News Wrap – GW5

Just a quick wrap up this week as we close in on deadline, Grand Final day kept me busy! Let’s get straight into it…


  • An injury to left back Kelly will give a chance to Enrique to form a solid starting role in the Liverpool side into the near future. That’s if your willing to invest in Liverpool’s shaky defence.
  • Jelavic looks like he has returned to full fitness in time for Everton’s home game against Southampton. While he got some game time mid-week with the emergence of Mirallas upfront I’m not totally clear as to who will start, if not both. Keep an eye out.
  • Rooney returned to the Manchester United first team midweek and while you can expect Vanners to start this week against spurs, his starting spot may start to come under threat as rotation rears its ugly head. The Tevez/Van Persie combo upfront is looking weaker by the gameweek.
  • Colocinni returned to the Newcastle starting line-up midweek and will bring some solidarity to their back 4, expect further clean sheets as their fixtures clear up.
  • Agger has sustained a serious knee injury and is expected to miss up to 8 weeks. Liverpool’s defence has looked weak at best this season so don’t expect things to turn around anytime soon.
  • Both Wilshere and Sagna have returned to full time training and will be closing in on first team selection after the international break, if not prior.
  • While Tevez hasn’t sustained an injury he did play 120 minutes midweek. With Aguero and Dzeko the freshest of the City strikers expect them both to play a large part at Fulham. Tevez is very subject to rotation risks now and with him seemingly preferred for cup fixtures, we could be on the look out for replacements next week.
  • Nasri has seemingly recovered from the slight hammy tear sustained against Real Madrid and looks set to play a part this week, if not next. Will provide a POD for those brave enough to keep him, me not included.
  • Berbatov. The big news late this week that Berba looks set to miss the next couple puts him out until post international break! Just another reminder of why it is better to hold your trades until later on in the week, it will be a costly move for a lot of managers. At 31 he could be subject to injuries like this so beware, however if you brought him in I would hold.


  • Sahin scored a brace in Liverpool’s midweek fixture and looks to be settling into the Merseyside well. Could provide a good cheap mid option if you are on the look out, watch his form this week against Norwich.
  • Arsenal are almost the number one form team at the moment, banging home another 6 midweek in the Carling cup. While most of their attacking prowess was on the pine it still sends yet another threatening sign to the ret of the title challengers. Their assets will come to fruition over the next few weeks as fixtures clear up, starting with a home game against Chelsea. The london derby provides Cazorla a great platform to a big score.
  • Chelsea looked out of sorts upfront but returned to form midweek against Wolves, slamming home six. A tough trip to Arsenal is followed up by a home game against Norwich, Hazard may just return to form.
  • Mata provided 2 of the goals midweek and scored one himself, hopefully signalling a return to both form and fitness. Keep an eye out here.
  • Manchester City are my final team to have a look at, and not positively. They are struggling big time at the back conceding another 4 midweek against Villa, resulting in them tumbling out in grand style. They are not convincing many people at the moment and their defensive assets have plunged. Be wary of their defence but while the goals are still flowing, hold their attackers. Aguero could come to the forefront in the next few games…

Well that’s it for this week, hope it all helps! Good luck with your transfers prior to deadline and I hope you all have a fantastic week!





41 comments on “News Wrap – GW5

  1. Joe says:

    I managed to avoid the kneejerk to trade out Tevez for Berbatov this week which would have cost 4 points, I think I have learnt from my kneejerk trades from Dreamteam!

  2. Factor x says:

    ahhh!!! tevez s starting!!!! f*** that!!!!

  3. Factor x says:

    yeah… bloody torres as well….. only scores whn hes not in my team….

  4. Joe says:

    Bugger, have Tevez on the bench and traded out Torres this week, hopefully Fletcher has a decent game. Maybe I didn’t learn not to knee jerk after all…

    • mad romeys says:

      torres is an scum bag the week I traed him out he scores more than the last three weeks, fletcher better be good!!
      Would kacaniklic automatically come on for berbatov after the GW?? (I have all three forwards on the field)

  5. Factor x says:

    no one goods getting points from everton….

