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After another massive gameweek full of controversy it is time to assess the damage from a round which only averaged 45! Let’s take a look at some of the winners and losers… EDIT: Ivanovic not subject to ban…

Just a note before I get into it, this was one of the most incredible rounds of FPL I have witnessed. The highest scoring player this week managed 12 points!!! Of the little players that broke the 10 point barrier only 2 were owned by more than 2.8%… As you can imagine there are a lot more losers than winners this week so it may be more important to stay strong with who we own and not knee-jerk too much!


  • Mata Yet another classy performance this week from the Spaniard has him at the top of my captains list and should be your highest priority to get in your team. He is essential to Chelsea’s performance and is in incredible form, only benched this week thanks to 2 red cards. Expect more returns in the next few weeks from him, great option.
  • Van Persie – Probably the only totally reliable striker option going around at the moment. Is he worth his price tag? In weeks like this, yes… but long term I’m still not sure. Question for you guys at the bottom of the article but either way if you can afford him and can get him without too much trouble then go for it, great player.
  • Shawcross/Cameron – Pretty much Stoke’s whole defence is becoming more of a winner. While Wilson was very unlucky this week, Cameron could provide a similar replacement at just 4.5. Shawcross will provide more stability also, either way investment in Stoke’s defence seems essential. Begovic is providing a great option too, their boring style of football will continue to produce clean sheets.
  • Ba – Solid, consistent forwards in top form with a certain starting place seem hard to come by. At just 8.4 Ba continues to offer a very solid option upfront and so far I am happy with my investment in him. Be wary of his injury he seemed to sustain on Sunday, perhaps hold off until we get more concrete news. Great option nonetheless.
  • Sagna – After digging deep to find a 5th winner this week I have come to Bakary. He sent a timely reminder to us all of his quality and consistency against QPR and should lock down the RB role for now. With Arsenal’s easy fixtures (barring this weekend) and a first up clean sheet with Sagna’s presence he could provide great value at just 5.4, watchlist for sure.

Yep, that’s all I could find. If there’s any others just let me know, now for the never ending list…


  • Jenkinson – With Sagnas return to first team action Jenkinson’s run has come to an end, a fair run at that. However as I have warned all season Sagna was always going to challenge for his place, the time has come for you to dump him. Enjoy the nice price rise you earned though.
  • Ivanovic – His sending off would have just about been the nail in the coffin for many managers this week, a score of -2 nothing less than horrific. I traded him out just a week earlier (genius) and the time may have come for you guys to do the same. While he is NOT subject to a ban during EPL fixtures, his tough run of fixtures no longer justifies his 7.2 price tag, he’s been great though. He will be sure to pick up investment once again at some point this season, but for now I believe he is eating up your budget…
  • Torres – El Nino has been very up and down this season. One week I’m regretting selling him the next I am reminded why I did so in the first place. His (unlucky) sending off will not cost him a ban in the EPL, rather the upcoming league cup match. He will not miss any matches so if you can hold the faith then don’t feel you need to jerk him out just yet…
  • Gervinho – After I had predicted like many that he would start this week he was resigned to the bench after Wilshires return. With Walcott surely pushing for first team selection Gervinho can no longer be considered a safe option, if an option at all.
  • Cazorla – What a loser. The Spaniard has endured a tough couple of weeks and his performances have been well below his high par. I am not so sure that he justifies his high price tag, he doesn’t look like he will consistently threaten the goal. His miss from 12 yards compounded that against QPR. His inconsistencies make him a very risky captain’s choice… However it might just be going along with Arsenal’s dip in form, I can’t make a final decision just yet so I suggest we all hold.
  • Ben Arfa – A few consecutive blanks has me thinking, along with many others that he is not the right option for our fantasy teams. While I tend to agree Newcastle’s fixtures look to inviting and he is the type of player that can turn it on at any moment, I will be giving him another couple of weeks for sure.
  • Podolski – I sold him off last week as I do not believe Wenger is suiting his playing style, he just doesn’t look comfortable out on the wing. He is rarely spotted during games and there are many other options that will be more lucrative. (Crouch, Ba, Berbatov)


