GameWeek 10 Review

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Stinky, smelly, ordinary, woeful, poopy, disgraceful, unfulfilling, anti-climax, dour, dry, boring. Besides being words that describe Jimbob’s sex life, they can all be attributed to what was, put simply, a woeful week of FPL. Unless you had Fellaini or Van Persie, chances were none of your players scored above 6. So where did it all go wrong? 

Man United v Arsenal

Man United cruised against an Arsenal outfit that never really looked like it thought it could score. RVP proved clinical when latching onto a woeful Vermaelen clearance, before Rooney scuffed his penalty. It will be interesting to see who takes the next one, given that there seemed to be no debate that it was Rooney‘s spotkick. Evra then made it 2-0 with his head, before Cazorla pegged one back in the 94th minute, largely due to the fact that I traded him out this week. Arsenal never looked like threatening, and without their wingers becoming more involved in the play, a 4-3-3 formation that they love so much becomes pretty difficult to utilise properly.


Fulham v Everton

Ruiz‘s free kick caused Howard to push it on to his post, then back on to his torso and in the net. Unlucky own goal for the American keeper. Fellaini reminded us why he was so highly rated at the start of the year, with another brace and quite simply a scintillating performance. Unbelievable stuff from the Belgian. Berbatov then miskicked a tap in, which fell at Sidwell‘s feet to equalise in the 90th minute. For Jol and his men it was a point they didn’t quite deserve, while Moyes will be filthy he left with only a point.


Norwich v Stoke

Johnson‘s set piece header set up a 1-0 win for the canaries, who despite my criticism’s have actually gelled quite well the last two weeks, and kept two clean sheets in the process against Arsenal and Stoke. For those who had Shawcross, Cameron or Wilkinson, a 1-0 was a terrible outcome to a game that should have been a clean sheet.


Swansea v Chelsea

Chelsea looked tired, mechanical and disinterested. Perhaps tired from their two sapping encounters against Man United, Mata and Luiz missed through injury and Chelsea never really kicked into top gear. Moses‘s flick from a Cahill corner restored some form of order at 1-0, before Hernandez‘s brilliance levelled it up. Cahill is an interesting proposition from Chelsea. An assist this week adds to his five goals scored this year… If Luiz misses a few more games through injury, he looks set for an extended run down back and poses significant goal threat.


Sunderland v Villa

What a snore fest this game was. Agbonlahor put Villa in front in the second half, and Sunderland rarely looked like challenging. They’ve now scored 6 goals from 9 games, and have only mustered 13 shots on target in the PL this year. That’s bad reading for Black Cats fans OR Fletcher owners. He is a poacher of the highest order, but without given the opportunity to score he very rarely makes something for himself. Monitor him.


Tottenham v Wigan

Wigan, Wigan, Wigan. Normally they leave it until April/May to win two games in a row, but now with 11 points on the board they sit comfortably mid table. Tottenham just do not look the same team without Dembele, and after Sandro‘s injury (who I think is criminally underrated for Spurs), they never looked the same through the midfield. Watson‘s goal which was parried off the line was thankfully called a goal, so we didn’t have to have the “goal line technology” debate AGAIN this week.


West Ham v Man City

When Jaaskelainen plays Man City, rationally, you bench him. So now it takes my tally to 4. My tally of benching Jaaskelainen and then him subsequently making the dream team for that week, that is. Man City looked woeful, and I doubt Mancini would be starting with Tevez, Dzeko and Balotelli all up front again any time soon. Nolan‘s importance to the Hammers was made evident, even though the linesman didn’t think so. West Ham now sit on 15 points, equal with Arsenal. Fair effort for a promoted team who have made a name for themselves for yo-yoing between the Premiership and Championship.


QPR v Reading

What shaped as a spud fixture was just that. After ex Ranger Gorkss put the Royals ahead with a goal line scramble, Cisse equalised in the second half to ensure the game finished at 1-1. The only FPL relevant player I would be looking at is Cisse- the dude was everywhere and isn’t afraid to shoot- although Zamora might steal game time.


Liverpool v Newcastle

Suarez was everywhere. Absolutely everywhere, and as much as I hate him, the dude is world class. His touch is phenomenal. I’m looking at him for a replacement for Torres. For Newcastle, Ben Arfa finally gave us something to smile about with a touch-line dash which cut back to Cabaye for a classy finish. Another 1-1 result pretty much summed up this week, with very little fantasy returns flying around, and almost no clean sheets to smile about.


West Brom v Southampton

Ahhh finally, a clean sheet. Foster, McAuley and Ridgewell owners, will be happy, but for Morrison owners like me, a training niggle kept him out… Great. Southampton never looked like winning this game, and Adkins will be looking over his shoulder quite a lot in the run up to Christmas. Odemwingie chipped in with his twice a year brace that gets people thinking that maybe he still is a good player… watch for the next few weeks when he does absolutely nothing again. Oh yes, and by the way, West Brom are fifth. Glad I put money on them to be relegated….



Score: 34
Captain: Hazard
Lord: McAuley
Loser: Hazard, Rooney, Torres
Trades: Torres > Suarez
Vent: Terrible, terrible week. Why does this game hate me so much?


