What have we learnt – round 5

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Bit quiet around here this week! Matty has exams Jimbob is in FIFA hibernation and Seags is away drunk for his 21st…. wont stop us from seeing what we have learnt though!


Jonjo Shelvey took being from the red half of Liverpool just a touch too far…. Although one might say if he had have stayed on the ground like Evans he may not have copped the red card.

Fergie is a one eyed coot, if he thinks Evans went for the ball and Shelvey didn’t.

Suarez needs 3 legs, 2 don’t seem able to keep him upright very often

Fergie’s mental powers must be getting stronger as he gets older, he is now able to scam soft penalties away from home as well as at Old Trafford

Liverpool are actually playing decent football, they just need to get the ball in the net.

I’m thinking of making the perfect footballer. He will have Felliani’s hair, Gervhino’s forehead, Lescott’s scar, Bosingwa’s eyebrow, Cisse’s beard and Tevez’s neck. He may win some football games but not a lot of beauty pageants.

Man Citys forward rotation may well give us the most headaches this year.

City are playing like the city of 2 years ago.

Wenger wore the jacket.

Torres isn’t back.

Tony Pulis has no business complaining about tough tackles, his mob have been making a living off them for 3 years.

In Mata, Oscar and Hazard Chelsea have some wicked attacking midfield options but they play far too narrow. Wingers or a 3-5-2 with advanced wing backs are needed!

Most people worry about the African cup of nations when picking a player, well worry about the winter Olympics in Michu’s case, he’s a big downhill skier.

He is worth persisting with though, he’s always around the spot when there is a goal to be scored.

Dyer’s 10 minutes on the pitch was dyer.

Everton have started the season on fire… this may be the bizarre world.

West Brom are tight as a drum.

Sunderland won 1-0, they had one shot on target.

Sunderland and Stoke have 4 draws this season, they must play uno

The ref in the Wigan v Fulham game went down quicker than Suarez would.

Berbatov is so laconic but man he is like silk to watch at the moment!

Lambert has never missed a penalty for Southampton, he is 26 for 26, but that’s nothing compared to Balotelli, he has never missed a competitive penalty in his whole career!

Demba Ba looks like a turtle.

Form is a fickle thing, last year P.Cisse couldn’t miss, he scored against Chelsea from the hardest of spots, this year he can’t even score from the 10 yard spot when the players fought to give him the ball.

Ben Arfa is a freak right now, such a joy to watch.

Norwich have scored twice all year, sounds like one of the boys from big bang theory.

I forgot Bale was a left back.

I still don’t trust Spurs, they are scratching around like an old budgie in its cage.

That’s about all I have learnt this week, how about you guys, learn anything new?
Stick around, the site will be back to normal soon, just getting through a slow week with out some of the boys!  Keep your eyes peeled for trade talk this arv, the regular captains article tomorrow, team news and preview on Friday and seags selection on saturday plus a few other extras thrown in,

6 comments on “What have we learnt – round 5

  1. teeteedt

    On the heels of your City forward rotation theme, I’ve learnt that one heavy hitter (RVP/Tevez/Kun) plus two mid-pricers (Berba/Defoe/Fletcher/Lambert/Ba) may be the way to go, especially with UCL matches in the mix…

  2. The Plagiarist

    Agree with all that Adz. Shelvey just needed to roll around like his leg was broken. They both went in two footed but only one card!!! On City’s rotation, Tevez started this morning which is a concern. And Chelsea’s side was surprisingly strong. Arsenal will show you how to approach the League cup tomorrow by fielding the U17 girls side.

  3. mad romeys

    I learnt that my 3 year old brother is better toilet trained and more popular than a 14 year old kid in my school who got put down a year cos he was too dumb for year nine!!

  4. dan

    1. Mark Halsey graduated from Howard Webb’s school of refereeing with a high distinction
    2. Gary Neville is the best football pundit around atm – he hates Liverpool but even he agreed Shelvey shouldn’t have seen red.
    3. Not so much what I learnt but ANOTHER reminder that – Arsene knows. (I had no confidence at all in Aaron Ramsey when I saw the team sheet V Man C)
    4. Theo Walcott is delusional – who does he think he is? The manager plays you where he thinks you’re most suited.
    5. Gael Clichy has no excuse his horrendous hair cut
    6. Carl Jenkinson is quality

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