Transfer Talk – GW4

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Well guys we’re back to our regular set-up this week after the international break. Matt here to analyse what happened during this weeks games, whose stock has risen and who’s has plummeted!


  • Jaaskelainen (4.6) – I was doubtful about my decision to select him at the start of the season but he is proving me wrong. I happily took his 10 unexpected points this week and once again proves that West Ham’s defence is tight enough to keep clean sheets both home and away. Now don’t bank on him carrying your keeper slot all season but he will be a great option to rotate around fixtures, brilliant pick.
  • Gibbs (5.6) – relishing his locked down LB role in Arsenal’s new defensive unit the results are starting to show, and Gibbs is very much a part of it. 4 solid performances at LB was great, but this week he showed how much of an attacking menace he can be, especially against lower teams. Great option as a route into Arsenal’s back 4, perhaps hold off the next couple of weeks though (City and Chelsea).
  • Buttner (5. 5) – Buttner’s magical performance on Saturday has major implications for 2 reasons. Firstly he has put his name down as United’s next LB, showing incredible skill to both grab a goal and an assist to go with a clean sheet. At just 5.5 he could be a bargain! However the other side of the story is Patrice Evra, how will he deal with this? I have been saying all year Evra is not safe and he could now become second chosen at left back. Just how these two will rotate is something to keep an eye on.
  • Sterling (4.5) – This youngster seems to be going from strength to strength each game and now looks like he has cemented a first team role at Liverpool. He finally got on the board with an assist this week and looks set to pose more problems for opposition teams. A good budget option.
  • Podolski (8.5) – Yet another great attacking display from Podolski and Arsenal has my radar firmly locked on. He looks a great mid-price option and seems to be getting the nod ahead of Giroud at this stage. He is growing in confidence week to week and will be a great option for your team, locked on starter.
  • Berbatov (7.0) – Dimitar is back! A classical performance saw him grab 2 goals and maximum bonus points for a 13 point haul. Fulham look fantastic at home and Berbatov looks like he will get amongst it, he has also stated that first team playing time is giving him more confidence. Their away performances are yet to convince me and I would be holding off a week or two, could be a bandwagon destined for failure. Or he could score 20 goals, what do I know…
  • Fletcher (7.0) – Another mid-price forward option and was on my radar from day one (Wolves fan). I knew he had what it takes to be a great striker in a team like Sunderland, no matter how ugly he knows how to find the back of the net. He is gold for your fantasy team and has scored 3 in 2 games while taking maximum bonus points from both. Ahead of Berbatov for me at this stage due to job security and age, less risky option but a good one at that.


  • De Gea (6.0) – My worst fears for De Gea have been confirmed, Fergie does not have total trust just yet. You can’t go selecting a goalkeeper without first team job security. Avoid.
  • Evra (7.0) – Massive questions have to be asked of Evra now with Buttner’s arrival. His game time will significantly decrease and his job security is now minimal. He will still remain a presence this season but not in our fantasy teams, trade.
  • Kagawa (8.6) – Interesting one this. I don’t feel people can go writing of Kagawa just yet, he’s only played 3 EPL games and is on the scoreboard. Make a call now, either trade to someone you are convinced will smash it or hold and hope for the best. I traded to Cazorla.
  • Petric (6.3) – Define big loser. After a stunning debut in GW1 he has fallen of a cliff. No returns since and Berbatov’s arrival spell the end of his fantasy reign, albeit a short one. This is why you don’t knee-jerk after one good game! Job security is poor now and while he will still remain a presence, he cannot be considered for your teams. Trade.
  • Adebayor (9.5) – I am shocked. Sure first two games Adebayor wasn’t fit but now Tottenham’s star signing, on the back of a 17 goal season last year on loan is benching for the club reject. Now AVB was justified by Defoe’s performance on Sunday but it will frustrate a lot of fantasy managers. Neither play can get the nod for me anymore.


  • Michu (7.4) – Don’t know why I am writing this but it seems Michu is the 5th most traded out mid at over 5000… I sincerely hope no one visiting this site has been that idiotic, yes he had his first blank, it was gonna happen! Infact he may draw quite a few blanks, but we have seen what he can deliver and with Swansea’s easy home fixtures to come DO NOT even think of trading him yet.
  • Torres (10.1) – Yes I fell for the Torres trap… AGAIN! This was after I swore I wouldn’t get him in, if he can fire he will be gold but he is just a massive sook. Really on edge with him but once again don’t knee-jerk him out like 20000+ managers already have. Suck it up for a couple of weeks and hope, if he can’t deliver there are plenty of other options out there. Just don’t give him the chance to burn you!
  • Graham (6.0) – Graham hasn’t lived up to the pre-season hype yet but with a few easy fixtures still to come I’m not ready to knee-jerk just yet. Hold for a few more weeks and if he continues to fail Fletcher could be your man.
  • Swansea’s defence – Oh God 2 blanks, Swansea are playing terribly they are out of form their defence is a shambles bla bla bla… Villa away is always a tough game, don’t stress yet. Home games against Everton, reading and Wigan provide plenty more opportunities for defensive returns, if they continue to leak goals then you have my permission to trade. I know they have a makeshift defence but they are still a solid unit, don’t bite the bullet just yet.
  • Buttner (5.5) – Yes he was the big mover but no I am not prepared to get him in…yet. Evra still remains a threat and there roles are still unkown, I feel Buttner will struggle to nail a first team role consistently and will therefore not make my team. One for the future though!
  • Gervinho (7.3) – Finally we reach Gervinho. The man with the forehead silenced some critics with an energetic display on the weekend, netting him 2 goals and 15 fantasy points. His starting role is still questionable so don’t knee-jerk him in yet either. Great player though.

Well that just about covers it for this week. Contemplate and be very careful with your trades, if you can hold them off till Friday then do so. I’ve learnt 0.1 lost is not worth it compared to 10 points lost and a player that needs fixing (Kagawa!). I will be unable to do this weeks news wrap and next weeks transfer talk due to exam commitments! Don’t miss me too much and I will be back later next week 😉 Good luck this weekend!



11 comments on “Transfer Talk – GW4

  1. dan

    Just to add to this..Podolski is not really in competition with Giroud. AW used Gervinho in a central striker role to replace Giroud. Podolski is deployed on the left but tends to cut infield a lot.

    Will be interesting to see what happens given Gervinho was so effective albeit against a poor side.

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Haha yeah I know mate didn’t explain it very well, although podolski did play more centrally on Saturday. Podolski is a lock in, Giroud not so much with guys like gervinho ready and waiting.

  2. Hplate

    More emphasis is needed for Gervinho’s forehead. Bold AND italics.

    Any love for Crouch? Only 6.5 and now has Adam whipping crosses onto his head. Also knows how to handball and get away with it.

  3. mad romeys

    Hey guys, who should I trade zabaleta for this week?? Cos he is really getting on my nerves!! Help appreciated:)

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