Captains – Round …umm what round is this? …8

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The dreaded week off has passed us by; hopefully all of your players came though the internationals unscathed. To be honest we all know it’s a bit hard to predict form after a week off but I’m doing it from even further back having been in the baby bubble for the past week, so on a count of this I may have players listed here that could be injured unbeknownst to me, if this is the case forgive me this week only! OK let’s get to it.

Tottenham v Chelsea

Spurs take on Chelsea in another cracking early game, I just wish daylight savings hadn’t kicked in yet so it would be earlier still! Hard to call this, Spurs have not been great but are showing a propensity to rise against the big clubs. Chelsea have been getting results, they started scratchily but are now showing more fluidity in attack. I reckon it may be a tightish draw here so tough for captains, Maybe Bale, Mata or Hazard but it’s also hard to deny Ivanovic right now! A few options here but I’ll look elsewhere.

Fulham v Villa

Home kings Fulham take on strugglers Villa, it looks ripe for Berbatov to come in and show his class, I’m not 100% on his availability but if he plays he will be a good option in a 3-0ish type of result.

Liverpool v Reading

The scouse take on strugglers Reading at Anfield, this looks a game they should be able to get a result from, if they do you would imagine Suarez will be amongst the points in some way. Will he be on fire? All depends on him scoring early I guess, he’s a real confidence player.

Man United v Stoke

United seem to be back in good form, they take on a staunch stoke at Old Trafford. As good as stoke have been you couldn’t imagine them keeping united at bay all game, it could be a 2-0ish type result here with the usual suspects in play. RVP and Rooney… I’m more inclined to choose Rooney over the Dutchman at the moment, he just seems in better form and has more to prove.

Swansea v Wigan

Good again Swansea takes on Wigan. OK they may not be that good again but they should be good enough to score some goals against Wigan, I don’t think they will keep a cleanie so it may be a 2-1ish score line, Michu is our man here. Loves playing at home, loves playing a softer team, strong option here.

West Brom v City

West Brom are still nice and tight but take on the might of city. Granted city are not firing on all cylinders, and have the scarey prospect of Silva missing though injury but you just don’t know when they will click and put a handful of goals away, if they do Aguero could be your man, if they get held to a draw by West Brom which I think they may… no captains here.

West Ham v Southampton

Weird game to call at Upton park; tight west ham takes on free scoring Southampton.. who wins this battle? Not sure, might call this a win to West ham, Southampton are shocking at the back.. still no captains here that I could use with any confidence.

Norwich v Arsenal

Arsenal takes on the hapless canaries.. could be huge this! Norwich have been shipping goals left and right, they could see another 4 go past here.. if so Cazorla will be a strong captain, he pulls all the strings and gets his fair share of shots on goal to boot. Any of Gervinho, Giroud, Walcott or Podolski could work out but they are higher risks.

Sunderland v Newcastle

Well organised Sunderland takes on Newcastle, tough to call this. Ba has been lethal, it would be a brave man to say he wont score one but I reckon this will be a dour game, no captains here.

QPR v Everton

Finally QPR takes on one of the form teams in the league in Everton. The ol’ Adz hunch is back, I feel QPR have a win right round the corner and this could be it! Don’t ask me why or how but I’m tipping QPR in an upset but also no captains here look decent…to me.

So that’s the analysis, who are the top 5?

1. Cazorla

2. Rooney

3. Suarez

4. RVP

5. Michu

I’ll back anyone  in against Norwich at the moment so the string puller Cazorla for Arsenal is as good as any option this round.  Rooney is playing with a verve not seen in ages, the addition of rvp has put a spring in his step, he is scoring alot of assists in a deeper role and still has a lethal free kick. A Rooney with something to prove is a dangerous prospect for opposition teams.  Suraez against a poor side could really come off, he is hot and cold, it’s your call which he will be this week. RVP is worth 13mill plus…. Always an option and lastly Michu at home against medicore opponents is always a good shout.

So that’s my list, how about you; who will be your round 7 captain?

Still burning the candle at both ends right now so no preview tomorrow…. good luck for the round!


7 comments on “Captains – Round …umm what round is this? …8

  1. dan

    Coin flip between Cazorla and RVP for me. coin will be flipped countless times until Saturday Evening. Leaning towards RVP. He scored against Stoke 3 times last season with 2 of those goals in 25 minutes.

  2. mattcraigdt Post Author

    Michu or Cazorla… Can’t split them, thinking Michu as Cazorla seems to take less part when Arsenal dominate teams, a Gervinho/Walcott/Podolski seems more likely to me.

    • mad romeys

      Michu for me I recon, on the verge of a resurrection maybe from his past low scores? I am keeping him for one more week after this, if he doesn’t get more than 3 he is gone.
      But for me it is either the debutant in Rooney or Michu, hmmmm

  3. MattyZee

    Cazorla for mine.

    Fingers crossed Swansea do kill it though, it’d be nice to have a good score from Vorm for a change.

  4. bustafleX

    Carzola easily. The guy is good for an assist almost every game even against a top notch club like City or Utd.
    Throw him against Norwich, a team that would probably struggle to win the nPower Championship atm, he’s going to deliver an assist, possible goal, and probably a clean sheet.

    My tip: Cazorla for 10 +(2 bonus points)

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