  • Cazorla – While he has had a poor few weeks, we only have to look at Bale to see how quickly things can turn around. Don’t go jerking him out straight away to only see him come back and punish you, give him a few more weeks I say…
  • Torres – Same deal here, you have picked him to travel through his ups and downs and he is providing them in Spades. A trip to Swansea could spark him back to life, as could a home fixture against his old club Liverpool. He was also very unlucky not to be on the scoresheet against United, De Gea providing some brilliance to keep him out. I can’t stress this enough, he won’t miss any games due to his red card so I say hold!
  • Ben Arfa – Just as I said before he is the type of player that can light up a game in an instant, give him a couple more weeks to produce. I just can’t see any other mid price midfielders that will provide a better option over the next few weeks…
  • Baird – Bairdinho has been on fire of late, scoring 2 in his last 2 games. However I must stress that in his previous 113 appearances for the club he had only scored twice before. In the near future I can only see one clean sheet, Sunderland (H). They also face a visit from free scoring Everton, a trip to Arsenal and a trip to Stoke. That’s followed by a trip to Chelsea, then visits from Spurs and Newcastle. I don’t feel his goal scoring exploits are sustainable and his fixtures are not that enticing, I would be leaning towards Stoke defenders! If you’re desperate for a cheap defender (not Stoke) then look no further than Cuellar, solid fixtures and a solid (boring) team at just 4.5 he provides great value.
  • Nolan – Kevin has been fantastic this season but with their fixtures stiffening right up I’m not sure how effective he will be. This knee-jerk goes both ways, I don’t feel people should trade him now just yet as I feel West Ham are good enough to sneak at least one past good teams at home where Nolan thrives. He can be easily benched for away trips so he could still be used effectively. However this next couple of months won’t be his most fruitful, so to the 140000 (wtf!) managers that waited until the end of his easy fixtures to trade him in, I feel there could be better options to bring in over the next month or so (i.e. Walters, Fellaini, Morrison, Lallana). Hold if you have him, but don’t trade him in!
  • Defoe – If you have him I personally think you shouldn’t. If you have just traded him in I think you are crazy. He is very on and off, not to mention the upcoming threat of Adebayor. While he has been mostly forgotten he seems to have recovered from his injury and will surely challenge for a first team birth. Not only will Defoe’s starting berth come under threat, he doesn’t even score bonus points anyway. Guys like Berbatov, Ba or Crouch will provide much better options. I am talking to the 50000+ managers last week (and another 20000 so far this week) who have just traded him in, don’t. I don’t feel he is sustainable and there are far better options out there…

Quick question again for you guys, do you see RVP as a must have??

That’s it for this week, a lot to take in. Good luck with any trades you make, my suggestion is that we all hold off our urge to trade people after weeks like this, not many people are screaming pick me! Let’s hope next week proves to be more kind to us 🙂



40 comments on “Transfer Talk – GW9

  1. kingcolesy

    So with me knee jerking Rooney into my team before he had even played last week, I’ll have that answer no to the question above. 😛

  2. mad romeys

    Brought Rooney in last week and scored 16 points for me so far :)Definitely know that I am getting in a Stoke defender for Vermaelen and then upgrading Michu to Mata, -4 points here we come!!

    • Liam

      Michu still has the goods, you see his chances on the weekend?! I will be keeping him for the time being.

      The best can score regardless of the fixtures, he is a classy act at that price he only needs to average 4 or 5 to be great value (4.5 by 38 = 171 he is currently at 6.1 per game) think sig last season (he was even better value).

      Although I understand the mata trade

      • mad romeys

        So, do you recon I should make the trade or not??
        Really keen on doing it and want to do it as soon as possible, its either Pienaar, Michu or Morrison and I am leaning towards Mich currently.

        • Liam

          I would consider either getting rid of michu or morrison. Go with your gut feel mate I am only making a point for michu.

          I am no expert just over the course of the season michu is better but west brom have a better next 6 although morrison poses less of a goal threat.

          I could make a detailed list of pro’s and con’s but it really is a personal preference.

  3. Liam

    Bit of discussion on the rvp topic

    Post your overall score with and without rvp people. I have had him since gw3 and I am on 507.

    I have not had either mata or hazard throughout the season (because so much is tied up in rvp) I missed out on mata at 9.0 for various reasons (piled about 20 on since then)

    Anyway using this as a guide to see how well people are doing with or without the big man, let’s see the value of rvp.

  4. Dan

    I have RVP and have captained him every week since I got him ( I wildcarded justvto bring him in). I don’t think he is a “must have” as Ive seen a hell of a lot better teams than mine without him.

