What have we learnt – international break.

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Normally around this point i would be zinging one liners about the cool things we learnt about the past round… but seeing the past weekend was boring as bat shit I have had to change things up a bit, so considering there has been 2 weeks since any play and a lot would have taken their wildcards it may be time to look at which players are about to rise in price before this weekends lockout.

Who’s rising?

Cazorla – 99%

Mertesacker – 95%

Routledge – 94%

Vermaelen – 81%

Bertrand – 80%

Gibbs – 77%

Tevez – 76%

Ridgewell – 76%

Lambert – 76%

Hazard – 72%

Graham – 72%

Dyer – 72%

Michu – 71%

Ivanovic – 68%

Jelavic – 65%

So i guess if you want any of these guys you had better get in quick or monitor things closely!

……and who is dropping?

Sigurdsson – 94%

Szczesny – 90%

Gervhino – 86%

N’Zogbia – 85%

Vertonghen – 84%

Rodwell – 81%

Lescott – 81%

There are some of our droppers… if you are thinking of getting off these guys better not mess about!

So there are the guys in the price gun as we speak. Bear in mind RVP came off with an upper leg knock earlier this morning, deffinatley one to monitor! Keep an eye on Mattys news wrap on Friday morning and Seags team news on Saturday for more on the midweek internationals and injury fallout!

Sorry its been so dead around here for the past week, it was hard to find things to write about when there was no FPL to think about! We are back in the mode now and ready for the weekends play to begin.. we are again FPL Addicts!

Keep your eyes peeled for the captains poll tomorrow ,



21 comments on “What have we learnt – international break.

  1. The Plagiarist

    Please God, let that RVP injury be serious. And anyone who thinks its wrong to wish injuries on players can get stuffed. Me’s a Gooner!!!!!!

    Also, surprised that Podolski doesn’t feature in the risers after getting off the mark against the relegation candidates at Anfield. And I’d be worried about getting Mertesacker in this week. Either Jenkinson or him may be making way now that Koscielny is back on the scene. Although I think its more likely to be Jenkinson, its still a risk.

  2. The Plagiarist

    Just to umsettle the Jenkinson owners, consider the following:

    Koscielny started his career as a right back and Arsene has played him there before.

    He is the teams second best defender so we need him fit for the City/Chelsea games.

    Arsene probably won’t want to unsettle the CB pairing that has kept 3 cleanies in a row.

    Convinced myself: Jenks is gone!

    • dan

      Fair point about the two big games coming up.. I was worried about Raheem Stirling giving him a hard time before the pool game but he’s defensive work could not be faulted … in any case, I had him from GW1 so if i can squeeze another 6 out of him this week I’ll be stoked!.

  3. Hplate

    Bertrand? Really? I don’t know why teams are bringing him in en masse. A cheap 4.5 throwaway perhaps? I get that he’s a defender playing in the midfield but I highly doubt he’s going to keep getting game time ahead of Ramires, a now-rested Mata, Lampard, Oscar, and a now-healthy Marin. Also he’s going to need an A.Cole injury to play at his natural LB spot so PT is going to be really hard to come by.

    Which of the two West Brom defenders would you guys go for – Ridgewell or Mcauley? Are they even worth bringing in? They seem to have played pretty well so far but I haven’t watched any of their games so not sure how they look.

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