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Finding it really difficult to find a safe captain this week, every player has something going against him, whether it be an away fixture, a tough fixture,  an injury doubt, a rotation risk or just streaky form. So it may be a chance this week to take a punt on a non-mainstream captaincy option. So I guess I’ll lay out the options for you and you can decide how risky you want to take it!

Starting with the early game Swansea take on Everton, two teams that have been up so far this year. It’s hard to know how this one will go, Everton will try to keep it tight and Swansea will continue to pass their way to victory. Depending on which way you think this battle will end up will give you your captaincy options. Michu could be the man if Swansea prospers with Baines and Pienaar again the options at the other end. Chelsea takes on Stoke at the bridge. You can imagine this game being a tight struggle with Stoke playing everyone back. They are less good at this away from home so I’d reckon Chelsea can find a way eventually, Hazard again the man here with Lampard being the beneficiary should they be penalties! As a side note Lampard may not play the whole game after a European mid-week so I’ll leave Hazard as the man here.

Southampton takes on Villa in what should be an open flowing game, I wouldn’t for a second be thinking about any defenders as captain. Lambert is the obvious option for Southampton while I’m still not taken by any of Villas assets at this stage. West Brom takes on Reading at home in a match I’d think West Brom can win easily but nobody really jumps out at me as a captains option. Long has been good but you couldn’t really have him. The ballsy amongst us may go for an attacking defender like Ridgewell to try and gain from both ends.

West Ham takes on Sunderland in a game that screams 0-0 for me, if you want to take a punt on a defender good luck but for me, it’s on to the next game. Wigan takes on Fulham in a true case of form over fixtures. Would you take a red hot Berbatov even though Fulham are horrible away? Berbs always starts well at new clubs… this is an option that is definitely viable… But Fulham’s away form is a real concern. Up to you! Liverpool takes on Man U in another toughie to pick. Liverpool always rises for this game, they have been horrible so far, fragile defensively and take on an in form side in Man U…. RVP has proven himself to be a big match performer….so hmm what do we do? Will Liverpool play out of their skin against the old foe? Or will RVP bring out the big match temperament? I’ll leave it up to you to decide.

Newcastle take on Norwich in a game with a few options. I’d see the toon tucking a couple away here with Ba and Ben Arfa being good options. Man City takes on Arsenal in another wasted fixture captaincy wise. City have been poor defensively so you’d imagine Arsenal could sneak at least a goal while City are too good not to score also. I see this as a cagey affair with no real stand out options. Tevez, Podolski and Cazorla if you must! We round it out with another good captaincy game. If you still have any spurs left they would be a good option at the land against QPR. If they are really back in form Bale could be a good shout and I’d reckon Adebeyor may actually play the home fixture and would be a risky but high paying option.

So as you can see, a lot of tough choices to be made captain wise. Do you take a risk or go for a tried and true option? Everyone comes with a flaw of some kind.
So here is the top 5!

4-Ben Arfa

RVP is too good a player not to score, he is fixture proof. If you are spending 13 million+ on a player you may as well get the most out of him, the slight doubt is the tough away fixture but if this guy can score in Nth London derby’s he can score in this fixture, he loves the big stage.  Hazard has barely put a foot wrong so far this year, by rights he probably should have continued this last week In a match where he had a strong penalty shout and missed a gaping goal late. It will be a tough grind for Chelsea but you would imagine they can get something at home with Hazard in the points. The stuttering fortunes of Tottenham are the only reason you wouldn’t pick Bale this week but there were signs of a turnaround last week. They play an obliging defence at home and Bale could be your man this week, I know he has burnt a few early so you would need big plums to take him on. Ben Arfa also takes on a struggling side at home, he is an all action performer and more importantly is a greedy player who loves dribbling and taking shots. He could work out well for you this week as a POD captain. Rounding out the top five is Dimitar Berbatov. He was at his smooth best last week stroking the ball into the goals like Mark Waugh playing off the pads. It is a risk with Fulham’s poor away from but they are playing a side that has been mediocre so far so it’s possible he can make trouble for the 3 lumbering Wigan central defenders.

So that’s about it, as I said I can’t really have much conviction this week so I’m going for the tried and true captain choice of RVP, how about you? Anyone I’ve missed?

Who will be your captain?

16 comments on “Captains – Rd 5

  1. mad romeys

    Nit related, but help woyld be appreciated, looking for another bench player cos fabio went diwn last week and is gone for a bit.

    I have 1.6m left and I am really looking at two options. They are: Ridgewell OR Demel.
    Demel has the easier fixtures over the next five GW’s, but ridgewell has the better attacking ability.
    Help much appreciated thanks!!

    • Bayswater Toffee's gaffer

      I got Demel in this week for Clyne purely for the longer spell of easy fixtures. Flip dat coin!

  2. The Plagiarist

    Every week I vote for a risky, point of difference Captain in the poll thinking Im a fantasy genius, then lose my nerve at the last minute before lockout and switch back to Hazard or Tevez.

    Voted for Ben Arfa this week but won’t have the nuts to leave the “c” on him. Will end up being Hazard.

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