke. He led the Premier League for goals for four seasons, and he always had a healthy number of assists. At the 8 years he was at Arsenal, he was a dominant player for probably 7 of them, the other he had some injury troubles.

      Of those on the list, Shearer is the only one I personally would accept someone’s arguement on as being better. Shearer, Henry, Cantona, Zola and Cole are the absolute upper echelon, but Henry and Shearer lead that group. The others mentioned are great players, but I don’t feel they can compete with these 5. Shrek, van Persie, they aren’t as complete as these guys. I’ve never witnessed RVP sprint half the field after getting put through. He’s only been up and about for 18 months, maybe in time he can prove himself a bit more. Drogba was good, but he went missing for a season or two.

      Basically, they are all great strikers, but I don’t think any of them are as complete a player as Henry or Shearer. If you watched one of them charging at your defence, it put fear into your heart like no other.

    • Ben Daley says:

      lol…I love the it takes time argument. Diego Forlan anyone?? 27 games at united to leave with a 17 from 95 games record. How do you not score at Man U?

  7. bennydt says:

    Not sure if I’m a genius or an idiot for picking up Raheem Sterling before the bandwagon starts rolling, was one of Liverpool’s best on the weekend and seemed to go forward quite a lot, especially at the start of the match. Hopefully he can hold his spot, at least for the majority of games.

  8. Liam says:

    Hmm wanted Nolan but Carroll being out for 5-6 probably takes him out of the frame, thoughts?

  9. bustafleX says:

    Anyone think Berbatov will start for Fulham? I have to choose one between Berbatov & Pienaar

  10. SANTI CLAUS says:

    hey adz, possible for you to link your team or give your ID. just interested to see your team, rank etc. cheers.

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