GameWeek 8 Review

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EPL was back… with an absolute bang. For those of you that saw the Tottenham Chelsea clash, it would have set the bar ridiculously high for what was otherwise a fairly boring few games (Apart from Dzeko‘s masterclass and Rooney‘s return to form.) So who did well? Who suffered? I’ll keep this quick and simple because I’m bloody sick – the girlfriend calls it Man Flu but my doctor seems to think it’s acute tonsilitis…. good luck telling the missus that.

Anyway, in light of my state of delirium I won’t be giving match summaries this week, but still, as always, you can make me feel even worse by telling me how much you beat my paltry score by…


Score: 41
Captain: Cazorla
Lord: Hazard
Loser: Torres, Arsenal
Trades: Graham -> Berbatov
Vent/Brag: Arsenal not getting a point cost me 150 dollars. I hate you Arsene. Win some silverware you knob.*

* The Plagiarist is sure to respond to this “blasphemy” at some point.



12 comments on “GameWeek 8 Review

  1. mad romeys

    Score: 52
    Captain: Michu
    Lord: Rooney, Michu & Hazard
    Loser: Pienaar, Clark, Gibbs
    Trades: Vermaelen/Gibbs -> Wilson & Mich -> Bale/someone else good
    Vent/Brag: A big shout out to Pienaar for being the first person this year to have a minus score on my team. Congratulations champ

  2. Factor x

    Score: 29……………………………………….
    Captain: baines
    Lord: Hazard
    Loser: um….. try everyone else? (especially pieenar….)
    Trades: jussi>begovic koscieelny>wilson
    Vent/Brag: go away from me!!!!! :'(

  3. toasted1961

    Score: 32
    Captain: Cazorla
    Lord: Nobody
    Loser: Bale, Pienaar, Me for buying Riise and leaving him accidentlally on the bench. wtf.
    Trades: Pienaar -> Mata
    Vent/Brag: lowest score for the year; first time under the average. Even if I had put Riise on the field, I had a stinker. Cant get any worse next week.

  4. Ty

    Score: 59
    Captain: Podolski
    Lord: Mata, Hazard, Michu
    Loser: Podolski, Bale
    Trades: Ashley Williams -> Wilson
    Vent/Brag: Absolutely killing myself for changing captains from Mata to Podolski at the last minute, but still proud of my Chelsea players nonetheless.

  5. Dan

    Score: 50
    Captain: RVP
    Lord: RVP
    Loser: Pienaar
    Trades: None last week so two available this week. Just done Rangel to Riise, looking for news on Duff before using the other. One of Duff, Maloney or Lambert will probably get moved on.
    Vent/Brag: Ba own goal and Pienaar red an annoying way to end the gameweek. Perma-Captaining RVP seems to be working out ok so far.

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