  6. Factor x says:

    I’m already sensing a VERY bad week for me….

  7. adzman78 says:

    Brought in suarez for tevez this week….he has ALL my points.

  8. mad romeys says:

    Only on 20pts after two people scoring above 2, baines (captain-2×2) and fletcher and a -8 point hit.
    What is happening to ny DT!!!!!???!!!?!??

  9. Factor x says:

    my two inclusions bale and fletcher were my only lifesavers….

  10. Factor x says:

    were the hell was baines, pienaar and a lesser extent felliani last night????

  11. Factor x says:

    so do we get rid of tevez for agureo still even though he played 65 mins of the game?

  12. MattyZee says:

    23 from 9 players. Had Cazorla as captain, and only player to get over 2 is Fletcher, whom I traded in for Torres. Not a good week!
    All I can hope for is clean sheets from West Ham and West Brom. My week might be resurrected a fraction then.

  13. The Plagiarist says:

    If you had Suarez you had a good score. If you didn’t you went rubbish. That’s how it is in all my leagues.

  14. Factor x says:

    how long do we hold michu?

  15. Factor x says:

    wow I’m a trade addict in this game….l
    -4 point hit

  16. kingcolesy says:

    I have bale with 13 holding the team together

  17. Factor x says:

    but I’m pretty proud of my team!
    def: baines, ivanovic, koscielny (jenkinson, demel)
    mid: bale, hazard, felliani, pieenar (ben arfa)
    fwd: agureo, fletcher, lambert
    preety awesome I think! I don’t know who to play on the bench!!

  18. mad romeys says:

    I am waiting one more week for michu, cos he plays reading and if he doesnt perform he us gone:(

  19. harley says:

    had suarez (c) brought him in this week for petric and also jelavic with morrison to go I’m on 65

  20. Factor x says:

    like tbetta did that week this week can be very simply evaluated…
    did you have suarez? (and as captain) yes> very good week for you
    no> did you have at least one of bale, torres, ba or crouch? yes> good/average
    no> terrible week

  21. mattcraigdt says:

    Ridiculous trading already lol 😛 Michu will be in my transfer talk article, I reckon keep for a bit and Adz, your a genious!

  22. Louie K says:

    Since I traded out Bale he has scored in three consecutive matches for a tally of 31 points. His replacement Michu has netted me 5 points….

  23. Michael says:

    Gareth Bale u flog…..but I know once I bring him back he’ll start spudding up again.

  24. Jords says:

    my epl fantasy isnt working on my laptop. How many points did fletcher get?

  25. Bayswater Toffee's gaffer says:

    So 44 total, its above the average and I’m creeping up the ladder in all my comps so I’m happy. Baines, Bega, Fletch and Miralles helped… Pulled the trigger and used the small bank I had left to get in Crouch before he went up in price for Lambert. Had Gaston Ramirez!

    On the bench.

  26. mad romeys says:

    I am in love with clark right now. Whi knew that an Aston Villa defender could be one of my saviours?? I now get his six points and that takes me up to 31 and then hopefully I can get another 6 frim jussi which will get me 41!!!
    Clark is now in my starting XI

    • Hplate says:

      I’ve got him also and he’s frustrating as hell. He’s been as unpredictable as anyone so far. His scores are either very good for a defender (5+) or absolute shite. Two negative scores out of 5 GWs???

      Of course I’ve had him on the field for his negative scores and benched him for his good ones. At least you look as if you’re predicting his good games!

  27. Dan says:

    On just 34 (42-8) with Demel to come, Traded early again this week and got rid of Guthrie for Duff. Loving Fulham’s upcoming fixtures and he looks to be a bit of a differential from the teams in my leagues with most still having Berba instead (who i kneejerked him out last week for Lambert lol)

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