Hot and Cold – Gameweek 4

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Who has been fiery hot? and Icey cold this week in the EPL and FPL? Also who is leading the EPL after 4 games? Find out here
Just a quick re-cap on the ladder this week:
ImageChelsea: HOT: Ash Cole played very well against QPR securing the Clean sheet and 2 extra bonus points, with a total of 8 points top scoring for Chelsea this week.
COLD: Hazard is down on his high scoring self only managing 3 points (he was my captain btw, fu*k you eden) hopefully he can get back into it.

Man UTD: HOT: Buttner killed it this week, scoring a huge 17 points against Wigan, making a mess of their defence scoring one and assisting another, gun!
COLD: De Gea for being such a hack that he can’t even get first team games anymore.

Arsenal: HOT: Gervinho with DA FOREHEAD (KSiolajidebt reference) killed it this week, scoring a nice double and collecting the 3 bonus points, scoring a big 15 points.
COLD: No real cold players from the gunners, except for Giroud the hack, cue the gunner supporters comeback of Bergkamp and Henry took nine games to score give Giroud a chance, his still sh*t.

Man City: HOT: Garcia is very hot this week from Man City, many people might not know who he is but after impressing at Benfica and Real Madrid getting his dream move to Man City, his also only 25, star to come.
COLD: Balotelli was dissapointing after his second start of the season having no impact on the FPL cards

Swansea: HOT: No real hot players from Swansea this week after a disappointing effort against Aston Villa.
COLD: The whole team.

West Brom: HOT: Same as Swansea here with no hot players.
COLD: Odemwingie after getting himself red-carded and prividing a -2 for those managers who have him.

Everton: HOT: Baines is in red-hot form and in everything when Everton go forward streaming up that left wing, his been in my team from the start and it’s sad to say I have a man-crush on him, love ya bainesy
COLD: It’s not that Mirallas played bad, its just that he didn’t convert his oppoturnities, if he did he could’ve had a goal and a couple of assists to him name.

West Ham: HOT: Jaaskelainen is hot after scoring 10 points this week, mainly due to the clean sheet and his 6 saves, one of the finds of the season if you ask me
COLD: No real cold players for the Hammers, they played well this week against Norwich, even big Sam would be pleased with that.

Fulham: HOT: Sidwell played so well, including a goal and was rewarded with 10 points.
COLD: No cold players for Fulham this week after a nice win against West Brom.

Tottenham: HOT: Bale that welsh bastard burned quite a few people this week after a lot of them traded him after his consecutive 1’s and 2’s, but I still had him so thaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks gareth.
COLD: Everybody did their part against Reading and all played decent games.

Newcastle: HOT: Demba Ba, played very well even if he only played for a half he scored twice and a big 12 points.
COLD: Ben Arfa should’ve had more points that game missing two easy opportunities on goal.

Stoke: HOT: Crouch on a bit of a hard streak after scoring 9 this week, and 12 last week, if he keeps this form up he won’t be a bad pick up.
COLD: The whole team other than Crouch

Aston Villa: HOT: Lowton was huge this week with a massive 14 points, after scoring a big goal, and securing the clean sheet.
COLD: No real worthy cold contenders this week for the Villains. 

Wigan: HOT: Al-Habsi was quite good after saving the penalty by Hernandez, but still conceded 4 goals which isn’t good for his score.
COLD: Whole team other than the keeper (Al-Habsi)

Sunderland: HOT: Fletcher is a proven scorer, and if he keeps getting games he will be a star in FPL, backing up his 13 last week with a nice 9 this week.
COLD: Sessegnon has been cold all year, with his highest score being a 3, lift your game Sess

Norwich: HOT & COLD: After a stale-mate with West Ham all the canary defenders and goalkeeper scored a solid 6 points each. No-one standing out but nobody was bad so everyone is hot and cold in a way.

Liverpool: HOT: After scoring against Sunderland Suarez is the only hot player for the reds this week.
COLD: The whole team, and this is going to upset a lot of people but they have got to the worst excuse of a EPL ‘powerhouse’ and are no more deserving of their ‘Big 4’ the big 4 in my opinion is now the first four on the table this year. Also love to see them get relegated this year to see how many people will walk alone. 

QPR: HOT: Cesar played well in his first EPL match for QPR tallying 8 points, and at the price of 5.0 he looks tasty.
COLD: No real cold players, due to the 0-0 draw but the strikers could’ve done better to convert. 

Reading: HOT: Robson-Kanu did well to score only after being on the ground for 8 minutes, great work there with a big 6, after 8 minutes.
COLD: All the other players at the club, but a lot can’t be expected from a promoted club.

Southampton: HOT: Puncheon did well this week with a nice assist to take his round score to 5.
COLD: The rest of the team, but same with Reading, can’t expect to much.

Anyone guys this is the HOT AND COLD this week, put a comment down there if you agree, or disagree, will be back next week.. also Liverpool and QPR get better guys, and give a follow to @FPLAddicts on twitter for all your FPL needs and me @JimbobFiore for all my updates, ask me anything about FPL!


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  1. 7ator

    Liverpool not deserving of their ‘Big 4’ title, fair point. Wanting them to get relegated, thats going a bit far. So much jealousy towards Liverpool on this site. Liverpool has been a major contributor to make EPL what it is today

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