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So as we head into the second international break we must wonder what to do with the next two weeks! Luckily a few more names have popped up over the past month so its time for me to take a look at them! There are some hidden gems lying around, time to find them!

Morrison (6.0)  Well it’s taken a while but Morrison’s great performance yet again this week has me on the verge of trading him in, probably for Michu after this week. Playing in the much loved ‘in the hole’ role behind West Brom’s striker he has great potential for attacking returns. He is at the heart of almost everything WBA do and has continued to notch big points week after week, now sitting 6th top scorer amongst all midfielders. He provides a great POD, selected by just 2.2% of managers so if you feel your mids need some fresh blood, or are looking to free up some cash then Morrison is your man. Great option.

Wilson (4.5) – An interesting option considering he is selected by ONLY 0.9% of managers, yet he has taken the 5th most shots for any defenders and is a locked on starter in Stoke’s extremely solid back four. Add the fact that he is only 4.5 and he is a bargain! Personally I will be bringing him in after this gameweek, as Stoke’s fixtures clear up after GW8. They transition perfectly with any Swansea’s defenders you have if needed, otherwise they are in good enough form to warrant selection anyway. Certainly look at bringing in at least one stoke defender post international break and I believe Wilson is your man.

Gaston Ramirez (6.0) A very interesting and exciting prospect this. Newly transferred into the premier league Southampton’s record signing has the potential for massive points with their attacking brand of football. Playing ‘in the hole’ behind Lambert he registered a goal and assist in consecutive matches before missing last weeks game with a dead leg. Expect him back post international break and could provide your team with a perfect POD, selected by just 0.6% of teams. I’m a massive fan of his and I believe he is a great option, if you can fit him in then most definitely go for it!

Granero (5.5) While it has taken him a little while to settle, Real Madrid’s Granero will be keen to impress and showed just how much talent he possesses with a fantastic goal and assist last weekend. Yes, QPR have had a very slow start to the season but I still believe they have the quality to bounce back, even if their defence leaks goals should still flow. Now that their tough run of fixtures has cleared it may be the perfect time to bring Granero into your team, he is central to everything QPR do and will often find that killer ball, that’s if he isn’t scoring them himself. It will take him a little while to adapt to the EPL but he showed the signs of what could be to come against West Brom. Great player and a great cheap option for your team.

Kone (6.5) One option I hadn’t had much faith in until now, Kone continues to get on the scoresheet. Gifted with the art of pace, black skin and white hair he can terrorize any defence. Consistency was always going to be a problem, but with 4 attacking returns from his last 6 fixtures he could become a legitimate option. After bagging 11 points in his best outing yet he is beggining to adapt to the EPL, which must have all FPL managers on alert. Another point I like is in every game Wigan have scored, Kone has produced attacking returns. I feel he can only get better and if Wigan can get a run on, even if that’s only in attack, Kone will be in my team. Great option and one which has plenty of upside, at 6.5 you can hardly go wrong.

Crouch (6.7) While he hasn’t quite gone under the radar, I just haven’t been able to take him seriously. However after 4 goals and an assist during September he has become a very viable fantasy option. Leading Stoke’s attack he is present in whatever little attacking they do, playing as a key central figure. Once again in every game Stoke have scored Crouch has produced some kind of attacking return and with a very easy run of fixtures coming up after the international break he is right on my radar at the moment. Great option and will certainly reward his owners over the next couple of months.

Gerrard (9.4) Finally I get to the old warrior, Stevie G. At 32 I had my concerns but I also felt he still had something to offer, as did Lampard at his age. While I haven’t really noticed him this season as Liverpool has struggled he has still managed a very respectable 35 points, the same as guys like Nolan, Fellaini, Yaya Toure and Ben Arfa. If Liverpool get going, which I still believe must happen then he will become an even greater force. Playing every minute this season and owned by just 4.2% of teams he could provide a brilliant POD for your team and even if your not a fan of POD’s he is a great option anyway. Watch out Reading, Gerrard remains a great fantasy option.

Well I hope that’s given you guys a few new names to choose from, a few of them will certainly be making their ways into my team over the next few weeks. I will bring you guys my usual transfer talk article next Tuesday as we push through the international break!



12 comments on “Under The Radar

  1. mad romeys

    Cheers matt, helped me make my decisions on the trades I am gonna make over the next two weeks.
    Yaya Toure–>Morrison
    Tevez–>Van Persie/Rooney
    What do you think?

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      yeah looks good although Arsenal have a very kind run of fixtures on the horizon, who else is in your defence?

      • mad romeys

        DEF: Vermaelen, Gibbs, Baines (clark, fabio)
        Having two Arsenal defenders is risky but I had Verm from the start and then I got in Gibbs at his price before because he was a bargain.

        • mattcraigdt Post Author

          If it helps free up cash you could dump verm, Gibbs just as likely to assist against weak opposition… Risky tho he could go big, depends how the extra cash would help

          • mad romeys

            Or I could probably do something similar like this instead:
            1. Vermaelen–>Wilson
            2. Yaya Toure–>Morrison
            3. Tevez–>VP/Rooney
            4. Michu–>Bale (depending on who I get out of VP and Rooney).

  2. toasted1961

    Great article. Well done. Wilson is definitely on my radar now. I have been toying with Morrison for a while. Your take on Kone is also interesting. I am thinking Lambert to Kone and Demel or Davies to Wilson.

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