round 5 lock out chat

Nearly lock out time, do your in round gloating, complaining and analysis in here

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41 comments on “round 5 lock out chat

  1. Dan says:

    Teams for early game:

    Everton: Howard, Neville, Baines, Heitinga, Jagielka, Osman, Fellaini, Pienaar, Mirallas, Anichebe, Coleman

    Swansea; Vorm, Rangel, Williams, Tate, Davies, de Guzman, Ki, Michu, Hernandez, Graham, Routledge

  2. Fitzy says:

    Who should I put Captain? Tevez, Torres, Lampard, Michu??? Any advice please!

  3. james says:

    already 3 saves for vorm

  4. Liam says:

    how on earth did rangel not score?!

  5. Dan says:

    Pienaar assist???

  6. james says:

    fucking joke, vorm’s six saves only thing keeping me sane

  7. Dan says:

    yeh thought that might be the case…bugger. Really is a game of inches!!

  8. Factor x says:

    shit… I got dyer first bench and williams second… please play everyone!!!!

  9. Hplate says:

    Fellaini is battling Suarez for the Most Wasted Shots at Goal award. Can’t believe he hasn’t scored yet.

  10. Factor x says:

    dyer and williams will also most likely be transferred out of my team…

  11. DALE says:


  12. Factor x says:

    YEAH BAINES!!!!!

  13. Michael says:

    Jussi is officially dead to me…..3 clean sheets on my bench and the 2 games I play him he concedes

  14. El_Nano says:

    I knew I should’ve captained Lambert. Why must I always chicken out at the last minute and pick a “big” name.

  15. Factor x says:


  16. MattyZee says:

    I was cheering when I heard Jaaskelainen got a yellow card… But then I realised I didn’t click ‘confirm team’ after switching him and Vorm around this week. GRRRRRRRR! 2 easy points missed.

    Williams is also dead to me. He is out of here!

  17. Shaun Curnow says:

    Currently 60 with Yaya, Ba & Tevez to play! I benched Dyer this week which was great idea, and will be trading his sorry arse this week i reckon. Im spewing as im 0.1 short of getting Bale! I only have myself to blame as i waited fraction to long to do Petric-Berbatov last week and cost me 0.1 😦

    Best midfielder 9.2 and under?

  18. bustafleX says:

    Who is the safest Everton striker to bring in long term? I can afford all 3 (Jelavic, Anichebe, Mirallas)

  19. Sammy says:

    Howard, Baine and Maroune – all my Everton players did great
    Michu and Rangel – my Swansea players SCREWED ME
    Had Berba as Capt. got me 10 points, half decent
    Mata and Hazard not bad

  20. Louie K says:

    Shocking round so far. Not one player has fired. Double trade this week. Graham and Zabaleta have to go. Looking at Fletcher and a Newscastle defender. Maybe Taylor.

  21. harley says:

    Vorm (Begovic)
    Baines Hangeland Walker Rangel (McCartney)
    Ben Arfa Hazard Michu Pienear Morrison
    Lambert (Petric, Jelavic)
    Thinking of trading Petric to either tevez, aguero or berbatov. Or trading jelavic to vp? Thoughts?

  22. Dan says:

    far out…Vermaelen out and Tevez on bench!! Started the season badly, but been a disaster since wildcarding 2 weeks ago lol

    and now Capt VP gets a yellow ffs

  23. adzman78 says:

    hard to hold tevez nowe… shame, look at thier run!

  24. Zeus says:

    Do you reckon get rid of Tevez?

  25. Factor x says:

    does anyone think its worth getting rid of michu or tevez or do you think they’ll come good? I kind of need to get rid of one to get in bale.

  26. Factor x says:

    alright… those guys are safe.
    transfers are:

  27. Factor x says:

    oh yeah and I finally had a captain that did something…. BEN ARFA!!!! 😀

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