Transfer Talk – GW10

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After another interesting, in some ways strange gameweek it’s time to pick up the pieces and look at some of the most saught after players this week.

Big Winners:

  • Fellaini – By far and away the biggest winner this week, Fellaini put on a masterclass against Fulham and was unlucky not to bag his first ever hat-trick for the Toffee’s. I had my eye on him all week and was very close to bringing him in, but I couldn’t afford him and RVP. Damn. He is well worth the 7.1 and if you can get him don’t hesitate. However I don’t think he is worth forcing in just yet, he can still be inconsistent. Guys thinking of trading Pienaar for Fellaini should reconsider, fortunes can change quickly.
  • Van Persie – After finally biting the bullet last week I pretty much threw away my chances of winning this year (yeah right) to get him in. While focusing on mainly league matches and hoping for a solid overall performance I feel in the long run he is worth it, and he proved me right this weekend. He is the only totally reliable captain this year (Rooney proved me correct) and is invaluable in a round like we’ve just had. If your not content with your team I can only suggest you turn to one RVP to change your fortunes…
  • Suarez – He is now becoming what he has promised for so long, could it be… consistency? That’s a huge call, but he is making big steps to becoming one of the worlds top strikers. Yes Liverpool’s strike force is abysmal, but he is carrying their hopes on his back, if he can learn to finish watch out world. At a midway price of 9.7 he is an interesting option, however after 3 attacking returns in a row following his hat-trick a month ago he could be on his way to premium territory. A good, risky investment no doubt. Adz, maybe you aren’t so clever after all.
  • Michu – Even though he didn’t score this weekend, nor last I feel he is still a very strong option. After watching the game this weekend he was very nearly on the scoresheet twice and looked dangerous throughout. This was similar last week against City, don’t deny him due to fixtures. At 7.3 he still provides great value and is well worth keeping if you have him, although don’t trade him in just yet if you don’t.
  • Rafael – The Brazilian right back is receiving more plaudits from Sir Alex after each game, it’s starting to get me concerned over his mental health. While his sudden crush seems a little over the top at this stage, he knows football talent better than anyone. This should pave the way for Rafael to lock down a starting role for United and with 2 goals and 2 assists already this year he is already great value. If United can sort out their defence he will become a premium.
  • Clichy – Gael was one to watch early however game time seemed less than convincing. Now that Kolarov is showing his defensive frailties he seems to have nailed down a starting place, at least for now. An assist and 2 bonus points complete with 2 clean sheets in the past two weeks shows his potential, 5.7 is underpriced for sure. Wait and see if Kolarov starts midweek, if so then maybe Clichy can become a first team regular in the EPL. Here’s hoping!

Big Losers:

  • Defoe – With Adebayor seemingly back to full fitness, Defoe’s place in the first team now seems less certain. A home clash looked to be providing the perfect chance for points for his owners, but instead it led to being subbed in the 56th minutes with 1 point. This would concern many of his owners and while I can still see him starting a lot of games until Adebayor proves himself he is not a good long term option.
  • Torres – He is still out of form and I can’t see him ever finding it again at Chelsea, maybe forever. Players should follow their heart, not the money… it’s not as if they’re not earning much anyway. Either way he is way too up and down to spend 9.8 on, Suarez will prove a much better option. Not for me at the moment, and it will take a lot to change my mind.
  • Fletcher – Sunderland’s goal drought is getting serious now, they have one goalscorer in 10 games…. they just aren’t dangerous enough to be buying fantasy assets, even a guy with the poaching ability of Steven Fletcher can’t score a goal at the moment. I wouldn’t buy him, Berba seems a much safer option at this stage.
  • Podolski – Arsenal’s horror run continued and this has mirrored Podolski’s form. He just isn’t settling out on the wing and is now in limbo. If you have him it could almost be time to get rid of him, one last chance at home to Fulham this weekend I feel.
  • Aguero – Clearly rested before this weeks champions league fixture, Tevez seems just as likely, if not more likely to start than Aguero. With Tevez’s form it doesn’t seem logical to pay the extra 1.5 for Kun, those who desire one of City’s strike force should definitely look towards Tevez at this stage.
  • Vermaelen – A horror show on the weekend damaged his credentials has a CB and has him very low on confidence. Usually a prolific scorer as a defender, he is yet to get on the board and at 7.1 he is not worth his premium status.
  • Rooney – Yes, he was a big loser this week. Thankgod I traded him to Vanners 🙂 Besides his missed penalty however, he grabbed an assist, played as a second striker and was unlucky not to have another after Mannone denied his with a fantastic left handed save. If he had have nailed that penalty he could have had 9 points plus presumed bonus, the positive it that he still looks to be the number 1 penalty taker. Still a great option.


