Captains – Round 13

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Well, after Adz’s unfortunate departure I’ll take over the reins of the captains… let’s see if my luck is any better. I will try a bit of a different format so let me know what you think! Now let’s take a look at who is putting their hand up for captaincy duties this week…

The Contenders:

Instead of going through each fixture of the round game by game I will list some of the outside contenders, then I will go through my top 5.

Silva – The Spaniard has been in great form over the past 2 weeks and will look to continue that against Chelsea. I feel that there are goals in this game, and Man City should score at least a couple based on Chelsea’s recent defensive displays. Silva is the heart and soul of their attack and they are a different team with him pulling the strings. This week will be a big test for Silva owners as we will see his durability, hence why I’m not gain enough to put him in my top 5 just yet. It would take a brave, probably unwise manger to give him the captaincy this week.

Jelavic – A home game to Norwich gives Everton a great chance to bounce back to form after just one win in their last 6. With Mirallas injured I feel this week will be centered around Jelavic. If you happen to have him I reckon he is a great shout for captaincy, expect a goal or two from him this weekend.

Kone – Wigan have home comforts this weekend against Reading so expect a couple of goals from them. Kone has got attacking returns from 4 of his 5 starts at home and you can expect more this weekend. A double point’s haul looks a distinct possibility which makes him a great option if you have him.

Santi Cazorla – After solid returns last week a trip to Aston Villa presents Arsenal a great chance to continue their goal scoring form. However I am putting him in here not to suggest him, but to discourage you from captaining him. He was only prevalent after Adebayor’s red card, until then he was invisible on the pitch. I reckon goals will be hard to find in this game and no captains should come from it.

Hazard – Eden has struggled to find his top form recently, but a home game against Man City should hold the goals in it for him to get in the action. I fully expect Chelsea to score at least a couple and hazard could be a chance to get amongst the points. In saying this I don’t totally trust Hazard’s form yet and I can’t recommend him this week.

Tevez – The bulldog returned to form with a bang last week scoring 19 points! As I said I reckon the game against Chelsea could hold quite a few goals and Tevez should start again this week. Once again I feel there are better options out there and can’t recommend Tevez for captain this week, however he is a strong chance to score some points.

Suarez – The final contender this week, Suarez just misses out on my top 5 due to a tough trip to Swansea. While I feel Liverpool may sneak one past them, there are better options out there with big point hauls beckoning. Even if he’s not captain material this week, still expect his customary goal.

TOP 5:

1. Van Persie – Robin reliant failed for the first time this season last weekend, suddenly destroying people’s faith in him. However we must remember that United failed to score for just the first time all season and a home game against QPR will have them hungry for goals. Another loss midweek should mean they hold nothing back, and with RVP being rested from Champions League duties I fully expect a double figure haul from him. Hopefully he doesn’t stab me in the back, but I reckon United will smack at least 3 past QPR and RVP will be amongst it all. There are a hundred reasons why he is my number one this week, if you have him, captain him. Simple.

2. Mata – Coming off the bench last week he almost turned the game around, setting Sturridge up for 3 good chances and almost grabbing one himself. That was in just under 30 minutes, a full game against man City should present a great chance for a big points haul. I’m tipping Mata to be right amongst the points this week and he is a great captain option if you don’t have Vanners.

3. Bale – A home game against West ham looks mighty tempting this week, however the Hammers have been fairly solid of late and should not concede more than 2. Tottenham’s home form has been less than convincing and there is no guarantee Bale will get amongst the points this week. He is a great option and will likely score but I just don’t have the same confidence as with Mata, hence he places number 3.

4. Ba- An away trip to Southampton looks mighty enticing, they have the tendency to leak 3 or more to the bigger teams so you would think Newcastle will capitalize. When Newcastle score Ba is almost always amongst the points, seems like a pretty deadly mix right? They have however been well out of form, struggling for goals against all opposition. However I can’t see Southampton keeping a clean sheet this weekend, so predictably I think Ba will get amongst the points. Not the strongest option due to Newcastle’s poor form but one which I think will pay off.

5. Baines – We’ve been here before so captain him at your own risk. I’ve put him at number 5 because a home game against Norwich looks too good to be true. Their scoring record on the road hasn’t been great and surely Everton can keep a clean sheet here. There is also a big chance Baines will get amongst the attacking returns so he makes a great option. However Everton just cannot be trusted at the back yet so he is a huge risk, as I say, captain at your own risk.

That’s it for the captains this week, I will be back to wrap up this week’s injuries tomorrow in preparation for gameweek 13! Cheers.



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    • stevenfsexton

      traded bale in so will make him captain…reckon tottenham should have a good run of things from now on…

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