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Once again the international break hits… a fortnight of boredom! Although for me it couldn’t have come at a better time… my baby boy is due today so it looks like I’ll be out of action for a week or 2 until the dust settles a bit.  i.e til the girlfriend forgets home much pain she just went through and i am allowed to resume normal fantasy football and website services….

Til then stick with the boys, they will keep the regular articles coming although it may be a touch quiet for the rest of this week.

Don’t trade too much during the break (like i usually do) and come back next week refreshed for the season to continue!

I’ll see in you a few weeks… wish me luck!


3 comments on “What have i learnt

  1. kingcolesy

    Good luck, good luck. I learnt international breaks exist(fairly regularly), and they suck. I rather normal league weeks.

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