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Sorry for the late post, been a bit busy. Some early morning reading for some, late night for others ! Another week down and we are settling into the next stage of this season. Thankfully the transfers I made last week paid off, but for those who didn’t reap the rewards there’s always this week, let’s assess the big movers and losers!

Big Movers:

  • Rooney – After a second double figure point haul in a row, Rooney is proving to be the pick of Man United’s forwards. He seems to be an essential part of United’s success and should be just as safe a lock as RVP. He is a part of almost everything United attacking wise and is very suited to the bonus point system. At 11.7 he will push our budgets but for the returns he could produce he is becoming ever more enticing, I may pull the trigger this week.
  • Lallana – After promising so much pre-season Lallana is starting to produce the returns we all knew he was capable of. 4 consecutive attacking returns is a positive sign but with players from a club like Southampton form can be very up and down. Take Lambert for example, so I am more cautious on this one. If you’ve been eyeing him off however and believe he is the man for your team then go for it!
  • Sterling – He is going from strength to strength currently and with his first goal now in the bag (after a few near misses) his attacking returns should only increase. For a 4.9 mid that is essential to Liverpool’s first team you can hardly go wrong, even if he’s on the bench! Great option if you need him, don’t feel he is a must have though.
  • Riise – Yet another assist has me thinking he has greater potential than Hangeland, a worthy 0.5 upgrade if you can afford it. With Fulham looking very solid at home, an easy run of fixtures and Riise in top form he is a very enticing option at 5.5.
  • Colocinni – Arguably the premier leagues most underrated CB, Colocinni has returned from injury and changed Newcastle’s defensive fortunes almost immediately. Despite coming off the pitch with cramp after just 78 minutes he still managed to gain the man of the match award. Also consider while he was on the pitch Newcastle didn’t concede, and he played a massive part in that. Perhaps they wouldn’t of conceded that set piece if he was out there, either way he is a great budget option at just 5.0 with Newcastle’s upcoming fixtures.
  • Mata – Finally I get to my boy! Eventually I got a selection right and enjoyed his 18 point haul, if only I had him captain! Even so it propelled me up the leaderboard this week and I feel even though Hazard produced returns also, with Chelsea’s fixtures and busy schedule perhaps its best to only have one. Priced at just 9.0 Mata will provide you similar, if not better returns for less of a price. A brilliant player and a brilliant option!

Big Losers:

  • Williams – Even through Swansea’s easy run of home fixtures they haven’t managed a clean sheet for almost 2 months. Time to say goodbye to any defenders you may have, or Vorm with their upcoming horror schedule.
  • Pienaar – Probably the biggest prick this week, costing some managers some league wins with his -1 score. Add to the fact that he is now suspended and you have a problem! However I will explain why you shouldn’t knee jerk just yet a bit later.
  • Toure – I gave you all my warnings at the start of the season, and a lot of you have fallen into the same trap as last season. While he is a brilliant player he just doesn’t have the right role to score consistent fantasy points, even if he pops up for an assist or two. Even so he is still selected by 35% of teams!!! Not the right option for your mids and I would be trading him.
  • Podolski – Another blank is one thing, but he was barely visible after his shot in the 5th minute. Wenger isn’t playing him in a role that really suits him, he prefers a more central role and with Giroud struggling it may be a fair go to try him upfront. Even so he needs to get in the game more because going on last week’s performance he is being wasted. I am giving him this week to perform against QPR at home, even then he may be gone for Rooney if he can’t nail a consistent, attacking role.
  • Lambert- After a couple of blanks a lot of mangers were hoping Rickie could step up to the plate against West Ham. However he wasn’t even given the chance, starting from the bench and only playing 26 minutes! This concerns me the most and suggests he should be traded, perhaps for Crouch. (Watch him score a brace this week)


