Transfer Talk – GW6

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Time to bring you this week’s transfer wrap, identifying the big winners and losers from the past week. Let’s get into it!


  • Bale (9.3) – It was always going to happen, the second we all knee-jerked him out he comes good with 31 points in 3 weeks. While it takes a lot of balls to bring him back in the signs are almost impossible to ignore, especially now that Spurs seem to be hitting their straps. Still 2 easy home games to come gives Bale a great opportunity to continue his form and history says when he hits form he goes huge, don’t miss out. Still a fantastic option.
  • Mata (8.8) – I’m all over this boy at the moment, he is an absolute bargain! While he was out of fitness early on in the season he is hitting his straps now and reminding us just why he was the third top scorer last season. Brilliant option and one I whole-heartedly back, although Europe ties this week may tell a point or two as to his rotation risk.
  • Ba (8.1) – While I back in my decision to just watchlist Ba over the last few weeks I feel now he is just screaming at me, and I have to admit he is too good to ignore. Cisse looks to be way out of form and as Pardew has moved back to a 4-4-2 Ba and Newcastle have looked far more dangerous. I have personally brought him in this week and if you can fit him in now may be the time to jump on board.
  • Sahin (6.7) – When I saw this I was taken aback, not realising that Sahin had actually snared 15 points this week! While I am still not convinced with Liverpool if they hit their straps this guy could become an absolute bargain as a mid-pricer, it really depends on the form of one Luis Suarez.
  • Suarez (9.4) – Speak of the devil, he finally showed his potential with a 3 goal and assist performance, his shot tally was only waiting to be converted. While he showed a lot this week it could be back to the same Suarez of old next week so don’t knee-jerk just yet, he is still a massive risk.
  • Crouch (6.6) – While he never gains the plaudits of some other strikers Crouch seems to sneak under the radar and has done so again this season, bagging  a brace last week. While I still rate Fletcher ahead of him as far as mid-price forwards go, he is a great POD and could make the difference to your team, especially if he can free up some funds elsewhere. Solid option.
  • Aguero (11.0) – While Tevez’s stocks have plummeted Aguero is sneaking back into consideration, bagging his first this season last weekend. I back what I was saying about him pre-season and could be massive, especially once City finally finds their groove, it’s only a matter of time. Great option and if you can pull it off bring him in!


  • Assou-Ekotto (6.3) – With the success of playing Vertonghen at left back, while Bale also proved his worth there Ekotto may come under threat even once he returns to the first team. Probably better options out there, Walker being one of them.
  • Michu (7.3) – Well after such a blistering start Michu has got a wakeup call to life in the EPL. The deciding factor is how he will bounce back from this, 2 home games against Reading and Wigan spell his last chances for me.
  • Toure (8.3) – As you know I always had my concerns with Toure and finally they are starting to show. He is an impact player, and while this will get you points some weeks he will never be consistent as he isn’t involved with much attacking play, unlike a Silva.
  • Hazard (10.3) – Cracks are starting to appear in Hazard’s armour, in particular the reappearance of Mata. While he may not be as consistent as some he can be so damaging when on song that I feel it is only a matter of time before he explodes again, he is too good not to. I am backing him in, the final decision is up to you.
  • Tevez (9.8) – Another early firer that is running out of steam. The fact that has finally pushed me to sell him is that he has played every midweek cup match so far, hinting to me that he will play a lesser part in the EPL than Aguero and Dzeko, Balotelli gives me similar fears. In my opinion the time is ripe to trade.
  • Berbatov (7.2) – The excitement of his first 2 games is over, thudding back to earth with the news of a 2 week injury. At the age of 31 Berba was always going to be susceptible and while I think you should hold him if you brought him in, don’t go rushing to have him in your side just yet.
  • Van Persie (13.5) – At this price you should score no matter where you’re playing or who you’re playing, as was the case last year for Vanners. At United things are less certain, and with Rooney coming into the fray I can’t justify his price tag in any possible way.


  • Michu – Most of my knee-jerks come from the losers this week. Swansea have two home games which spells Michu’s last chances for me, Reading and Wigan should surely leak goals at the Liberty Stadium. Don’t trade yet!
  • Hazard – While he is slowing down after such a ferocious start, a home game against Norwich provides him the perfect chance to bounce back. Same story, don’t knee-jerk just yet!
  • Yaya Toure – One which I will back if it’s to Mata, otherwise I believe it should wait for City’s home game against Sunderland to pass. It gives him an opportunity to get forward and score some points while taking a -4 point hit this week seems unreasonable.
  • Berbatov – If you held off him congrats, stay off him for now. If you traded him in however he will still score well so hold for the next week and let him rest over the international break, he should be back to his best against Villa at home.
  • Van Persie (13.5) – Massive call for a lot of managers this week. With Rooney back in the frame and United struggling for form, there is one deciding factor for me. If Vanners starts midweek in the champion’s league then ditch him, if not then hold for this week. Newcastle vs Man U with have plenty of goals in it and I can see RVP getting amongst them if he is involved.

Well that just about wraps it up for this week. Expect to see the news wrap up on Friday, post times will vary for the next week or so, apologies! Good luck with all your transfers this week and hope they pay off!



11 comments on “Transfer Talk – GW6

    • MattyZee

      I had 4 too. Now 3 since I’ve ditched Tevez. I don’t think it’s panic stations yet. A few of them have soft fixtures coming to redeem themselves a fraction.

  1. Hplate

    AVB will smite Bale/spurs down yet, just you wait!!

    Seriously though Spurs are looking alright, they have played fairly crap opposition though (Reading, QPR, the laziest half of football Man.U have ever played). Their game against Chelsea in a few weeks is gonna be interesting.

    Bale or Silva? Silva is 9.6 and looks like he’s rounding into better form. Also City looks like their schedule might be a bit better in general than Tottenhams.

  2. George

    Are any of you guys doing an A-League fantasy team or league this season? I’ve seen competitions on the A-League website, Virtual Sports and Fox Sports websites?

    • Dan

      Im doing the Foxsports one as it seems to have the most similarities to FPL, be keen to start/join a league with anyone else on here doing it too.

  3. Dan

    Hadn’t even looked at trading RVP myself before reading the article, just a safe captain option and while he hasnt really gone ballistic, he’s been fairly reliable every week bar the one so far. Watching the Spurs game, they looked a million times better with he and Rooney on the park in the 2nd half, surely Fergie has to start both. Having said that if he does plays a full game midweek it doesn’t look too good for the Newcastle game…

  4. Hhgdfnjm

    A league fantasy
    Covic (basalj)
    Gerhadt Fabio Casio (golec, Caira)
    mooy flores rogic James brown (Chianese)
    Belisha smelts brockie

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