  • Rooney – Read above, while his penalty left a lot to be desired he put in a man of the match display against Arsenal and played much further up the pitch. He was 10cm away from scoring double figures for the third time in 4 GW’s, hold him for now.
  • Cazorla – This goes both ways for me. If you have him thank your lucky stars because he could have saved your weekend (Adz’s you lucky bastard). However his performance was still below par and previous to the goal Arsenal hadn’t managed a single shot on target for the entire match. If you have him then hold, however I don’t think anyone should be trading him in at this stage. A home game against Fulham should reveal more, but for now hold your ground either way, be that keeping him or resisting your urge to get him in!
  • Bale – I shouldn’t have to say this to you well educated folk, however just to make sure… don’t get rid of him after one blank! In Bale’s case never get rid of him, because you know the next week he will score 15. Unless there is an option screaming at you in the face (i.e. Mata) and you don’t have Hazard or Cazorla, then maybe… even then I disagree. He will be inconsistent but in the end he will make it up! Just don’t trust him with the captaincy yet…
  • Hazard – Finally, once again it’s the same deal. One blank in the past month and he is traded out by over 10000 managers… please hold him, even for Mata this week. He has convinced me to bring him back in and I believe he will come through. While 10.3 seems excessive you get what you pay for, one of the top scoring midfielders.

After this week I am interested to see once again if you guys believe RVP is a must have… Last time the answer was no but have things changed for you this week, or can you still lead the way without the dutch master?

That’s about it for today, pending changes from this mornings game obviously. Good luck to those playing fantasy champions league this week and for the rest let’s hope our stars remain well rested!



21 comments on “Transfer Talk – GW10

  1. Shaun Curnow

    Reckon RVP is due a down patch any week now, we see it every year with the big strikers. Personally I wouldnt be destroying your entire team to jump on him. (as ManUtd fan i hope he continues this hot streak all year though)

    After some thoughts on my team, here is link to it as it stands this GW

    Im currently sitting 18,955 overall 😮 and have 0.4 in bank. Any glaring transfers I should do this week or you reckon hold fire and bank it for double next week?

    • Shaun Curnow

      I should also say I wouldnt mind getting a ManUtd player in either defence or mids as they have awesome fixture coming up and can see some big points. I got DeGea last week for next month of fixtures, hoping they can finally stop leaking goals!!

      • mattcraigdt Post Author

        RVP will continue his goal scoring form, why not? Man Utd have some easy fixtures, are in top form and are scoring at will. He is a locked on starter and in great form, he gets too many chances not to score.

    • Tim Carrier (@Tim_Carrier)

      I don’t think getting in a Man Utd defender is necessarily the best idea – they seem to have conceded a lot of goals this season (only 7 teams have conceded more this season).

      Unless you’re looking at Rafael who seems to provide plenty of attacking returns.

      You have too much tied up in your midfield for my liking. There are plenty of cheaper options there which you should get on.

      I’d go Yaya—>Sterling then upgrade Pogrebnyak to someone like Suarez/Jelavic/even RVP if you can afford him.

      Also think Hart is a better option than de Gea.

      Obviously you probably don’t want to do all of this at once – spread out the transfers.

  2. Stiffy Sexton

    I am having trouble with my defence: Kolorov(5.8), Riise(5.6), Boyce(5.0), Clyne(4.0), Demel(4.0) and have 2.2 in the bank. Any advice for a strategy of who to trade in, in upcoming weeks of FPL, starting next week?

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      I know you can pick strikers who can do a similar job each week but there’s not the consistency, “just a matter of selecting the right captain’ is a cop out 😛 I’ll be honest he makes life easier, consistency is priceless. He has got attacking returns EVERY start… Incredible.

      • dan

        Yes he is too expensive and there are cheaper options so stop getting rvp in your teams and let him fail for us that already have him 😉

  3. Fitzy

    Thoughts on trading Dyer in…? Showed great form early in the year, this is to free up cash, trading out Noble so I can upgrade defence

    Im doing sportal but still any tips please 🙂

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