Captains – Round 7

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Obviously a stinking week captaincy wise for most last week, popular picks Baines, Fellaini and Pienaar didn’t fire a shot but my sneaky pick Suarez came home with the biggest points haul of the year so far…I guess sometimes it pays to follow hunches! So what do we have this week?

Man City host Sunderland in a game that I worry about. City have the obvious attacking qualities but who plays post Europe? Not only that but Sunderland are tight as a drum right now… I actually don’t think city will score a whole lot of goals here anyway. If you do I suppose Aguero would be your man with Silva the sneaky option but I prefer other games.

Chelsea take on Norwich at the bridge… they are lining up screaming captain meeee, captain meeee; Mata, Hazard, Torres, Oscar, Ivanovic could all come off for you. Mata is the obvious form player with Torres a good option also because he is at the end of all these players good work… But who do you pick… really? Tough call. Liverpool takes on Stoke in a game where Suarez will come back to earth with a thud. Liverpool may very well win but Stoke will make it so hard for them they may only score once, no captains here for me.

Swansea takes on Reading in a game they may be able to rekindle their early season form. If Michu is a downhill skier like we suspect he should do well here, he has still been getting a load of shots on goal; it’s only a matter of time before he gets another big haul. I think this is his week; Michu is a hunch I have like Suarez was the week before. Take from that what you will. West Brom Host QPR in a game of littlie captaincy consequence, West Brom should keep a cleanie and score once or twice but is there any real captain here? Probably not.

Everton travel to Wigan… a team that doesn’t play too well at home. The toffees burnt a lot of us last week in the captaincy stakes and it would take big balls to use them again, but if you have those big ones Baines, Fellaini and Pienaar are again your men with the clinical Jelavic your other option. Everton are still on fire so it wouldn’t hurt to give it a crack.

West ham  host Arsenal; I have my doubts that Arsenal can break West Ham down here, it may even be a 0-0 although they have looked fragile at the set piece, West Ham could exploit this…with that being said I can’t find any captains options here. Southampton take on Fulham in a game I’m sure they think they can gets some points from, Fulham have been a touch better away but still not great, If Southampton win, Lambert will gets some points, he could be your man in this match. I fancy a dour draw here though. Rejuvenated Spurs takes on Villa at home, you would imagine Spurs can knock a few home here and take the points but one thing I have learnt thus far is not to trust anything when it comes to spurs! Bale is the obvious go to man so I’ll throw him in the mix.

Finally Newcastle take on a stuttering United at St James. United have been a mess at the back, Ferdinand is slow as a wet week and the rest of them have been flaky at best, you would have to have Ba as a solid captaincy choice this round in the form he is in. At the other end RVP is solid and Rooney has come back with a bang but its tough to score at Newcastle. So there’s the analysis who’s the top 5?

1-         Torres

2-         Mata

3-         Michu

4-         Ba

5-         Bale

Torres takes the number one spot. I know he has burnt a few over the recent months but with the quality of player feeding him he seems an obvious choice, he is nearly back to top form, while not scoring goals each week he is one touching and flicking the ball on a treat to the others who are scoring as well. Mata is in top from right now after another 2 goals and assist mid-week, he takes half of the corners, lots of free kicks, will be on penalties if Lampard doesn’t play and is just making loads of runs into the box at the right time. Get on while he is hot… but don’t be surprised if Hazard reverses the roles! Michu is a strong hunch I have. He has still been firing loads of shots on goal and putting himself about, he has just been lacking support. In this plum home fixture I think he can capitalise as his Swansea teammates gets their passing groove on again vs. a mediocre opponent. I’m pretty close to picking him as my man (I have a lead to chase down and need some POD)

Ba is in irresistible form right now, all he needs is 2 touches and he has 2 goals! Man U are out of touch and uncharacteristically leaky at the back, Ba could be a good punt but with some risk attached. Finally if this was last year, Bale would be number one… but times have changed, he needs to re earn our respect. Another point haul here and he will be close to reinstated as king… but until then I can’t have him any higher than this, but make no mistake, he could score big!

So that’s about it for this week’s captains, have I missed any? Who will be your captain?

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  1. The Plagiarist

    Torres for me. Your “hunch” strike rate has me considering getting Michu back in a week after ditching him. Tevez in the mix after he rested this morning?

  2. Bayswater Toffee's gaffer

    Kevin Miralles! Him and Coleman were awesome last week and Wigan’s left hand side is a bit weak. Although their right hand side is a bit weak too sooooo…

  3. tim


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