What have we learnt? – GW12

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A topsy turvy week for some of us, but most importantly, what did we learn?

  • RVP is human after all… but it’s a bit hard to get points on the board when your team ends up on 0 after 90 minutes!
  • AVB reckons that Tottenham dominated play from start to finish…yet they still lost 5-2. It’s official, AVB is mentally challenged.
  • Silva is back in a big way…owners of Aguero and Tevez can expect big things!
  • Mark Hughes is sleeping with Tony Fernandes, the chair of QPR. That’s the only explanation… right?
  • Newcastle just CANNOT win at home…This is the same Newcastle we saw finish fifth last year wasn’t it?
  • If you want to look at who to play on your field next week, just look at who I’ve got on my bench. Had about my 38th player so far this year in the weekly dream team, yet be on my bench. FMFPL
  • Chelsea have absolutely no back-up plan that doesn’t revolve around Oscar, Hazard and Mata. Without them playing, they won’t return anything.
  • Likewise, Torres is officially a spud. He will never ever become a class player again. Lone striker, the three musketeers behind him, and guaranteed playing time…What more could he want? His time has come and he WILL be moved on, hopefully sooner rather than later.
  • Ruiz is out for a few weeks…expect this to hamper Berbatov slightly, as he won’t get to reap the benefits of the slippery Costa Rican.
  • West Brom are a very solid side…sitting in fourth, one point behind Chelsea. Surely they can’t realistically gain a spot in Europe?
  • West Ham v Stoke are officially the most boring teams you can watch. Set pieces accounted for both goals yesterday… what a surprise!
  • Rooney and RVP are being rested v Galatasaray midweek, watch for them to go BIG v QPR next weekend!
  • Everton have begun their slide…it was always going to happen at some stage, but what impact will it have on our FPL players?
  • Aston Villa are actually a real possibility of being relegated… 9 points from 12 games have them sitting below Reading!

Anyway that’s what I learnt for this week…pop us a comment below and tell me what you learnt!

Just quickly, due to unfortunate circumstances, Adam Cilauro (@adzman78) will be leaving us on FPLaddicts.com . He was the original creator of the site, and brought myself, Matty and Jimbob together to do what we love doing! It is a shame to see him go, but on behalf of all us authors, and everyone in the FPLaddicts community I’d like to extend a massive, massive thank you to Adz! We wish him all the best for the future, and hopefully we’ll be seeing him around the site a little later on. Cheers again mate!

Thanks again guys, tune in later today for Jimbob and Hot and Cold, tomorrow for Matty’s News Wrap, then the round preview and selection news on Friday and Saturday!




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  1. grinpowderdiah

    Really sorry to hear about Adz, hopefully everything is alright in the grand scheme of things. I’d also like to extend my gratitude to all of you for all your hard work you put into this site, it’s everything you could possibly need for advice, information and banter in regards to FPL! Obviously that couldn’t be the case without Adz, so here’s to you mate!

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