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After a much better week fantasy wise it’s time to review this week’s big winners and losers, trying to sort out any trade issues you may be having! Let’s take a look…


  • Hernandez – Chicharito has been labelled a super sub recently, but now he is putting forward a very strong case to start for Sir Alex’s side. With internationals coming up midweek and injury struggles for both RVP and Rooney, Chicha has been assured a start next time around. Safe to say one or the other may miss out next week, that or a change in formation… Either way Hernandez could provide great value if he can nail down a starting position.
  • Silva – One player who would have been given little thought by many of you is last year’s second top midfielder, Silva. He has had injury struggles recently but picked up an instant assist upon return this week with a classy through ball to Dzeko. He could have had a couple more assists if City could finish and will provide a fantastic POD. At 9.3 he has the potential to be a bargain, he now has 3 assists in his last 4 appearances. City’s coaching staff were surprised that he lasted the 90 minutes, this can only be good news and a sign that he is reaching peak fitness once again.
  • Fellaini – After doubting his ability to consistently perform, Fellaini has finally convinced me and is, in my books almost a must have. He is in unbelievable form and is outshining Pienaar by far. A great pick up if you can get him in, even if he’s one booking of a suspension.
  • Berbatov – Similar story here. Whilst he’s been on my radar he has yet to convince me of his consistency, until now. With penalty duties in the bag and Fulham currently registering the 3rd most goals of any club in the EPL thus far, he has me thinking he is also a must have for our forward lines. When I say ‘must have’ no one fits under that category, but it may cost you dearly if you don’t jump aboard the bandwagon. Great option.
  • Nolan – His stocks grow from week to week, for good reason too. Having owned him from GW2 he has performed pretty consistently, his poaching skills almost unmatched by any other midfielder. He will be good for a goal or two at home and is now proving it is no fluke in away games also. Great mid price option.
  • Giroud – Don’t get me wrong, I’m not telling you to go out and get him in straight away. However he is starting to find his feet in the EPL and could provide a fantastic POD for gameweeks to come. Good fixtures and solid form tell me he could continue to make his name as a fantasy option in the future.
  • Suarez – As I said last week Suarez is finally putting his great ability together with consistency. This is a deadly match, one made in heaven for fantasy owners. At 9.9 he is almost reaching premium territory and will be a great asset for your side, especially with Liverpool’s fixtures. Great option.
  • Ruiz – Finally a curve ball for you, one goal and seven assists is a fantastic return for someone priced just 5.8! Now given that he is starting regularly his potential grows even further, picking up another 2 assists against Arsenal. He could be a great option if you cannot afford Berbatov, a brilliant budget forward option.


  • Hazard – 2 consecutive blanks has Eden teasing his managers transfer buttons. Typically these are the 2 weeks since I transferred him in, and trust me when I say this, it is when players have their backs to the wall and fantasy managers start to trade them out that they perform at their best. I won’t be trading him yet and I don’t feel any of us should, unless for very good reason (Fellaini). Let’s pray he can bounce back, a penalty or two will help.
  • Ben Arfa – Newcastle’s livewire is well out of form, and unsurprisingly their form has fallen with him. They are struggling to create guilt edge chances and lack that finishing touch, Ben Arfa may not justify his 7.8 price tag at this time. Even with great fixtures to come, it may be time to let him go.
  • Pienaar – He is being outshone by Fellaini at the moment and while he may stab a few coaches in the back next week, overall I feel Fellaini is the better option. This leaves Pienaar in the lurches and could be one player you look to move out in the next few weeks, that is if he doesn’t bounce back.
  • Cazorla – I will say it time and time again, I don’t feel Cazorla is fantasy made ready yet. Consistency is not there and his goals have been lucky. Similar to Mata and Silva in their first seasons, the potential is their but we should let them adjust. He certainly isn’t fulfilling his 9.4 price tag, time to move him out I reckon.
  • Defoe – The return of Adebayor could mark the end of Defoe as a solid fantasy option. Adebayor created all sorts of troubles for City’s defence and created a lot of chances that Defoe just can’t. If you have him I reckon he should be traded, his time is up.
  • Torres – As much as I want him to bounce back to form I don’t think it is going to happen, this was his chance as the lone striker and he just isn’t scoring the goals to cement his spot. His time is up as a fantasy option, at least at 9.7. Suarez is a much better option at the moment, I’m sure Liverpool fans are enjoying every second of it.
  • Rooney – A blank on the weekend would have really disappointed his owners, not to mention those who captained him! RVP is proving to be the better option of the two and that extra 1.8 is well worth it, especially knowing you have a fantasy captain lock in RVP. You could still take the risk with him but an ankle knock sustained on the weekend may force him out of next week’s game, not to mention the fact that he has been subbed in 4 of his last 6 games. Not for me.


