In round chat – week 4

Finally, some EPL games again!!

Got any last minute thoughts? get them out here…. also the place for in round chatting… good luck!

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37 comments on “In round chat – week 4

  1. my midfield= hazard, bale, michu, dyer and fellaini
    forward= tevez, adebayor and petric..

    who do i put on bench?? thinking either fellaini or petric.. for now i have fellaini on bench. thoughts??

  2. Joe says:

    Bale has one more chance with me too, this season of DT has hopefully taught me patience, I got rid of Mackie after his 18 against the Kangaroos early on and never could get him back!

  3. Michael says:

    RVP and Kagawa both on the bench…..FMDT

  4. Sammy says:

    Nooooooooooooo Mata not starting! Not on their bench either!

  5. Sammy says:

    Got Berba in this week! Yewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  6. Is it time to cash in on Dyer (5.7) to Nani (8.7) as Nani has found some form and is 0.3 cheaper then at start year. Has scored 4 & 6 in last 2 weeks?

    Other option is to go Petric to Berbatov or maybe Podolski who looks like decent option? Or both not worth it?

    As for this week im only 31 with Baines, Felliani & Ba to come.

  7. MattyZee says:

    All done on 40. Fmdt! I played my wildcard this week too.

  8. footyhead says:

    21 points with three players to go – Baines, Pienaar and Walker. Aiming for 40 from here 😦

  9. factor x says:

    can someone check what points I’m on?…. team name is Factor x # TAZ

  10. factor x says:

    I thing I’m probs only on about 23… FMFPLT

  11. Hplate says:

    Did anybody see Torres sulk off to the sheds after he was subbed off??? Fuck me that guy is frustrating to watch. I wonder how Hulk is finding Zenit…

    RVP is ridiculous. Subbed on and within a minute is an inch away from scoring. Pretty amazing how he didn’t get on the score sheet at all.

    Did anybody watch the Man City game? Did Tevez get subbed due to injury?

  12. mad romeys says:

    Seriously, my bench consists of jaaselkelainen, kacaniklic & clark, nearly scoring more than my 10 players that have played.

    Zabaleta gone this week & graham. Is it too early to jump on buttner, I think it is, but with zabaleta being absolutely shit, i just cant help it!!!

    Also, it is gonna be hard for SAF to not play chicharito more often cos of his performance last night!! Hope he does cos he is an amazing player

  13. should i get in steven fletcher or berbatov?

  14. Michael says:

    Yep that’ll be right…..Bale scores after I get rid of him

  15. kingcolesy says:

    I still got Bale, still pissed he’s dropped 0.2mil. I also got the donut from Petric. Time to change him to Berbatov me thinks.

    • kingcolesy says:

      Just realised Adebayor played 0 minutes, shocking forward line with 2 donuts in it for me. Turfed Petric and Adebeyor for Berba and Fletcher. First time I took a 4 point hit, except for wildcard.

      • Factor x says:

        if you have playing players on the bench they will replace them…

        • kingcolesy says:

          Stupid thing is a blindly traded Petric before even realising I had Adebayor in my team, who should drop below original price soon. DT rookie error ;D I still had a .1 increase to play around with all week but oh well. Dyer would of been nice to use instead of Petric. Anybody see Clynes -3? Lucky I didnt have him on the pitch!!

  16. grinpowderdiah says:

    Well, i’ve already bitten the bullet and gone Petric to Berba… he was definitely on his way out for either Fletcher or Berba, but it looks as though the Berba train will run a lot harder, sooner. I still missed out on the 0.1 increase! Anyway, Graham to Fletcher is my move next week.

    However, I look like taking -4 this week coming, with Assou-Ekotto injured all of a sudden for “up to 3 weeks”. I already have Baines, Hangeland and Shawcross (who I want to bench due to fixturing). Gibbs was considered but has bad fixtures (Man City (A), Chelsea (H)) in the next 2 games, whilst the only other reasonable options are Rangel/Williams.. I say reasonable not because of Swansea’s form but their upcoming fixtures are reasonable. I didn’t see the United game at all, but surely it’s too early to jump on Buttner?!

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