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Time once again to have a look at this week’s captaincy options. As was rather generously pointed out to me by Matty today my picks have been a little below par of late but I disagree! It has only been Cazorla who has been rubbish! Everybody under him has been rolling in points, your Mata’s, Hazards, Bales, Ba’s all of them! So what have I learnt from this? Never captain Cazorla again… period. So what do we have this week?

Arsenal travel to United with a few perennial captaincy favourites in play. Both sides scored a gazillion goals in midweek and both have been a bit leaky of late so there should be goals in this. RVP plays his former side for the first time, Rooney still has a point to prove and Valencia is assisting a lot of late, for Arsenal Walcott is now in form and without Gervhino could get a run at it, Cazorla is also there if your game! So much to look forward to in this fixture. Could be a scoring draw this one.

Fulham host Everton in an interesting game. Everton have slowed of late but will be stung by Gerrards appraisal of them playing like Stoke. Fulham are always good at home, Berbatov and Ruiz are good options here, but we can never discount the likes of Baines, Fellaini and Pienaar for the toffees. I reckon Fulham can win this one 2-1.

Should be a drab encounter between Norwich v Stoke so we will move on! Sunderland v Villa looks a slight victory to the black cats, you could attempt to captain Fletcher but there are better options elsewhere. Swansea host Chelsea who just can’t stop scoring at the moment. Forgetting last week’s refereeing abomination they still look in good form. Swansea are still on the slide but can’t be under estimated at home. Chelsea’s dynamic duo of Mata and Hazard are right in play here, Chelsea should score a couple in a victory and they will be instrumental in it.

Tottenham face Wigan in a game our mates Bale and Defoe could run rampant. I still don’t totally trust the spurs but these two are a good option here in what should be a win. West ham will look to shut city out playing everyone behind the ball, it should be a frustrating game to watch, city have not been great at breaking defences down of late but they should have the key to unlock them at least once. Former hammer Tevez or Agureo anyone? Could be options but I’ll try somewhere else.

QPR v Reading is a game that will have goals but would you really captain anyone from it? Likewise West Brom v Southampton. I won’t be wasting my precious double points on these games. For what it’s worth it should be a victory to West Brom and I’m feeling a draw in the previous game.

This leaves us with Liverpool v Newcastle. Liverpool are looking OK but are unreliable. They rely on Suarez immensely so for this fact alone he is always an option but Newcastle are a tough nut to crack. For Newcastle Ba would be an option but he looks highly doubtful to play. I don’t know where to go with this game so for that reason alone I won’t be picking a captain from it.

So there’s some analysis,  who makes the picks?

1- Bale

2- Mata

3- Berbatov



Bale again seems a top option, he drives everything good that spurs do and they are playing an obliging opponent this week at home. Get on! Mata has been in sparkling form of late, it would be a brave man who says he can’t continue that against the swans. He takes free kicks, some pens and always seems to be in the box at the right time like Lampard used to. Berbatov  still looks at his silky best, playing at home Fulham are always good for a few goals, look for berbs to be involved in them. RVP continues to be an ever present captains option, playing his old side will be tough but he only needs a slight sniff to score a goal, he has so much quality. Finally Defoe will look to be on the end of Bale and Lennon’s good work, he may be a sneaky option this week.

So theres the list, have I made any howlers? Missed any? Let me know.

Who will be your round 10 captain?

18 comments on “Captains – Round 10

  1. mattcraigdt Post Author

    I stand by my comment :P:P To be honest this week I would have RVP number 1 on the list, Bale 2 and the rest can follow… It’s like having Swanny number 4! For some reason I reckon Hazard is a shout this week also, but that’s if you wanna take my advice 😉

    • adzman78 Post Author

      im sure he will just go bang but just playing against the old mob, who probably hate his guts now… worries me a touch.

      he will be perma captain for the next 5 weeks after this though

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