What have we learnt – round 4

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Another week goes by, another set of quick fire things that we learnt… lets get to it!


Big Sam doesn’t care how crap it looks, if he can stop the other team from scoring… he will. Everything for him this season will be based around a strong defence… and hoofing the ball long to Carroll (when back)

Get a cheap West Ham defender!

Norwich are a good championship team

Norwich will be there next season

Arsenal are impressive in attack again (albiet against a rabble), get on them when they play poor sides!

It still remains to be seen if Cazorla is or isn’t an assist the assister type of player but he loves to pick a pass.

Southampton scored 3 goals, just a pity 2 were in the wrong net

After a bright start to the year Southampton are now poised for a year long grind in the top flight.

Arsene Wenger has his smirk back; one look in the Emirates trophy cabinet should fix that.

Villa showed that harassing the Swans can disrupt their passing game

Michu is a laconic type, when on they look great, when not on they look like lazy squibs.

Berbatov is another, but he was on!

Berbatov loves a new club, he always dominates until something makes him sulk and he goes back to brooding on the bench… Grab the points while you can!

Belguim have a large group of star players in the EPL now… (Mignolet – De Laet – Kompany – Vermaelen – Vertonghen – Dembele – Felliani – Hazard  –  Benteke – Lukaku nearly enough for a team in formation right there……)  but why is their national team so rubbish?

Fulham continue to be like a pair of old moccasins; great at home, lousy away.

I don’t know what’s trickier, Kacaniklics feet, trying to spell his name, or deciding when to play him on the ground.

If I have another double figure haul on the bench from Kacaniklic ill spew!

Actually I’ve had 20+ on my bench 3 times in 4 rounds so far. Nuff said.

Someone needs to tell Odemwingie what my mum used to tell me, only horses kick!

Ben Foster is a great keeper; he would be number one at Man U now…. Considering De Gea’s shaky tenure.

Sir Alex Ferguson cannot be trusted before midweek European games.

Hernandez is wasted on the bench.

My breakfast cook is the only better poacher than Chicarito and Fletcher.

After 7 tries and 24 conceded goals its official, Wigan can’t win at Old Trafford.

RVP was most captained player in FPL this week….

RVP played 20 minutes for a grand total of 1 point.

Buttner looks the goods but has massive rotation risk

Anton Ferdinand must be the only Black man in the world that doesn’t like to shake hands…. Wouldn’t even shake a brother’s hand in Cole with a series of shakes, taps, hits and chest bumps.

(no racism intended)

Park has zero place entering in this feud.

I’ll never get tired of hearing Chelsea referred to as European Champions

Ryan Nelson obviously played rugby as a boy in New Zealand; he laid the perfect tackle on Terry, so well that the ref didn’t even pay a penalty.

Chelsea hate going to Loftus Road… say what you want about professionalism, nothing can erase old school local derby games.

Hazard probably won a penalty for the fourth game running but the ref didn’t see it as such.

Crouch is just a frustrated beanpole basketballer and according to Mancini slam dunked Stokes goal into the net to prove his point.

City are firing on only a few cylinders, they don’t look like EPL champions as it stands.

Once must have Captain Tevez is now once again a rotation risk.

Tony Pulis loves to rile rival big spending managers with his tactics… he is like an EPL Robin hood.

AVB is a liar…. If he reckons he didn’t feel any pressure at all he is either inhuman or mentally daft.

Pat yourselves on the back, Bale only scored because of the thousands of FPL players who traded him out.

Nobody knows how or why Defoe is keeping Adebeyor out of the side but he keeps sneaking those goals. … hmm maybe that’s the reason!

Newcastle are resolute.

Gervhino should score way more headed goals off the huge forehead, its an advantage he dosent use.

Thats about the extent of the things i learnt this week.. how about you, anything to add?



3 comments on “What have we learnt – round 4

  1. teeteedt

    Good read Adza, some funny observations there.

    I’m learning that making transfers in FPL is waaay more addictive that making trades in DT… Must stop taking hits!!

  2. MattyZach

    What I’ve learned this week? Don’t read this article at work, because people give you funny looks when you laugh at the computer screen.

    • mattcraigdt

      Belgium are just like England internationally, not sure the EPL rivals the liga bbva. All the best transfers have originated from there also (cazorla, michu, silva, garcia, hernandez, mata etc.)

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