what have we learnt? – round 6

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Another round over.. a stinker it was. What did we learn?


AVB loves a fist pump

Fergie has some nerve, he claims the referee shouldn’t be in control of the match time because they can’t do it properly…. because 4 mins injury time didn’t give them enough time to chase the game. After all the 99th minute winners he has had over the years he needs to shut up.

Man u had exactly 38 minutes to chase a winner after the last goal.

Rio Ferdiand is so slow I think I saw the corner flag beat him in a race.

Rooney still hits a mean free kick.

David Luiz misses Drogba… so much so that he continues to hoof each ball he gets long just for the memories.

In Hazard, Oscar and Mata Chelsea have 3 players playing the same role… they all can’t score points at once.

Giroud could not score in a brothel right now.

During a loss Arsene has more wrinkles in his furrowed brow than the ball bag of a 200 year old man.

Aguero is now the only City forward we can trust to start.

Aguero thinks English players get a better run with the refs, maybe it’s because English players don’t theatrically fall over with a breath of wind?

Berbatov needs to come back…. Fast!

I’m never captaining a defender again, Ever.

Jelavic is clinical.

Southampton are great to play against for shooting practice.

But watch them on the break, they can sting you in the blink of an eye.

Ba has one of the best first touches in the game from a long ball… even when it’s not with his hand

Reading are non-descript

Alan Pardew just signed an 8 year contract…. Still hard to believe he somehow won’t be out on his arse if they have 6 losses on the trot

Swansea have gone to shit.

Michu loves a long range shot

Ben Foster is an awesome keeper

Martin O’Neill runs a tight ship, every team he has managed has been well organised. At last they finally have a win!

Fletcher is in freak poaching form.

Norwich are this year’s easy beat.

Suarez loves playing easy beats.

Suarez’s papers are stamped… he will never ever get a penalty, even if an opponent rips an arm off at the joint the ref will call play on.

Big Sam insists West ham isn’t a dirty team, he also thinks stoke are daisy sniffers.

QPR still hasn’t won a game; Mark Hughes has the job centre on speed dial.

Darren Bent has a sulk if he doesn’t start.

Regular commenter on the site the plagiarist is currently top 300 overall… he thinks I don’t give him enough kudos for his seasons efforts… will this do?

So thats about all I learnt, how about you guys … Anything to add?







8 comments on “what have we learnt? – round 6

  1. 7ator

    “Aguero thinks English players get a better run with the refs, maybe it’s because English players don’t theatrically fall over with a breath of wind?” – Ashley Young maybe?

    I captained Baines too, was not a pretty weekend

  2. Bayswater Toffee's gaffer

    I learnt that Perth Glory are playing at Subi Oval this weekend. Thankfully I learnt this today and not Sunday at 2pm.

    • Dan

      Lol yeah good old subi…the shittest ground in Australia for watching soccer…Ill be there too trying to see what’s happening 😉

      Speaking of those who fall over with a breath of wind, heard a rumour some Glory supporters have paid for a plane to fly over during the game carrying a msg to the gold medal diver who plays upfront for Brisbane. Hope its true, worth going just to see that ( will be easier to see than the game too)

      • Bayswater Toffee's gaffer

        Mate its shit for every sport that plays there! Apparently the pitch is down the city end, away from the 3 tier stand. Crazy. When that stand is cracking its as intimidating as any in the world.

        Hahaha I hope so, that would be fantastic. Either way that piece of… poo… is going to cop it.

  3. tseagrim

    I learnt FPL has an astronomical amounts of luck… I learnt this when a bloke in my league that hasn’t changed his team once this year knocked up 83 points!

  4. kingcolesy

    I learnt that when I held Bale from 9.5m to 9.3, he only needed the one 0.1m price jump to boost his SP to 9.4. Stoked.

  5. Bayswater Toffee's gaffer

    I learnt Man U are like a 13 year old boy with a Playboy. Can’t keep clean sheets.

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