In Game Chat – Round 13

Keep up with the team news and action from this weekends games right here, feel free to vent away! Good luck all.



22 comments on “In Game Chat – Round 13

  1. stiffysexton says:

    pog>long will leave me with 0.0 pounds in the bank. should i do it?

  2. Lets hope everyone knee jerks and trades RVP out so he drops in value!!!

  3. tseagrim says:

    Geeez how’s this week looking? I’m topping most leagues with 23… terrible!

    • Yea im topping most leagues with 19!! But at least I have 7 players to go still. Cazorla as captain wasnt greatest of ideas, bloody Arsenal always let you down when you back them in!!

      When the competition average is only 12 there is something wrong! haha

  4. Also its probably very important to note that next Gameweek starts on Tuesday!! So make sure do any trades early!! Then next gameweek is next weekend!!

    • mattcraigdt says:

      On that note, I will be away until wednesday so captains will be out tomorrow morning, then transfer talk will be on thursday or friday. Any questions ask away now…

      • stevenfsexton says:

        is it time to trade out fulham players such as riise and berb? perhaps downgrade to a few reading and southampton players for the double gameweek?

  5. mad romeys says:

    Well thats great.
    Rafael and baines on the field get beaten by a kid from Aston Villa on the bench. And hopefully jussi performs because I have him on the field over guess who, Begovic.
    Is there something wron with FPL this year??
    No premos are being premos.
    And my highest scorer is a 4.5 defender from Stoke, definetely something wrong.
    I have to confess btw guys. I got in RVP at the start of last gameweek. That is why he has suddenly contracted the down syndrome. Sorry 😐

  6. Did Baines to Jose Enrique on Friday and absolutely loving it at moment!! With Liverpools upcoming fixtures I reckon he’s almost must have at his price, especially with form he’s in recently.

    I scored 48 (hopefully few more with bonus points etc) so not too bad.

  7. Dan says:

    Horror round…just 28 (32-4) …wtf happened to Gallas?

    Probably a good round to do crap, only a couple of days to wait for redemption.

    Already traded Gallas > Enrique and Hazard > Sessegnon.

  8. mad romeys says:

    I know this definetely isn’t right, is just too wierd.

    I scored 11 points from my two cheapest players, whos total cost add up to like 8.9-9m.
    While I scored 10 points from my three most expensive players, who add up to 33.4 roughly.

    Definetely not right.

  9. MattyZach says:

    Strange round! I scored 42, which I thought was solid, but dropped 2 spots in my main league.

    Just did Ba > Suarez and Baines > Mertesacker. Baines was not getting the returns for the dollars invested in him!

  10. mad romeys says:

    Who do you recon is the best currwnt midfielder under 7.0m and who is the better forwatd out of Tevez and Suarez

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