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Seags is away celebrating his 21st, nursing a hangover in a Melbourne hotel without WiFi (they exist)

The review will be a little late this week, till then tell us your score, star, softcock and any other Gloat/Winge!

Score- 56
Star- Baines…worth every cent!
Softcock- Tevez…. Grr rotation
Gloat/Winge- second week in a row I’ve lost clean sheets in the 90th minute…sucks! I think Swansea are shot in def, out rangel, in someone else!

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  1. JimbobFiore Post Author

    score- 62 (beat adz)
    star- ben arfa, baines clyne as my emergency for vermaelen
    softcock- michu, had so many opportunities to win
    gloat- ranked 29,724 in the world, 1177 in aus, and 1300 for chelsea fans

  2. MattyZach

    Score: 49
    Star: Cazorla (captain), Lambert
    Softcock: Michu, Tevez, Williams, Jaask.. 1 or 0 points is killing me!
    Whinge: Forgot to click “confirm” after switching Vorm with Jaask, costing 2 points. Grr! Time to trade out Williams and possibly Torres/Yaya Toure. Not sure what I’ll do though!

  3. Factor x

    Score- 68
    Star- Baines… worth every cent ;), ben arfa (c), LAMBERT!!!!! WOOOO!!!!!!!, foster
    Softcock- Tevez…. Grr rotation ;), dyer, michu, torres…….
    Gloat/Winge- 3 transfers comin in this week:
    should head me in the right direction. overall happy with things bar a few players. lucky I had a total score of zero on the bench… and no one not playing on field! phew.. dodged a bullet there!!!! (dyer, williams, jenkinson)

  4. Mark

    Score: 54
    Star: Baines, Santi, Ben Aaarfa, Berbatov
    Softcock: Hazard (c), Tevez, Torres, Jaask
    Whinge: Torres (what to do?), didn’t bring in Kolscielny

  5. Dan

    Score: 42
    Star: New recruit Berbatov!
    Softcock: Vermaelen…who misses with a cold, pussy….hon mention to Tevez, Michu and Hazard.
    Winge: scores of 36 and 42 since wildcarding 2 weeks ago..ouch!!

  6. Daniel

    Score- 74
    Star- Baines, A.Cole
    Softcock- Hazard
    Gloat/Winge- Ever since swapping Mata for Hazard the points have dried up

  7. mad romeys

    Score- 31 (my scores are slowly declining and so is my ranking)
    Stars- Berbatov & pienaar (after his late addition of points)
    Softcock- Everyone bar the two players mentioned above.
    Special mention to clark who filled in for vermaelen with a solid score of -2. Can not get much better really.
    Gloat/Winge- many players are under perfirming but holding off the wild card, can transfer through it.
    This week:
    Zabaleta – Gibbs
    Tevez/Torres – Fletcher
    Hangeland – baines.

  8. toasted1961

    Score- 76
    Star- Baines, Santi, RVP (c) and Lambert
    Softcock- Michu
    Gloat/Winge- Number 16 in Australia. All down hill from here.
    Thinking of trading Michu to Ben Afra by tomorrow.

  9. DALE

    my score this week was 68, my star was fellaini, baines, brang in lukaku this week he did ok. my overall rank is 19,350, before sundays games i was 7,000. my bench is full with 3 swansea players, time to trade them >> williams / graham / taylor.

  10. Sam.D

    Score- 66
    Star- Baines, Rafael, Carzola and Ben Arfa(C)
    Softcock- Tevez, Nasri
    Gloat/Winge- Shot up from 9th to 1st in one week. Soooo Happehh 🙂

  11. The Plagiarist

    Score- a paltry 48 (Even Adzman beat me this week! Like losing at home to Norwich.)

    Star-Clyne (not a bad return for a 4.0 defender)

    Softcock-Torres, early season promise evaporating

    Gloat-Put Clyne on the field at the last minute, purely in the hope of an attacking return.

    Whinge- An attacking trio worth 29M returns…….5 points.

  12. The Plagiarist

    And fair dinkum Seags, how long does it take to celebrate your twenty-first. The Queen’s Jubilee didn’t go on for this long!

  13. Lenh191

    Score- 55
    Star- Baines, had the C on him and loved it
    Softcock- Tevez…. Ditto the rotation frustration
    Gloat/Winge- Torres, lessons given in hoe to be crap of late – Dropping him for RVP this week.

  14. mad romeys

    In a little bit of a pickle, any help would be appreciated!!
    I can’t decide whether to trade hangeland to baines or vermaelen to baines.
    Because vermaelen picked up an injury and you know what reports are like: 1 week = 1 month.

    • Brian Hwang (@BriannnnHwannng)

      i would trade vermaelen for koscielny or gibbs. verm is yet to do anything this year, all his points come from clean sheets and maybe a few bonus points. for his price of 7.1, i would bring in one of the two because they wil practically get the same points for cheaper price because they will get clean sheets whenever verm gets one. however, vermaelen could come out one day and score a goal, so…

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