In Round Chat – GW9

A big round of FPL action coming up, with the main action starting today at 15:00 GMT. Post any thoughts you may have over the next couple of days in here, good luck for the round ahead!!!


16 comments on “In Round Chat – GW9

  1. mattcraigdt says:

    The big team news so far:
    Sessegnon is dropped to the bench for Sunderland
    Sagna and Wilshere return, Gervinho and Jenkinson OUT
    Duff returns for Petric

    Gervinho and Jenkinson the big ones… Has it affected any of you guys??

  2. Bayswater Toffee's gaffer says:

    No-one is doing anything tonight… Apart from my betting account wooo!

  3. Factor x says:

    FUCKKKK!!!!!! NO WILSON!!!!!!!!!!! D:

  4. Factor x says:

    so should I go straight from wilson>cameron?

  5. Dan says:

    Actually not doing too bad so far…Michu and Riise the only real disappointments so far, though Michu had his chances to score. Pretty happy to keep him if he’s gonna play upfront on his own.

    25 with 6 played and “big” guns to come

    RVP (c)

    so I’ll probably end up with 30 🙂

  6. mattcraigdt says:

    Kone should have scored, pretty disapointed about that. Would have had 2 clean sheets with Stoke, very unlucky Wilson. Will probs go to Cameron X Factor… 7 to play tonight with Mata Captain.

  7. Dan says:

    only 13 goals so far from 6 games….my bet on over 28.5 goals total for the week not looking great at the moment….

    Expected the nil all draw at Stoke, but City and Arsenal have screwed me a bit.

  8. Factor x says:

    any ideas who to get in for jenkinson?

  9. MattyZee says:

    As if I played Jaas over Begovic. Rookie mistake right there!

  10. mad romeys says:

    Might look at bringing in Cameron or Wilkinson seeing as Wilson has gone down…

    • Liam says:

      I was going to wait and see who they draft into left back. I am expecting cameron to go to left back and wilkinson to slot in at right back.

      Wilson was quite a solid player they don’t have great coverage at left back I see them being a little bit weaker as a defensive unit.

      Also higginbotham might be recalled from the month loan he was on to play left back at 4.3 a snip upon a google I found this though…

      I doubt it would be upson or ness probably one of the players listed as a midfielder.

      Would be looking at the other regular starters though, if only Huth was 5.0 I would probably snag him.

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