Cheers guys… Let’s hope for more luck next week.




15 comments on “GameWeek 10 Review

  1. MattyZach

    Score: 28
    Captain: Bale
    Lord: Cazorla
    Loser: Hazard, Baines, Ba, Fletcher
    Trades: Lambert > Berbatov and Ivanovic to someone else (maybe)
    Vent: Had McAuley and Jaask on the bench, expecting a cleansheet from Stoke for Begovic and Cameron. Disappointing. My team goes from bad to worse this season!

  2. mattcraigdt Post Author

    Score: 37
    Captain: RVP
    Lord: RVP
    Loser: Morrison, Bale, Hazard, Ba
    Trades: None……. come ask me next saturday though
    Vent/Brag: Very happy to bring in RVP, less happy I lost to Adz’s for doing so… Bloody Cazorla

  3. Super rabbit

    Score: 17!!!!!!!
    Captain: Hazard
    Lord: the fact i didn’t get the lowest score in the comp. Only 20,000 below me :-
    Losers: All 11 players, plus Riise who scored 0 off the bench, and Reid for getting a clean sheet on my bench.
    Trades: Fletcher -> RVP, Bale -> Fellaini, Cech -> Jaaskelainen.

    After a drop of 124,000 from last week, I have now dropped from 12,000 after GW 5, to 222,000. Hellish doesn’t even come close to describing my last 5 GWs. 182 points from 5 GWs. Speechless.

  4. Stiffy Sexton

    Score: 36 (44-8 three trades used to get rid of Podolski and Gervhino)
    Captain: RVP
    Lord: RVP, Foster & maybe HBA, Berbatov.
    Losers: Pienaar, should have gone for Fellaini instead for GW10, damn!
    Trades: Saylor> Boyce.
    Vent/Brag: I lost against my opponent this week but will cop it on the chin and move on because it was a sacrifice worth making. At least I have gotten rid those Arsenal players early before more damage could be done.

  5. michaelw944

    Score: 48 (52)
    Captain: RVP
    Lord: RVP, Cazorla, Foster
    Loser: Ba, Baines
    Trades: Hangeland > Evans as Manu have such easy games coming up
    Vent: Decent week for me saved thanks to the Foster cleanie last night

  6. Dan

    Score: 39
    Captain: RVP
    Lord: RVP, McAuley
    Loser: The other 9 players
    Trades: Riise > Gorkss for the cash
    Vent: Maloney on the bench outscoring the whole playing side bar the 2 lords above.

  7. Ty

    Score: 17!!! FMLLLLLLL
    Captain: Bale
    Lord: no one
    Loser: literally everyone
    Trades: Wilson —> Cameron
    Vent: Absolutely heartbroken……. you know you’ve had a SHIT week when your highest scorer gets 4, will have to take point hits because of 5 injuries or suspensions!!!! This is also the first week this season that i failed to score at least 50, and i’ve dropped from 77,000 overall to 185,000.

  8. mad romeys

    Score: 23
    Captain: Hazard
    Lord: Clark-scored higher than my captain (probably not a good thing).
    Loser: Everyone especially Rooney because he could have gotten at least 9 (not including the three BP he probably would have gotten, except he decided to miss his penalty and be a recless little child running around saying YOLO and get a yellow card).
    Trades: Fletcher/Ba – Long & Rooney – RVP
    Vent: Last time I got a score above 50 was back in like round three!!

  9. toasted1961

    Score: 33
    Captain: Bale (FALE!)
    Lord: McAuley Caz
    Loser: BALE, Riise, BA Baines and AGuero
    Trades: Aguero> Suarez or RVP
    VENT : You guys are making me feel better with your super scores.
    My non RVP strategy is not working.
    Do I keep firm and not spend the cash on RVP?
    Or welcome Suarez – he will start all the time, has a million chances and has scored almost as much as RVP. His goal was sublime.

  10. Liam

    Score: 41
    Captain: RVP
    Lord: Gorkss & RVP
    Loser: me trading Ben afra & benching foster
    Trades: possible wildcard week
    Vent: I tried to be too clever but still got a rank increase somehow.

  11. kingcolesy

    Score: 24
    Captain: Hazard(ous)
    Lord: Berbatov
    Loser: Baird for his 0
    Trades: Done Ivanovic to Cameron
    Vent: Went down 80,000 ranks to 181,000

  12. Bayswater Toffee's gaffer

    Score: 40
    Captain: Cazorla
    Lord: Adam for saying Cazorla would be a poor captaincy choice, Cazorla, Berba and Mirallas
    Loser: Riise doesn’t get booked I win, and Rafael for being on the bench
    Trades: None this week
    Vent: Meh neither here nor there

  13. Tim Carrier

    Score: 56!
    Captain Bale :@
    Lords: Evra, Clichy, Suarez and Santi Carloza.
    Loser: Ba was my worst scorer but Bale’s 2 points as captain takes the cake here.
    Trades: Don’t know what to do at the moment, probably won’t make one.
    Vent: Looks like I carved up compared to other posts here despite a poor showing from my captain.

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