    But if u don’t want the headache of picking the correct captain every week, he is great to have, and probably the only player in the game that you can just leave the “C” on and not worry about it. Hasn’t failed me yet.

    Personally I’d rather have a slightly weaker midfield as none of the top mids seem as guaranteed of points week to week as Van Persie. (Currently have Hazard, Michu, Pienaar, Duff and Maloney)

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      That’s true, I could afford him by offloading santi (not sure of his value), however it is a big hassle to bring him in… I’m backing in Rooney

      • mad romeys

        Yeah, got Rooney in and he wont dissapoint.
        He is in the hole behind RVP and is a great shot at long range and as well, he is taking free-kicks.

        • Liam

          It’s a unique situation I feel Rooney’s goal threat is significantly less with RVP, more midfield time is likely but they do rotate around quite fluently.

          I was going to sit on the fence I left enough money to get rvp at the start of the season but was waiting to see who was the better option, Rooney went down injured and the decision was made.

          I will not get rid of him unless he goes down injured preferably this weekend

      • Liam

        I am afraid Santi may not be a fantasy footballer (atm) as awesome as he is to watch. Remember david silva? took 6 months to settle in the premier league the back half of his first season was promising then…

        The start of last season super impressive.

        Santi is outputting at about a 7.5 price tag, the extra two million could be well utilised elsewhere (say a ben arfa although he isn’t returning of late)

        The super sneaky pick is steven gerrard averaging 6.2 over the last 5 (santi 4.5)

        Gerrard has been the quite achiever I traded him out for michu hastily during GW1 after his opening day double.

        Not much has been spoken about the liverpool captain (nor liverpool) they are starting to hit their straps and really should of had all 3 points at the weekend (3 clean sheets in last 4 games)

        He has played every game, has not been in the media eye yet has returned only 8 less points then bale, astonishing really.

        The question is, as I posed in the pre season can he hit reclaim the famous goal scoring at crucial moments.

        A goal this weekend and he will be firmly back in the picture.

        It seems a little crazy but I can sniff a return, the foundations are laid, I will finish with this closing point.

        2011/12 – 1218 mins 5 goals 2 assists – 75 points
        2010/11 – 1870 mins 4 goals 5 assists – 88 points
        2009/10 – 2841 mins 9 goals 7 assists – 159 points

        2012/13 – 810 mins 2 goals 3 assists – 45 points (45/9) = 5 and (5 x 38 = 190)

        29 games to go

        Has played 3 of last seasons top 4 once (returning in two of the three games)
        an explosive west brom team (wasn’t their day)
        the defensive teams stoke and sunderland (liverpool struggle to break these teams down)
        has returned 6 points (average) a game in the other 3 matches.

        Newcastle (H) win or score draw
        Chelsea (A) step up for the big games
        WIgan (H) anything goes
        Swansea (A) ‘the return’
        Tottenham (A) depend on form in previous
        Southampton (H) leaky chance of a return

        Value season:
        Mata 6.7
        Hazard 6.3
        Bale 5.5
        Gerrard 4.8
        Carzola 4.8

        Ideally you would want 2/3 of those 5 depending on if you own RVP and the price of your forwards.

        After all that I don’t even know Gerrard’s role on the field at the moment is he the ‘CAM’ behind the front three? I have no idea of the amount of shots either just more of a funny feeling that he has something left to give going forward.

        End of novel.

    • Liam

      Yeah just chucked him on the watch list today, I think he missed a game or two with a niggle he is coming back into some good form.

      He will get among some assists but at 8.6 is quite high in price, I don’t see him getting the goals he needs to satisfy the price tag.

      If he was say a million cheaper would be in my team without question, is in an awkward price bracket this season (as well as the structure changing at man united with RVP in the team)

      • Bayswater Toffee's gaffer

        Yeah the diamond formation is not really conducive to wingers so he’d need to adapt, he’s definately got the ability to though but a little bit of an unknown for now…

  5. Stiffy Sexton

    is s taylor going to start for newcastle this week? also, i have got gervihno and podolski, both of whom i want to trade out. i have already used this weeks trade and have minimal to no cash. any hints?

  6. Liam

    50-50 on Taylor

    Get Lallana, sterling or kightly in (in the order of preference)

    Keep podolski unless you want to burn an additional 4 points which if u do I suggest getting Tevez (assuming you don’t have him)

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