Captains – week 4

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After a boring weekend off the FPL we jump back on the horse and try to pick a decent captain option. It feels like we are nearly starting again with no form from the previous week but I guess we can use carryover form from round 3. So who looks good this week?

Norwich playing at home to West ham looks bereft of captaincy options. Sure West ham might bring the away form and let Norwich score a bag but do you really want to bank on it? If you do Snodgrass or Holt could be your men, but I’d pass.

The filth (Arsenal) at home to Southampton looks to be dripping with options, Southampton have been leaky at the back so who can we get on to take full advantage? Cazorla has been outstanding so far against some stiff opposition; will he bring that form here and take home a bag full of points against lesser opponents? I’d assume close to a double figure haul here. Podolski could be your less safe option or maybe a Gervhino or Walcott if you are really game?

Villa are at home to Swansea, not a lot here as far as captaincy options go, you could try everyone’s new favourite man Michu but I’d imagine this to be a fairly tight away encounter for him, but we can’t knock him so far – odds are he will score something! Fulham at home to West Brom is another iffy game captaincy wise. West Brom have been tight so far and Fulham don’t look the same attacking team without Dempsey and Dembele. If you fancy Fulham to score a few Petric could be ok or Berbatov could gun it as he has a habit of doing for new clubs but for me I think there are better options around.

United face Wigan at Old Trafford, it would be a braaaave man to assume RVP won’t be involved in one or more goals here, you could nearly lock him in here as a safe set and forget option but where’s the fun in that? We will keep looking for the sake of the article.

Chelsea travel to QPR to take on a side that has been fairly disappointing so far, but I still think Chelsea’s form isn’t as good as the table suggests. They have been propped up largely off the back of one player Hazard. In light of this I’d suggest he is your captain elect here, but Torres has been showing glimmers of form too. Bear in mind if Hazard stars so will Lampard, somebody has to knock in the pens! But for mine Chelsea away to QPR isn’t the safest place to find a captain.

Stoke take on city at the Britannica, Stoke will make it hard all day long for city but Tevez is been in the kind of touch that can unlock any defence eventually. I don’t really see City scoring more than 2 here, but if you do Tevez may well float your boat as a captain.  Sunderland v Liverpool seems like a captaincy grave land but I can’t shake the feeling that Adam Johnson may announce himself to the home fans here, it would obviously take some balls but he is my Smokey mid price captain pick this week. I have finally given up on Tottenham, which means this week will be the week Bale tears Reading a new one! If you still have him throw him the arm band!

Finally Everton take on Newcastle in a great captaincy game. Everton have been in good form and Newcastle have been struck by injury…crucially their injuries are on the left where the dynamic duo of Baines and Pienaar will be operating. Added to this is the keeper Krul also being a doubt and you are left with a tasty little double option. I like Baines here because he also has the clean sheet bonus and pens in his locker but Pienaar could easily come out and rip it also.

So there is the analysis, who are the top 5?

1-         RVP

2-         Cazorla

3-         Baines

4-         Hazard

5-         A. Johnson

It has taken all of 2 matches but any doubts about RVP’s abilities to captain have been emphatically washed away. We can expect another all action display here against Wigan (if not injured) set and relax. Cazorla has looked every bit the FPL captain in his short career and again looks well placed to pull the strings against Southampton, again set and relax. I’m slightly less sure about Baines. He has been a bit of an assist the assister of late, but up against an injury ravaged Newcastle I can see him getting amongst the points, maybe even a clean sheet to boot. Set and ponder. Hazard is a slightly risky pick but his form has been exemplary so far, If Chelsea can put QPR to the sword he will be amongst it, I’m still 50/50 about this happening, set and hope. Johnson is the hunch pick, he is a star and will explode at some point, Liverpool have been defending horribly and this looks a prime opportunity for Sunderland to take full toll. Set and pray. Tevez unlucky not to make the list!

Edit: obviously rvp injury is pending.

So, who will your captain be?


15 comments on “Captains – week 4

  1. Joe

    Hazard for me, didn’t let me down for the first two gameweeks, hope he can keep it up. I’m keeping Bale but not game enough to captain him!

  2. Hplate

    Chelsea have got Juve coming up mid-week. I can definitely see Hazard/Torres getting subbed at some point, especially if they’re up early and QPR look toothless.

  3. tseagrim

    definitely a toss up between cazorla/hazard for me. cazorla getting the nod I reckon. RVP is a risk. more so than Hazard/Cazorla. Man United v Wigan should mean Man U are up 2-0 at the 60′ minute mark, and if RVP goes in injured he’ll undoubtedly be subbed. Am starting Graham over Kagawa for the exact same reason.

  4. The Plagiarist

    I’m honestly too furious to even vote in the poll after that. The only “filth” you should be concerned with is the filth in which the working men and women of Russia were mired for almost a century in order to build up the national industries that were then so ruthlessly and cynically plundered to fund your immoral, undignified and thoroughly loathesome football club.

    (But I’m Captaining Hazard anyway)

  5. JimbobFiore Post Author

    if bale does nothing this week again his going to be traded straight to cazorla, sick of this welsh SHIT

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