  • Michu – The most traded out midfielder this week, clearly a lot of people are not watching the games. He is creating chances and looking very dangerous upfront. Yes, last week’s blank is frustrating but I don’t think the time has come to sell him yet… not even for Fellaini.
  • Bale – 2 blanks and it is suddenly the end of the world, well not quiet but he is already traded out by over 15000 managers! Hold out for as long as you can last, as we know it is once everyone trades him out that he starts to score! He is a form player and will score in bursts, it is all about riding the bumps along the way. Resist the urge to trade him.
  • Tevez – His form hasn’t been too bad, he should really have finished one or two this weekend and continues to start and look lively. Once he starts to get rotated I will agree with your urges to trade him, but for now he is not selected by Argentina midweek, he will be fresh for next weekend against Villa and I believe he will provide a real captain option this week. Don’t jerk him out yet, you can still get more out of him I feel…
  • Ba – A couple of blanks has him on the outer all of a sudden, especially with Berbatov and Suarez in such great form. While his form could be better he was very unlucky not to score this week, and also against United. His game the week before was injury affected so I won’t read too much into it and he has been creating chances so I suggest you all hold him for now!
  • Crouch – Finally I get to Crouch, crudely snubbed by seags yesterday. His stocks are on the fall but for no good reason, he assisted this weekend! Yes his goal scoring form could be better and Stoke aren’t too dangerous but his presence is still vital for them, and when wins become more important he will step it up. Unless you can reach Berba hold onto him.

I am reading that a lot of people are really struggling with their trades this week. We have reached that stage in the season after the early hype rubs off and we are not too sure what trades are right and wrong. There are less obvious trades to make than there was during the earlier stages of the season and juggling the right balance in your team set up is hard. We have already learnt that Bale can bounce back quickly but Fellaini’s form is so good how can you resist? It is these gameweeks leading up until our wildcards after Christmas that make the difference, so if you have any questions on some trades that you are considering this week then fire away in the comments down below, or ask me or the boys on twitter. In some cases Fellaini might be worth a shot, in others the trade may be irrational. Every case is different, just plot away here and I will try to answer them all! Cheers.



18 comments on “Transfer Talk – GW11

  1. Stiffy Sexton

    Cuellar, Simpson, Caulker, Collins or Shawcross? I already have Demel and Cameron so not sure to get another WestHam or Stoke in to the backline. Have got 5.1 to spend…

  2. grinpowderdiah

    Of all the great articles we get on here each week, this would have to be my favourite. Keep up the good work mate!

    Anyway, I get what you’re saying re: Michu and the fact he has been threatening to score, but at the same time the fact he hasn’t for a couple of games in this role makes me wonder if he’ll be prolific enough. I may persevere with him given the fact I am carrying Ben Arfa and his horrible form at the moment (who at 7.8 or whatever is a bit pricier to consider persevering with!).

    Contemplating going Ben Arfa to Morrison (I have Fellaini, Hazard, Michu & Bale already), leaving myself some salary cap space to upgrade Mr. CaptaincyLock (RVP) in the coming weeks.

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Cheers mate. I like the downgrade idea, Nolan might be a more consistent option though… We know that Michu can perform so the fact he is looking dangerous tends to make me think trading him would be rash

      • grinpowderdiah Post Author

        You’re probably right, it’s likely I will be giving him another couple of weeks to deliver something on his promise. Ideally Swansea just need a focal point, if he could move back into the hole he’d probably return to his early season form.

        I am starting to think getting RVP is necessary, which makes the downgrade easier to swallow. Having options like Nolan/Morrison to downgrade to don’t hurt either! I thought Nolan might fade given their fixturing, clearly not the case at all.

  3. Dan

    Duff, Vermalean and Hazard all in the gun this week…already done Pienaar to Fellaini so any trade would be for a hit.

    Have 1.2m in bank currently. Rest of midfield is Hazard, Michu, Fellaini, and Maloney.

    Considering doing a double this week and another next but surely its sensible to hold fire for now??

  4. mad romeys

    Figured out my trades for this week but will have to take an 8 point hit this week.
    Rooney-> RVP
    Dont want to gey rid of Ba but have to make room for afellaini and RVP who are the neccessities for our squads I recon.
    A bit shaky on Ruiz despite Matt mentioning him as a good prospect. If there are any forwards under 6.8 better than Ruiz please tell me.

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Your options are Crouch, Kone, Lambert or Ruiz. On form Ruiz is the better option but Crouch may be the better long term option. Lambert has been unlucky not to score also, he is central to most Southampton attacks…

      • grinpowderdiah

        I don’t mind Kone as an option personally, although one I might add to the mix (although I don’t necessarily think he is the best option – even though I have him as bench cover), is Long. He seems to be guaranteed a start with WBA light on for strikers, if I’m not mistaken he’s locked in for pens and WBA are a pretty reasonable goal scoring side. Consistency would be my biggest problem with Long however.

        Ruiz I think is a great option, he is involved in most attacking forays for Fulham (they have literally no one else who attacks through the middle – Riise and Duff generally control wings only), which I think potentially opens him up for a few assists with Berba. Crouch is dependable but at the same time he’s more likely to be a consistent scorer rather than a heavy one given Stoke’s style. Lambert is heavily relied upon in any Southampton attacks, however they can be few and far between. Kone as mentioned is another who is central to most of Wigan’s play, at the moment he just keeps finding a way to deliver in a team I seriously expected a lot less from.

    • Dan

      lol……”minor” thigh injury apparently, will miss the international against Germany.

      Will make a miraculous recovery for the weekend is my guess 🙂

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