News Wrap & in round chat – GW6

After a busy week I am here to wrap up this weeks big news, both injury and form. My two cents on this weeks captain issues are at the bottom, enjoy! (If anyone needs a bucket after seeing Rooney in this pic I apologise)


  • Simpson looks likely to return this weekend against United, as does Cabaye. Could be good news for some, very important players in the make up of Newcastle’s success, especially Cabaye.
  • Taylor/Colocinniย are both serious doubts this weekend for Newcastle and while Cabaye may bring some structure to their play, a make-up back 4 may have to be implemented… RVP anyone?
  • Vertonghen, Bale, Defoe, and Dembele all started their midweek fixture in the Europa league, Dembele being substituted in the 66th. Considering the game was on Thursday they will need to rest well, with Adebayor also stepping up his training levels Defoe may find himself on the bench this week.
  • Reid is still recovering from the concussion he suffered last week and is still a doubt for this weekends home game against the Gunners. Certainly be prepared to bench if you have him.
  • Williams has recieved an ankle knock and is rated a doubt for this weekend. I have been holding out for these two fixtures so if he goes down injured now I’ll be really jacked off, monitor him aswell and prepare to bench if needed. I’m tipping him to start but that’s just me.
  • Richards is continuing his road to recovery and looks close to a return post international break, bad news for Zabaleta owners. However with Man City’s defence being so leaky this may be less of an issue than previously.
  • Smalling looks to have recovered from his latest injury setback and may equal bad news for Rafael owners. While he is an exciting prospect if Fergie wants to tighten up he may look towards Smalling, rotation may also come into play. Something to be wary of…
  • Mancini will have concerned a lot of owners who have recently traded in Aguero or Silva, after both played the full 90 minutes midweek. He has stated that with an early game 5 or 6 players are likely to be rested, good news for those who have kept Tevez.
  • Finally we come to Berbatov. The biggest concern for a lot of owners, he has been rated a 10% chance to play by Martin Jol. Why he didn’t just say he was missing I’m not sure, maybe he’s a chance still? Either way don’t expect him to play but field him just incase, making sure your next best option sits first on the bench.


  • Cisse has netted his first goal for a month and it seems likely he will fire soon, he is just too good not to. Manchester United provides the perfect place to do so, I expect to see him back in form sooner rather than later. This could be good or bad news for Ba owners.
  • Mata is a big concern for me this weekend, but beyond that he looks gold. After playing 90 minutes he may be in line for a rest against as lowly Norwich at home this week, although they did play on Tuesday so it could go either way. Hazard looks locked on after being rested for the champions league and could fire in place of Mata against Norwich.
  • Finally the Rooney-RVP combo may be coming into play for United, after both rescued the 3 points midweek. Rooney assisted both of RVP’s goals and could set the trend to follow, as long as they both start together. If so Kagawa owners may have reason for concern, with Rooney successfully playing in the hole behind Vanners that Kagawa has tried to make his own, without much success.
  • Chelsea are finding their stride and after putting 4 past FC Nordsjaelland on Tuesday they are arriving at the Bridge brimming with confidence, watch out Norwich.
  • Swansea peaked after GW3, sitting second on the EPL ladder briefly and bagging 9 goals, the most of any team. Now they find themselves struggling to find a goal at all, on the back of 3 consecutive losses and no clean sheets. Surely the goals have to flow against Reading and Wigan at home, it spells the last chance for a lot of their players in our FPL teams…
  • Man City are still struggling at the back, with Joe Hart saving their blushes at the moment. Without him they would be conceding 3+ a game, don’t go near their defence! Be wary of any city players for now, wait until they hit their straps,ย  it will have to happen sometime surely!
  • Finally we reach Gervinho, who just continues to defy everyone! He has many critics out there but he just keeps scoring, you can’t ask for more than that! After Steve Bould linked him to Henry, as ridiculously as it sounds, they really feel Gervinho could be something special through the middle of the park, which then suggests to me that he will keep his spot there. At 7.4 he seems an absolute steal if he keeps this form up, a viable alternative to Cazorla in my opinion.