  • Torres – Over 20000 managers have jerked out Torres after ONE blank, just like me earlier in the season. Give him a month and I’m sure he will come good, he is playing pretty well. Will still provide great attacking returns especially with Chelsea’s attacking play moving so fluently.
  • Ben Arfa – I was on edge with this one also but it’s just another typical rookie fpl knee jerk. He is locked on in Pardew’s line up and with an easy run of fixtures coming up he could be set to release his flair, which could see him explode. Give him a month also as he is just the type of player who can explode out of nowhere, starting this week against West Brom.
  • Suarez – You get what you pay for with Luis. He isn’t 11+ mil because he just isn’t consistent like an Aguero, Rooney, RVP etc. One week he’s on fire, the next he’s not. If you hold him I’m sure you will reap the rewards long-term, isn’t that why you brought him in?
  • Fletcher – 2 consecutive blanks and it’s back to earth for Fletcher. However he is just the type of player who needs one good chance and he is away. A very easy run of fixtures has me feeling that it is not worth me trading him to Crouch yet (the only other option I see viable in that price range). Give him a few weeks, he is sure to get on the scoreboard again soon.
  • Pienaar – As I said, prick. Lucky I didn’t have him however I don’t think his fantasy potential has changed at all. He could have had an assist for Distin’s goal if it wasn’t called an own goal, and two yellow cards means he only faces one weeks suspension. In this game even though you have a free trade, it’s highly unlikely it will be just sitting around… then you will still need to get him back in! Still a great fantasy asset, hold!
  • Fellaini – Fellaini was pretty close to getting up for this week’s game, so why have 80000 managers traded him out?!? He is still as dominant a force as he was and will repay the rewards if you hold him, he should be back next week anyway. No knee-jerking!
  • Gibbs – Similar story here, Gibbs misses with a minor injury yet he is the most traded out defender. He will most likely return this week against QPR, dominate and return a clean sheet with attacking returns. Maybe, don’t bet on it, but it is a good enough proposition to hold for me, especially with Arsenal’s upcoming fixtures…

Just a question for you all, it’s killing me…

That’s it for today, news wrap up on Friday in preparation for another big week of EPL. Meanwhile we have the champions league midweek, starting tonight so make sure you take that into account this weekend. Cheers.



12 comments on “Transfer Talk – GW8

  1. MattyZach

    I’m sitting on my transfer this week because I can’t decide between which to get out of Bale and Mata for Toure. I’ve already got Hazard and don’t mind having both Chelsea mids, but Bale and Mata both have too much upside to decide between!

  2. dan

    I did Hazard to Mata before his rise yesterday it’s just too hard to ignore his form even though Hazard’s returns haven’t been bad. The saving was too tempting.

    I watched the TOT-CHE game and Torres was practically 1v1 with the keeper at one stage. He dilly-dallied and Vertonghen managed to get a nice slide tackle in from behind. Still lacks confidence.

    As for Pienaar, definitely holding. His second yellow was harsh as Bosingwa’s foot merely touched Pienaars leg as he was running behind him before he fell to a heap.

    • Hplate

      Surely it can’t be a confidence thing after all this time and (can’t remember how many now) games as the starting striker playing 90min??? He spends so long on the ball trying to dribble or work his way into better position. JUST PULL THE TRIGGER. It’s so frustrating to watch.

      What a strange pairing Chelsea have in Torres and Sturridge. One guy won’t shoot and the other shoots too much!

      • mattcraigdt Post Author

        It is confidence and he may never be the same again, as soon as he does pull the trigger and misses everyone jumps on his back… Di Mattao is probably happy with him holding the ball up anyway

  3. DoA

    With Kagawa coming off injured this morning (twisted knee) and question marks on his price tag, any recommendations on transfers? (i’ve got 2 banked)
    Walker, Rangel, Shawcross
    Mcclean, kagawa, hazard, michu
    Ba, RVP, crouch

    Jaas, noble, reid, clyne

    0.0 in the skyrocket

  4. mad romeys

    Keeping Hazard, for how long I don’t know but I will. Glad with Rooney’s debut, 14 points-not a bad effort.
    Want Mata, but I don’t want to get rid of Hazard!!

    • hypojezza

      Call me crazy, but I just pulled the trigger on Michu to Mata. I can’t see Michu getting back to the form of the first two game weeks anytime soon, and Mata is definitely on the way up. Now have mids of Hazard, Mata, Bale and Walters, and have my sights set on an upgrade to Silva next week too.

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