With many struggling for captain options this week here’s my two cents. Bale doesn’t convince me this week, not sure why. Hazard is clearly the best safe option, after being rested midweek the home clash against Norwich gives him the perfect opportunity to rekindle his stunning early season form. If you are looking for a POD, Michu is your man. He is my shout this week and after dominating things early this season he looks to have gone quiet. However may I remind you he scored just recently in a cup tie and when Swansea score he usually is amongst the points. Home clashes against Reading and Wigan MUST provide some goals, in which case Michu seems a great shout!

That’s about it from me, good luck this weekend and hopefully all your guns fire!

Anyone wanting to rant about their misfortunes, or slices of luck can do so below in the comments ๐Ÿ™‚



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36 comments on “News Wrap & in round chat – GW6

  1. adzman78 says:

    Lambert the late captain option! Do it!

  2. Stiffy Sexton says:

    who do i trade s taylor for (with nothing in the bank)?

  3. tseagrim says:

    DOn’t think people should put Berba on field… a substitute appearance is the last thing you want!

  4. Max says:

    walker, rangel, wisdom, hangeland need to play 2 and also barfa, morrison, piennar play 2

  5. Shaun Curnow says:

    41 with Bale and Ba to play. Although not sure if that includes my 4 point hit or not…. Needed to take the hit for future of my team!!

    Loving Baines work recently and thanks to whoever told me to get Cazorla in for Dyer all those weeks ago! Trust Michu to score after I trade him out for Bale! Went Hazard captain in end.

  6. Max says:

    36 with suarez (c) lambert barfa and walker loving of morrisson but my swansea players screwed me

  7. The Plagiarist says:

    Most of the popular players did the business last night. Could be some huge scores this round. Even the hacks in my leagues are gonna break 50.

  8. Max says:

    “The Plagiarist” you are a tosser…

  9. Max says:

    get a life

  10. mad romeys says:

    Nooooooooooooo, forgot to save my team and now my new recruit, Ba is on my bench:,(

  11. Dan says:

    Someone able to explain how the 4 point hits work? I took an eight point hit last week but noticed it only affected my score in my head to head game (43 down to 35)…my weekly score still stands at 43 and my overall score wasn’t deducted at all.

  12. Max says:

    it’s your overall score that’s deducted if you look at the gameweek history table

    • Dan says:

      Ahhh silly me, must be Sunday morning haze…still says I got 43 for that week, but I just added all my weekly scores together and it has actually been deducted from overall…thanks mate.

  13. Hhgdfnjm says:

    No probs happens to everyone

  14. mattcraigdt says:

    51 with Ba and Ben Arfa, really not sure how Nolan didn’t end up scoring tho…

  15. MattyZee says:

    51 with Ba and Lambert to go. Big week so far, hopefully some bonus points can help me too!

  16. Factor x says:

    how bad is demel’s injury?

  17. Dan says:

    Just 29 but with some big guns to come…capt RVP, Ba, Lambert and Duff. League game will be close…8 pts + Bale vs my four.

  18. mad romeys says:

    To everyone who thought that my beloved Red Devils could be beaten by Newcastle. Ultimate trolling at its best. LOL!!! HAHA, demolished. Soooo happy!!

  19. mad romeys says:

    Sorry about my little happy minute guys, but everyone doubted Man U, haha.

    If I can get in Rooney for Tevez via a down/upgrade should I do it or should I work my way up to VP?? Cos Man U will have some pretty easy fixtures soon and their prices will rise no matter what.

  20. Factor x says:

    This may bring a shock to some… but no transfers for me this week!!! :O

    • mad romeys says:

      Holy Shit!!! How do you not make a transfer for 2 whole weeks, it is actually pretty much impossible. Post your team and we will figure out a trade to make.

  21. Factor x says:

    gk: foster (jussi)
    def: baines, ivanovic, jenkinson (koscielny, demel)
    mid: bale, hazard, ben arfa, felliani, pieenar
    fwd: agureo, fletcher (lambert)

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